Hospital & Infirmary Bibliography

This page provides a list of books and articles about hospitals and infirmaries which were established before 1900. Click on an English county in the table below or click on Scotland or Wales to get to the relevant part of the list. 

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Bedfordshire Derbyshire Hampshire Lancashire Oxfordshire Warwickshire
Berkshire Devon Herefordshire Leicestershire Rutland Westmorland
Buckinghamshire Dorset Hertfordshire Lincolnshire Shropshire Wiltshire
Cambridgeshire Durham Huntingdonshire London/Middlesex Somerset Worcestershire
Cheshire Essex Kent Norfolk Staffordshire Yorkshire
Cornwall Gloucestershire Northamptonshire Suffolk
Cumberland Northumberland Surrey
Nottinghamshire Sussex


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Royal Berkshire Hospital (Reading)

Dormer, E. W. (1937): The story of the Royal Berkshire Hospital, 1837-1937 (Reading: Poynder Press).


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Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge)

Rook, Arthur, Carlton, Margaret & Cannon, W. Graham (1991): The history of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press).


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Chester (Royal) Infirmary

Mumford, Enid M. (1956): Chester Royal Infirmary, 1756 1956 (Chester & District Hospital Management Committee).


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Royal Cornwall Hospital (Truro)

Andrews, C. T. (1975): The first Cornish hospital (privately printed).


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Cumberland Infirmary (Carlisle)

Galloway, Thomas McLaren (1982): The Cumberland Infirmary: a short history of the Cumberland Infirmary (published by the infirmary?).


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Derbyshire General Infirmary (Derby)

Leveaux, V. M. (1999): The history of the Derbyshire General Infirmary, 1810-1894 (Cromford: Scarthin Books).


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(Royal) Devon and Exeter Hospital

Harris, John Delpratt (1922): The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Exeter: Hospital Committee and Eland Brothers).

Howie, W. B. (1973): Consumer reaction: a patient’s view of hospital life in 1809, British Medical Journal, 3: 534-36.

Knox, A. & Gardner-Thorpe, C. (2008): The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, 1741-2006 (privately printed).

Russell, Patrick M. G., A history of the Exeter Hospitals, 1170-1948 (Exeter Medical Postgraduate Institute): 20-75.

Exeter Dispensary

Russell, Patrick M. G., A history of the Exeter Hospitals, 1170-1948 (Exeter Medical Postgraduate Institute): 92-101.

West of England Eye Infirmary

Russell, Patrick M. G., A history of the Exeter Hospitals, 1170-1948 (Exeter Medical Postgraduate Institute): 102-19.


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Dorset County Hospital (Dorchester)

Acland, John Edward (1902): A short history of the Dorset County Hospital (Dorchester: Henry Ling).

Collyer, Mark (2015): Dorset County Hospital: 175 years of rural healthcare (Dorchester: Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust).

Yeatman Hospital (Sherborne)

Cockburn, E. & Gordon, J. E. (1966): A century of service. The story of the Yeatman Hospital, 1866-1966 (Sherborne: Friends of the Yeatman Hospital).


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Sunderland Royal Infirmary

Robinson, William (1934): The story of the Royal Infirmary, Sunderland: set in its social and historical background (Sunderland: Hills).


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Essex and Colchester Hospital

Penfold, John B. (1984): The history of the Essex County Hospital, Colchester (previously the Essex and Colchester Hospital), 1820-1948 (published by the author).


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Bristol dispensaries (various)

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1965): The United Bristol Hospitals (publisher unknown): 77-79 and appendix 2.

Bristol Eye Hospital

Marmion, V. (1987): The Bristol Eye Hospital: a monograph (publisher unknown).

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1960): The Bristol Eye Hospital (publisher unknown).

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1965): The United Bristol Hospitals (publisher unknown): 39-42.

