Patient Case Study: Gillett, John

In-patient, 1855


Hospital Dorset County Hospital Patient type In-patient
Number 3212 Date admitted 19 Apr 1855
Name Gillett, John Renewed
Age 81 Under whose care Mr. Tapp
Occupation Shepherd Disease Cancer of lip
Parish W. Stafford Discharged 10 May 1855
Recommended by J. Floyer Esqre. Outcome Cured
Source Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Hospital in-patient admissions register 1847-59, NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1



  1. “EXCISION OF MALIGNANT TUMOURS. … Case 9.–A man, aged 80, under the care of Mr. Tapp, in the Dorset County Hospital, on account of an epithelial cancer, affecting the lower lip. A freezing mixture was employed previous to the excision, and was successful in preventing pain almost completely. The wound healed in a fortnight.” [Statistical report of the principle operations performed during the quarter ending March, 1855. Medical Times & Gazette, 1855, new series, vol. 10, p. 596]