Salisbury Infirmary patients in the 1850s

The original Salisbury Infirmary

This page brings together material on patients in Salisbury Infirmary during the 1850s. It was not unusual for poor people from Dorset to be admitted into the Infirmary. During the 1850s, four Dorset Poor Law Unions subscribed to Salisbury Infirmary, as did a number of Dorset landowners, sometimes in preference to their own county hospital.

Patients’ details are contained in the following transcripts, which open as PDFs. Use the name index below to identify which transcript(s) a particular individual appears in. For patients who appear on one of the admission lists, the index will tell you the date of the relevant list. The admission lists have been extracted from the “Secretary’s Register of Admissions and Discharges” held at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre: volume J8/170/1 covers the period 10 July 1852 to 21 August 1858, and volume J8/170/2 covers from 21 August 1858 onwards.

Admission lists (all based on the “Secretary’s Register”):


Name index to patients treated by Salisbury Infirmary in the 1850s

Patient’s name Year Abode Transcript number Admission list date
ABRAHAM Thomas 1851 A3
ACKLAND William 1852 B3 16-Oct
ADLAM Thomas 1852 A4
ALDER Lemuel 1852 A4
ALDRIDGE William 1853 C1 15-Jan
ALEXANDER John 1852 B4 25-Dec
ALEXANDER Priscilla 1852 A4
ALFORD Martin 1851 A3
ALLEN James 1858 A7
ALLEN John 1855 A2
ALLEN Sarah 1852 B4 13-Nov
AMBROSE Ann 1852 B2 04-Sep
AMBROSE Anne 1852 A5 (i)
AMBROSE Henry 1852 A4
ANCEL George 1852 B4 27-Nov
ANCELL Sarah 1852 A4
ANDREWS Andrew 1852 A4
ANDREWS Henry 1852 Grimstead B4 18-Dec
ANDREWS John 1853 C2 26-Feb
ANDREWS Susan 1853 A5 (i)
BADDER Mary 1852 A4
BAGLEY Joseph 1852 A4
BAILEY James 1853 Downton C2 19-Feb
BAILEY Lydia 1852 St. Edmunds B3 02-Oct
BAILEY Martha 1852 B1 28-Aug
BAILEY Matilda Anne 1852 Frogham B4 06-Nov
BAKER William 1852 A4
BALL Daniel 1852 B1 31-Jul
BALL Daniel 1852 B1 07-Aug
BALLS Hannah 1852 B1 31-Jul
BAMBRIDGE James 1852 B3 16-Oct
BAMBRIDGE James 1852 B4 11-Dec
BANGER Charlotte 1852 B2 04-Sep
BARHAM Henry 1852 B3 09-Oct
BARNES Hannah 1852 A2
BARNES Hannah 1852 B2 18-Sep
BARNES James 1851 A3
BARNES Samuel 1853 St. Martins C2 26-Feb
BARNES William 1852 Abbey Milton B1 21-Aug
BARNES William 1852 A7
