Chaplains 1841-1919

Rev. G. E. Moule
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For a period the title ‘chaplain’ was used by both the rector of Holy Trinity Dorchester (in which parish the hospital was situated) and by his curate who resided in the hospital. Rather unhelpfully, the hospital’s management committee minutes often referred to the chaplain by his title, rather than by his name, making it difficult to identify individuals.

Initially, the Rev. George Wood, the then rector of Holy Trinity, acted as honorary chaplain because the staff and patients in the hospital were his parishioners. Then, in 1842, a Chaplaincy Fund was set up so that a stipend could be paid. The Bishop of Salisbury specially licensed the rector to be chaplain, and he appointed a curate to reside in the hospital, his stipend being paid from the fund. It was during this period that the resident curates were sometimes referred to as the ‘chaplain’ even though, strictly speaking, that title belonged to the rector.

In 1855 this arrangement ceased, and the hospital appointed its own chaplain, independent of the rector. In 1887 the lodgings in the hospital were withdrawn from the chaplain, who thereafter lived in the town.

The most notable chaplain was George Evans Moule (1828-1912), who was the first to be independently appointed by the hospital’s management committee in 1855. He held the post until 1857, after which he travelled to China to undertake missionary work. He was made Bishop of Mid-China in 1880, resigning from the bishopric in 1906.

The following list is incomplete, as work continues to identify the hospital’s chaplains. You can also read about the chapel at Dorset County Hospital.


Honorary Chaplain
From To Name
1841 1842 George WOOD


Chaplains by virtue of being Rectors of Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester Chaplains’ curates, resident in the hospital
From To Name From To Name
1842 1847 died George WOOD 1842 1845 George E. COLE
1845 1845 ill health J. T. LATEWARD
1845 [1849] William SMITH
1848 1855 left William BULLER 1849 1850 Augustus TURNER
[1851] 1852 Thomas Smythe HILL
1852 [1855] John Burn ANSTIS


Chaplains appointed by the Management Committee
From To Name
1855 1857 George Evans MOULE
1858? 1860 Edward WILLIAMS
1860 1867 John Gerard DAVIS
1868 1872 John M. EVANS
1872 1872 John ALDWORTH
1873 1874 Frederick Francis MORGAN
1875 [1880 ?] John Wilkinson Gamul EDWARDS
[1881 ?] 1881 Henry Ellis HARVEY
1883 1883 Henry EVERETT
1883 1887 Edmund Collins DRURY
1888 1919 Randolph Charles MARRIOTT


Image details: George Evans Moule by Walter Pouncy, albumen cabinet card, circa 1890s, 5 5/8 in. x 4 in. (144 mm x 103 mm) image size, given by Corporation of Church House, 1949, Photographs Collection NPG x159319.