Bristol General Hospital

Gorsky, Martin (1999): Patterns of philanthropy: charity and society in nineteenth-century Bristol (Woodbridge: Boydell Press): passim, especially pp. 151-52; see also pp. 198-200 (on voting habits of faculty).

Odery Symes, John (1932): A short history of the Bristol General Hospital (publisher unknown).

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1965): The United Bristol Hospitals (publisher unknown): passim, especially pp. 24-32.

Bristol Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1960): The Bristol Royal Hospital for Sick Children (publisher unknown).

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1965): The United Bristol Hospitals (publisher unknown): passim, especially pp. 43-46.

Bristol Maternity Hospital

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1965): The United Bristol Hospitals (publisher unknown): 52-54.

Bristol (Royal) Infirmary

Boss, B. (1995): The Bristol Infirmary 1761-2 and the ‘laborious-industrious poor’ (PhD. thesis, University of Bristol).

Clarke, C. (1985): Bristol Royal Infirmary. A personal study written to commemorate the first 250 years 1735-1985 (Portishead Press & United Bristol Hospitals).

Gorsky, Martin (1999): Patterns of philanthropy: charity and society in nineteenth-century Bristol (Woodbridge: Boydell Press): passim, especially pp. 120-22 (which includes a critique of Fissell and Boss) and appendix 2; see also pp. 171-72 (on female subscribers); pp. 180-81 (on hospital managers’ occupations); pp. 198-200 (on voting habits of faculty).

Munro Smith, G. (1917): A history of the Bristol Royal Infirmary (Bristol: J. W. Arrowsmith).

Saunders, Charles John Godfrey (1965): The United Bristol Hospitals (publisher unknown): passim, especially pp. 11-23 and 30-32.

Gloucester Infirmary

Whitcombe, George (1903): The general infirmary at Gloucester and the Gloucestershire eye institution: its past and present (Gloucester: John Bellows).


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(Royal) Hampshire County Hospital (Winchester)

Carpenter Turner, Barbara (1986): History of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital (London: Phillimore & Co.).


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Liverpool (Royal) Infirmary

McLoughlin, G. (1978): A short history of the first Liverpool Infirmary, 1749-1824 (London: Phillimore & Co.).

Manchester (Royal) Infirmary

Brockbank, Edward Mansfield (1904): Sketches of the lives and work of the honorary medical staff of the Manchester Infirmary from its foundation in 1752 to 1830 when it became the Royal Infirmary (Manchester University Press).

Brockbank, William (1952): Portrait of a hospital, 1752–1948. To commemorate the bi-centenary of the Royal Infirmary, Manchester (London: William Heinemann).

Brockbank, William (1965): The honorary medical staff of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1830-1948 (Manchester University Press).

Preston (Royal) Infirmary

Wilkinson, John (1987):­ Preston’s Royal Infirmary: a history of health care in Preston, 1809-1986 (Preston: Carnegie).


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Leicester (Royal) Infirmary

Frizelle, Ernest Reginald & Martin, Janet (1971): The Leicester Royal Infirmary, 1771-1971 (Leicester No.1 Hospital Management Committee).


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Guy’s Hospital

Cameron, Hector C. (1954): Mr. Guy’s Hospital, 1726-1948 (London: Longmans, Green).

Ripman, Hujohn A. (ed.) (1951): Guy’s Hospital, 1725-1948 (London: Adprint).

Waddington, Keir (1995): The nursing dispute at Guy’s Hospital, 1879-1880, Social History of Medicine, 8(2): 211-30.

London Hospital (Whitechapel)

Clark Kennedy, A. E. (1962): The London: a study in the voluntary hospital system, 2 vols. (London: Pitman Medical Publishing).

Morris, E. W. (1926): A history of the London Hospital (London: Arnold).

Middlesex Hospital

Saunders, Hilary St. George (1949): The Middlesex Hospital, 1745-1948 (London: M. Parish).

Wilson, E. (1845): The history of the Middlesex Hospital (London: Churchill).

