[London Metropolitan Archives, H01/ST/NC18/05/001]

Dorset County Hospital

August 20 1865


B. Lillycrapp returns most grateful thanks to the Committee [sic] of the Nightingale Fund for the three pounds which I received this morning.

I have sent the receipt.

I remain your humble servant.

B. Lillycrapp


[London Metropolitan Archives, H01/ST/NC18/08/152a]

County Hospital


March 8th 1867


I beg to acknowledge a letter with enclosure of P.O.O. [Post Office order] for £3 and stamped receipt for my signature both of which I put on one side until I understand what the money is for.

My reason for doing so is that I think there must be a mistake.  Why I think so the letter speaks of my training for a satisfactory manner performed my first years service tho’ this is my second situation since my year of training, which expired Sept. 29th 1865. I have not had twelve months actual Hospital work. My first situation was a Matronship at Bradford in Yorks. of 120 beds salary £50 a year taken by testimonials, earned by work a great measure previous to my entering St. Thomas’ Hospital. There were 50 applicants for the situation, 6 selected for personal interview with the Committee. I got the vacancy & left St. Thomas’ one day and went to Bradford the next [?  ____ ] the end of my first quarter I had an attack of congestion of the brain and was forced to give up my situation and take a complete rest.

After my return Home the President of the Institution sent me a letter and cheque with a copy of a resolution proposed by the Board of Management after my leaving, a copy of which I sent to Mrs. Wardroper, I now send to you.

When I felt ready for work I wrote to Mrs. Wardroper to tell her. She answered me by telling me there was probability of a vacancy for a Matron in a small Hospital and whether I would take it should it occur. I told her “I would not [?  ____ ] I asked her to let me fill an inferior post. (I have to help keep my Father and Mother and I could not remain at Home any longer) the vacancy she alluded to did not occur. After some little correspondence on July the third 1866 I entered upon the duties of Head Nurse, Male Section, Dorchester County Infirmary salary £24 a year.

I have now held it just eight months making eleven months Hospital service altogether.

In event of there being a mistake on the part of the “Nightingale Committee” I of course understand that I can only consider myself on the “Nightingale Marks” as a 2nd class woman if it is so. I would be glad if you could and would tell me why I am so placed.

Anxiously waiting your reply,

I am,

Your obedient servant,

Sarah Dexter