BARNES William 1852 Abbey Milton A5 (i)
BARNWELL Eliza 1852 B3 23-Oct
BARTER Sarah 1855 A2
BARTER Sidney 1852 Whiteparish B2 18-Sep
BARTLETT Thomas 1852 B1 10-Jul
BARTLETT Thomas 1852 B4 04-Dec
BEACH Harriett 1851 A3
BEALE John 1857 A2
BEAVER Henry 1853 C2 05-Feb
BEAVIS William 1851 A3
BEAVIS William 1853 Bourton, Dorset C1 15-Jan
BELL Edward 1853 C2 12-Feb
BELL Henry 1852 B3 09-Oct
BELL Henry 1852 A5 (i)
BENNETT Joshua 1852 Pimperne B1 17-Jul
BEST Gilbert 1852 B3 16-Oct
BETHERIDGE Arthur 1853 C2 26-Feb
BETTERIDGE William 1852 A4
BIFFIN Charles 1852 B4 25-Dec
BIFFIN James 1852 B3 02-Oct
BIFFIN Mary 1852 B1 10-Jul
BINT Charles 1851 A3
BISHOP Anne 1853 C1 15-Jan
BISHOP Mary Ann 1853 C1 15-Jan
BLACKMORE John 1851 A3
BLAKE Bertha 1852 A4
BLAKE Elias 1852 B4 25-Dec
BLAKE Emma 1852 Netherampton B3 23-Oct
BLAKE Emma 1852 Netherhampton A5 (i)
BLAKE Francis 1852 B4 27-Nov
BLAKE Mary 1852 B3 16-Oct
BLAKE Simon 1852 B2 18-Sep
BLAKE Thomas 1853 C2 12-Feb
BLAKES Fanny 1852 B1 31-Jul
BLANCHETT William 1851 A3
BLANCHETT William 1851 A7
BLANDFORD John 1851 A7
BOWEY Sarah 1853 Fisherton C1 01-Jan
BOWLES Agnes 1851 A3
BOWLES Sarah 1852 B1 31-Jul
BOWLES Sarah 1853 C1 22-Jan
BRACKEN Mary Ann 1852 B4 13-Nov
BREWER David 1857 A2
BREWER William 1853 C1 15-Jan
BRINE Alfred 1852 A4
BROWN Ann 1852 B3 16-Oct
BROWN John 1851 A3
BROWNJOHN Henry 1852 B4 11-Dec
BRUTON Emma 1853 C1 01-Jan
BRYANT William 1852 B4 20-Nov
BRYSON Anne 1852 St. Thomas B3 23-Oct
BUCKLAND William 1852 Quidhampton B3 30-Oct
BUGDEN James 1852 A4
BUGDEN Thomas 1852 Harnham B1 28-Aug
BULLING George 1852 A4
BULLING Jane 1852 A4
BUNDER William 1852 A4
BUNDY Mary 1859 A7
BUNGAY John 1851 A3
BUNGAY Thomas 1853 Alderbury C1 15-Jan
BUNGAY William 1852 A4
BUNGAY William 1852 A4
BUNGY George 1851 A3
BURBAGE George 1851 A3
BURBAGE James 1852 B1 24-Jul
BURGESS Mark 1853 C1 01-Jan
BURGESS William 1852 B1 14-Aug
BURROUGHS Sophia 1852 Bishopstone B2 18-Sep
BURTON Emma 1852 B4 20-Nov
BUSH John 1851 A3
BUTLER Betty 1852 A4
BUTLER Thomas 1852 B4 25-Dec
BUTT James 1853 C2 12-Feb
BUTT William 1853 C1 08-Jan
CADLEY Sarah 1853 C1 22-Jan
CALAGAN [CALLAGHAN] David 1853 A5 (i)
CALIGAN Eliza 1852 B1 28-Aug
CALIGAN Eliza 1853 C2 05-Feb
CALIGAN John 1853 A5 (i)
CAMP Susan 1852 B2 11-Sep
CAMP Susan 1853 C1 15-Jan
CANNINGS Sarah 1853 C1 15-Jan
CANNINGS Sarah 1853 A7
