Governors’ Meetings

In March 1839, the original founders of the hospital resolved that:

Annual Subscribers of ONE GUINEA and upwards be GOVERNORS, during the continuance of their Subscriptions; with ONE VOTE at all General Meetings and Elections for EACH GUINEA annually subscribed–and that Donors of £25, either at one or two payments, be GOVERNORS FOR LIFE; with one Vote for every Donation of £25 (Sherborne Mercury, Monday 25 March 1839, page 2).

This section deals with the annual and special Governors’ meetings.  There was an annual Governors’ meeting in January each year, when the Annual Report was presented, and special in-year meetings called to deal with specific issues (such as rule changes and the election of medical staff).

It seems that very few early Annual Reports have survived, and therefore the newspaper reports of the annual Governors’ meetings are the only source of information about what was in those early Annual Reports.

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