Weymouth Dispensary & Royal Infirmary: Miscellaneous

Selected newspaper reports


Salisbury and Winchester Journal, Monday, 15 February 1836, page 4

WEYMOUTH, February 13.

The Dispensary and Royal Infirmary, lately removed to Maiden-street, are now open for the reception of patients, on a considerably extended scale of accommodation. The late annual report presents a most gratifying account of the individual benefits resulting from this humane institution.

Salisbury and Winchester Journal, Monday, 7 November 1836, page 4

The Committee of the Weymouth Royal Infirmary and Dispensary have just published their annual Report, from which it appears, that, since the establishment of this noble and humane Institution, in October, 1816, and the 24th of October just past, there have been admitted to the benefit of the Dispensary 4054 individuals, of which number, 166 out-patients have been admitted during the past year, 29 being on the books at the commencement of the year. Of these, 146 have been discharged cured, 5 relieved, 9 died, 3 were improper objects, one was discharged for non-attendance, and 31 remain on the books. There were, also, 6 in-patients admitted, of whom two were discharged, cured, and four remain on the books.–It is particularly deserving notice, that this benevolent establishment is supported by voluntary contributions.

Dorset County Chronicle, Monday, 19 November 1840, page 1

WEYMOUTH, 11th November, 1840.

AT the GENERAL ANNUAL MEETING of the MEMBERS of the WEYMOUTH DISPENSARY and ROYAL INFIRMARY, held this Day at the Royal Infirmary,

W. F. BOND, Esq., in the Chair ;

The following REPORT was read, and ordered to be printed, viz :


Remaining on the Books 4th November, 1839. 22
Admitted during the present Year 368


Of which Number have been discharged–
Cured 313
Relieved 29
Died 14
Discharged by desire 1
Improper Objects 4
Remaining on the Books 29



Remaining on the Books 4th November, 1839. 2
Admitted during the present Year 27


Of which Number have been discharged–
Cured 21
Relieved 4
Died 2
Remaining on the books 2

GEORGE ARDEN, Secretary.

Directory entries


The Weymouth and Melcombe Regis new guide, published by E. Groves, Weymouth, 1835, pages 27-28


for the relief of the sick poor, was established in October, 1816. It is supported by voluntary contribution, and is conducted at the premises of the widow Groves, No. 10, St. Mary Street. The number of patients, relieved since the institution of the establishment has been nearly four thousand, and the number of children annually vaccinated upwards of four hundred. It has met with very liberal and distinguished support, and is highly deserving of the bounty of the charitable.