CANNINGS Sarah 1853 A5 (i)
CANNON Sarah 1853 C1 01-Jan
CARD John 1852 B1 17-Jul
CARD John 1852 B4 11-Dec
CARDONI Lawrence 1850 A7
CAREY John 1850 A7
CARPENTER James 1852 B4 13-Nov
CARTER John 1852 B4 20-Nov
CARTER John 1853 St. Edmunds C1 22-Jan
CASE Frederick 1852 B1 24-Jul
CAVE John 1859 A7
CAVE [?] Thomas 1853 C2 26-Feb
CHAFFEY Abdon 1855 A2
CHALK[E] Mary Ann 1852 B1 07-Aug
CHALKE Charles 1853 C1 22-Jan
CHANDLER Thomas 1852 B4 18-Dec
CHANDLER Thomas 1853 C2 05-Feb
CHAPLAIN Harriet 1851 A3
CHAPMAN Maria 1852 A4
CHERRETT Jane 1853 A2
CHERRETT Jane 1853 C1 15-Jan
CHEVERALL George 1852 B2 11-Sep
CHIVERS Jane 1853 St. Thomas C2 12-Feb
CHIVERS William 1859 A7
CHRISTOPHER Joseph 1852 Sturminster Marshall B1 31-Jul
CHURCH John 1852 A4
CHURCH John 1852 B1 28-Aug
CHURCH Pamela 1852 Alderbury B2 18-Sep
COLLINS Edward 1852 B2 04-Sep
COLLINS Elizabeth 1852 B1 10-Jul
COLLINS Emma 1852 B1 17-Jul
COLLINS Giles 1852 A4
COMPTON Elizabeth 1853 C1 08-Jan
COMPTON Emanuel 1853 Bishopstone C1 15-Jan
COMPTON Mary 1852 B3 09-Oct
COMPTON Mary 1852 Barford B4 06-Nov
COMPTON Matilda 1852 B4 13-Nov
CONDON Jane 1852 A4
CONDUIT John 1853 C1 08-Jan
CONNOR Mary A. 1851 A3
COOKE Charlotte 1852 B4 27-Nov
COOL James 1851 A3
COOLE William 1852 B1 31-Jul
COOMBS Rachel 1852 A2
COOMBS Rachel 1852 B4 06-Nov
COOPER Sarah 1852 B3 30-Oct
COOPER Thomas 1852 B2 11-Sep
COOPER Thomas 1852 B3 30-Oct
COWARD James 1852 A4
COX Alfred 1851 A3
COX Francis 1852 Fosbury, Hungerford B4 06-Nov
COX Louisa 1852 B1 31-Jul
COX Louisa 1852 B4 11-Dec
COX Thomas 1858 A2
CRABB Ann 1852 B1 28-Aug
CRAMER Mary Ann 1853 C2 12-Feb
CROFT John 1852 A4
CROOK Elizabeth 1852 A4
CROOK George 1852 B4 04-Dec
CROOK Sarah 1852 A4
CROOM William 1852 B1 21-Aug
CROOM William 1852 A5 (i)
CROUCH George 1852 St. Martins B4 04-Dec
CRUSE Lydia 1853 C2 12-Feb
CRUTCHER Thomas 1852 B4 27-Nov
CRUTCHER William 1852 B1 10-Jul
CUMMING John 1852 B1 24-Jul
CURTIS Arthur 1852 B4 25-Dec
CURTIS Arthur 1853 C1 01-Jan
CURTIS Cantelo [?] 1852 Fordingbridge B2 04-Sep
CURTIS Constance 1851 A3
CURTIS John 1852 B3 23-Oct
CURTIS Rebecca 1853 C1 22-Jan
CUTLER Andrew 1852 B1 07-Aug
DANIEL Joseph 1852 Durnford B4 06-Nov
DANIELLS Joseph 1852 Durnford A5 (i)
DAVIDGE Charlotte 1852 B4 27-Nov
DAVIS Caroline 1853 C1 01-Jan
DAVIS Edmund 1853 St. Martins C1 22-Jan
DAVIS Hannah 1851 A3
