Weymouth Dispensary & Royal Infirmary: 1851 Census

Royal Infirmary, [4 Maiden Street], Township of Melcombe Regis (HO107/1857, folio 257, page 8)

Surname Firstname Relation to Head of Family Condition Age Rank, Profession or Occupation Where born Whether blind, deaf etc.
CARTER Joseph Head Marr. 42 Shipwright Dorset, Melcombe Regis
CARTER Susan Wife 43 Matron Dorset, Gunville
LUCAS Jane Serv. U 19 Household Work Dorset, Nottington
YOUNG James In-patient Marr. 36 In door patient Dock service (late Quay Porter) Dorset, Bridport
COLLETT Richard do. 30 In door patient (Army Pensioner) Dorset, Weymouth
CHICK Ellinor do. Wid. 49 In door patient (Nurse) Middlesex, Fulham
WORTH Maria do. Marr. 47 In door patient (Sempstress) Wales, [?]
MARTIN Matilda do. U 38 In door patient (Servant) Dorset, Gillingham