Royal Free Hospital

Cullen, Lynsey T. (2010): Patient case records of the Royal Free Hospital, Wellcome History, 45: 8-9.

Cullen, Lynsey T. (2012): Patient case records in medical and family history: examining the records of the Royal Free Hospital, Family & Community History, 15(1): 3-14.

Cullen, Lynsey T. (2013): The first lady almoner: the appointment, position, and findings of Miss Mary Stewart at the Royal Free Hospital, 1895–99, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 68(4): 551-82.

St. George’s Hospital

Bloomfield, J. (1933): St. George’s Hospital, 1733-1933 (London: Medici Society).

St. Mark’s Hospital

Granshaw, Lindsay (1985): St. Mark’s Hospital, London: a social history of a specialist hospital (London: King’s Fund Historical Series).

Westminster Hospital

Humble, J. G. & Hansell, Peter (1966): Westminster Hospital, 1716-1966 (London: Pitman Medical Publishing).


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Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

Eade, P. (1900): The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, 1770 to 1900 (London: Jarrold & Son).


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Northampton General Hospital

Waddy, F. F. (1974): A history of the Northampton General Hospital 1743 to 1948 (Guildhall Press for the Northampton & District Management Committee).


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Newcastle upon Tyne Infirmary

Hume, W. E. (1951): The infirmary: Newcastle upon Tyne, 1751-1951: a brief sketch (Newcastle upon Tyne: Andrew Reid & Co.).


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Hospital for Sick Children (Nottingham)

Crothall, Lucia (1978): Let’s begin with the children: a history of Nottingham’s Children’s Hospital, 1869-1978 (South Nottingham NHS District).

Newark Town & District Hospital and Dispensary

Ringrose, Ernest (1930): The history of the Newark Town and District Hospital and Dispensary, 1840 to 1930 (no publisher details).

Nottingham General Hospital

Cameron, A. (1977): The records of Nottingham General Hospital, Society for the Social History of Medicine Bulletin, 20: 31-33.

Heeley, S. (1988): Nottingham’s General Hospital, 1782-1900, Nottinghamshire Historian, 41: 15-21.

Jacob, Frank H. (1951): A history of the General Hospital near Nottingham: open to the sick and lame poor of any county (Bristol: John Wright & Sons; London: Simpkin Marshall).


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Radcliffe Infirmary (Oxford)

Gibson, Alexander George (1926): The Radcliffe Infirmary (Oxford University Press).

Robb-Smith, Alastair Hamish Tearloch & Gibson, Alexander George (1970): A short history of the Radcliffe Infirmary (The Church Army Press for the United Oxford Hospitals).

Moss, Andrew (2007): The Radcliffe Infirmary (Stroud: Tempus Publishing, Images of England).


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Royal Salop Infirmary (Shrewsbury)

Howie, W. B. (1961): The administration of an eighteenth-century provincial hospital: the Royal Salop Infirmary, 1747-1830, Medical History, 5(1): 34-55.

Howie, W. B. (1963): Finance and supply in an eighteenth-century hospital, 1747-1830, Medical History, 7(2): 126-46.


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Bath General Hospital

Borsay, Anne (1991): Cash and conscience: financing the General Hospital at Bath 1738-1750, Social History of Medicine, 4(2): 207-29.

Borsay, Anne (1999): A middle class in the making: the negotiation of power and status at Bath’s early Georgian general infirmary, c. 1739-65, Social History, 24(3): 269-86.

Borsay, Anne (2000): An example of political arithmetic: the evaluation of spa therapy at the Georgian Bath Infirmary, 1742-1830, Medical History, 45: 149-172.

Rolls, Roger (1988): Hospital of the nation: story of spa medicine and the Mineral Hospital at Bath (Bath: Bird Publications).

Royal United Hospital (Bath)

Clarke, K. (2001): The Royal United Hospital: a social history, 1747-1947 (Bath: Mushroom Publishing).