DAVIS William 1853 C1 08-Jan
DAY John 1852 A4
DEAMON [DIMON] Eliza 1852 B1 07-Aug
DEAR Charlotte 1852 B4 20-Nov
DEAR Hannah 1852 B3 02-Oct
DEDMAN Caroline 1852 Fordingbridge B1 07-Aug
DEW Mary Ann 1852 B2 11-Sep
DEW Silas 1852 B3 23-Oct
DIBDEN Andrew 1852 B1 28-Aug
DIBDEN Henry 1852 B1 24-Jul
DICKETT Ellen 1852 B2 18-Sep
DICKETT Mary Ann 1852 B1 10-Jul
DICKETT Mary Ann 1852 B1 07-Aug
DICKETT[S] Henry 1853 St Edmunds A5 (i)
DICKETTS Mary Anne 1853 C2 05-Feb
DIMMOCK George 1852 Gaunts B4 04-Dec
DIMON [DEAMON] Eliza 1852 B1 07-Aug
DIXON Charlotte 1852 A4
DIXON Emma 1852 St. Martins B2 25-Sep
DOGGRELL Stephen 1854 A2
DORWOOD John 1852 A4
DOUGHTY Caroline 1852 B2 25-Sep
DOUGHTY William 1852 Frome B4 04-Dec
DOWDING Charles 1852 B2 11-Sep
DOWNER Lucy 1852 Fordingbridge B3 23-Oct
DREW Betty 1853 C1 08-Jan
DREWETT James 1852 B4 11-Dec
DRISCOLL [or DRISCOLE Donald 1851 A3
DROVIER Sarah 1852 St. Thomas B3 02-Oct
DUKE John 1851 A3
DUKES Henry 1851 A3
DUKES William 1853 St. Edmunds C1 01-Jan
DURDLE Henry 1852 Woodfalls B2 25-Sep
DURDLE [DURRALL] James [John] 1853 A5 (i)
EARL Ellen 1853 C1 29-Jan
EARLE Henry 1852 B3 30-Oct
EARNEY Stephen 1852 B3 16-Oct
EARS [EYRES] John 1853 C1 08-Jan
EDMONDS John 1852 B4 27-Nov
EDMUNDS John 1852 St. Edmunds B4 11-Dec
EDWARDS Mary 1851 A3
ELDRIDGE John 1852 B4 18-Dec
ELFORD Eli 1852 B4 06-Nov
ELLEN Ann 1851 A3
ELLIOTT Charles 1852 A2
ELLIOTT Charles 1852 B4 13-Nov
ELLIS Ann 1852 B1 28-Aug
ELTON Frederick 1852 Newton Toney B2 25-Sep
ENGLAND Bartlett 1852 B4 27-Nov
ENGLAND Charles 1852 A4
ENGLAND George 1852 Laverstock B1 24-Jul
ENGLAND Job 1853 Alderbury C1 22-Jan
ENGLAND William 1853 Alderbury C2 26-Feb
ERLE Thomas 1852 B4 04-Dec
EVERETT Jacob 1852 A4
EVERETT John 1852 B2 25-Sep
EWENCE Henry 1851 A3
EYLES Henry 1853 C2 19-Feb
EYLES James 1853 C2 19-Feb
EYRE John 1852 B2 04-Sep
EYRES [EARS] John 1853 C1 08-Jan
FARMER Ann 1852 B4 06-Nov
FARR George 1852 A4
FARR George 1859 A7
FELTHAM George 1852 B2 25-Sep
FELTHAM Richard 1853 C2 26-Feb
FILLER James 1852 B1 14-Aug
FLEMING Eliza 1851 A3
FLEMING Thomas 1852 St. Martins B2 25-Sep
FLETCHER Fanny 1851 A3
FOLEY Alfred 1852 B4 13-Nov
FOOT John 1852 Fovant B4 27-Nov
FOOT John 1852 Fovant A5 (i)
FORD James 1853 Bishopstone C1 22-Jan
FORD Martha 1852 B1 28-Aug
FORD Mary 1853 A2
FORD Mary 1853 C1 08-Jan