Craft, T. (1997): Our hospital: Royal United Hospital, Bath (publisher unknown).

Taunton and Somerset Hospital

Guy, J. R. (1986): Malachi’s Monument: the Taunton and Somerset Hospital at East Reach (Crewkerne: Roundham Press).


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Royal Surrey County Hospital (Guildford)

Davies, Paul Mervyn (1982): The ‘old’ Royal Surrey County Hospital, 1866-1980: an outline of its origins and development (Guildford: South West Surrey Health Authority).


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Birmingham General Hospital

Reinarz, Jonathan (2003): The birth of a provincial hospital: the early years of the General Hospital, Birmingham, 1765-1790 (Stratford-upon-Avon: Dugdale Society).

Birmingham Teaching Hospitals

Reinarz, Jonathan (2009): Health care in Birmingham: the Birmingham Teaching Hospitals, 1779-1939 (Woodbridge: Boydell).

Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital

Tugwood, D. T. (1987): The Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, 1838-1938 (Lewes: Book Guild).


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Salisbury Infirmary

Anon. (1922): The history of Salisbury Infirmary founded by Anthony, Lord Feversham A.D. 1760 (Salisbury & District Infirmary & Hospital League).

Shemilt, P. (1992): Salisbury 200 – Salisbury Infirmary bicentenary review. An updated edition (privately printed).


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Worcester Royal Infirmary

McMenemey, W. H. (1947): A history of Worcester Royal Infirmary (London: Press Alliances).


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Sheffield General Infirmary

Leader, John Daniel & Snell, Simeon (1897): Sheffield General Infirmary, now … the Sheffield Royal Infirmary, 1797-1897: a brief sketch of a century of work (Sheffield Infirmary Board).


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Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Anon. (1904): History of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary: its rise and progress (Dundee: J. Leng & Co.).

Dundee Royal Infirmary

Gibson, Henry J. C. (1948): Dundee Royal Infirmary, 1798-1948: the story of the old infirmary, with a short account of more recent years (Dundee: William Kidd & Sons).

Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital

Nuttall, Alison (2007): ‘Because of poverty brought into hospital: . . .’ A casenote-based analysis of the changing role of the Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital, 1850–1912, Social History of Medicine, 20(2): 263-80.

Falkirk & District (Royal) Infirmary

Scott, Ian (2011): Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary: a triumph of co-operation (Falkirk Local History Society).

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Buchanan, Moses Steven (1832): History of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary: from its commencement in 1787, to the present time, with an appendix containing the charter and laws of the institution, the tables of diet, etc. (Glasgow: James Lumsden & Son).

Jenkinson, J., Moss, M. & Russell, I. (1994): The Royal. The history of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 1794-1994 (Glasgow Royal Infirmary NHS Trust).

Greenock Infirmary

Ferrier, John (1968): The Greenock Infirmary, 1806-1968 (Greenock & District Hospitals Board of Management).

Leith Hospital

Boyd, D. H. (1990): Leith Hospital, 1848-1988 (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press)

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Catford, E. F. (1984): Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 1929-79 (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press Ltd.).

Risse, G. B. (1986): Hospital life in Enlightenment Scotland: care and teaching at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in the History of Medicine).

Turner, Arthur Logan (1929): The story of a great hospital: Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh bicentenary year, 1729-1929 (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd).

Stirling Royal Infirmary

Harrington, W. G. (1974): Stirling Royal Infirmary, 1874-1974 (Stirling Royal Infirmary).

Victoria Infirmary of Glasgow

Slater, S. & Dow, D. (1990): The Victoria Infirmary of Glasgow 1890-1990 (Victoria Infirmary Centenary Committee).


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Caernarvon & Anglesey Infirmary

Jones, O. V. (1984): The progress of medicine: history of the Caernarvon and Anglesey Infirmary, 1809-1948 (Llandysul: Gomer Press).