FORD Sally 1851 A3
FORDER Clarissa 1852 A4
FORDER Jane 1852 B1 21-Aug
FOWLER John 1852 Chute B4 25-Dec
FOYLE Charles 1851 A3
FRAMPTON Caroline 1857 A2
FRAMPTON Frederick 1856 A2
FRANCIS George 1852 A4
FRANCIS Job 1851 A3
FRANCIS Mary Ann 1852 B3 23-Oct
FRANCIS Robert 1852 Stalbridge B1 17-Jul
FRICKER Thomas 1852 B1 17-Jul
FRY Thomas 1852 B3 16-Oct
FRYER Aaron 1853 C2 19-Feb
FURNEL Ann 1852 A7
FURNELL Ann 1852 B3 02-Oct
FURNELL Anne 1852 A5 (i)
FURNELL Ellen 1852 St. Thomas B1 28-Aug
GAINGER Joseph 1852 B1 28-Aug
GAIR Samuel 1852 B1 07-Aug
GALPIN John 1858 A7
GANT William 1852 B3 16-Oct
GARRETT Alfred 1858 A7
GARVEY Sarah 1851 A3
GAUNTLETT George 1851 A3
GAUNTLETT John 1852 B3 23-Oct
GERVISH Sidney 1852 B1 24-Jul
GIDDINGS Jacob 1852 Shrewton B3 23-Oct
GIDDINGS Jacob 1852 Shrewton A5 (i)
GILBERT Jane 1852 B4 13-Nov
GILBERT Samuel 1851 A3
GILBERT William 1851 A3
GILES Charles 1856 A2
GODDARD Caroline 1852 Netheravon B1 24-Jul
GODDARD Herbert 1851 A7
GODWIN James 1852 B4 18-Dec
GOLDING Anne 1852 B2 18-Sep
GOODENOUGH Ellen 1851 A3
GOODFELLOW Ann 1852 B3 09-Oct
GOODFELLOW James 1852 A4
GOODFELLOW James 1852 A7
GOODFELLOW James 1852 A5 (i)
GOODFELLOW John 1852 Odstock B2 04-Sep
GOODFELLOW John 1852 Odstock A5 (i)
GOODRIDGE Reuben 1853 C1 08-Jan
GOSNEY William 1853 St. Thomas C1 29-Jan
GOSNEY William 1853 St Thomas A5 (i)
GOULD Stephen 1852 Idmiston B4 20-Nov
GRACE Joseph 1853 C1 08-Jan
GRACE Louisa 1852 B1 24-Jul
GRANT Amelia 1851 A3
GRANT Emma 1852 B1 31-Jul
GRAY Elizabeth 1853 C1 15-Jan
GRAY Elizabeth 1853 C1 22-Jan
GRAY Emily 1852 B4 27-Nov
GRAY Frederick 1852 Wallop B1 31-Jul
GRAY James 1852 B3 09-Oct
GRAY Thomas 1852 B4 11-Dec
GREEN Eliza 1852 A4
GREGORY Mary 1852 A4
GREY Elizabeth 1853 C1 08-Jan
GROVE Anne 1852 St. Thomas B3 23-Oct
GUILE Ann 1852 B1 28-Aug
HACKER Charles 1852 A4
HALE Isaac 1852 A4
HALE William 1852 B3 30-Oct
HALL Elizabeth 1852 B1 17-Jul
HALL Francis 1852 St. Martins B1 07-Aug
HALLATT George 1853 C2 19-Feb
HALLL Charles 1852 B2 25-Sep
HAMMOND Richard 1855 A7
HAMMOND William 1853 C1 22-Jan
HANDFORD William 1852 B4 06-Nov
HANHAM Hannah 1855 A2
HANHAM Hannah 1855 A2
HANMAN Lucy 1853 A7
HANNAM John 1852 B2 18-Sep
HANNAM Lucy 1853 C2 12-Feb
HANNAM [HANNAN] Lucy 1853 A5 (i)
HARDING Ann 1852 B1 07-Aug
HARDING Ann 1852 B4 20-Nov
HARFORD Robert 1852 B2 25-Sep
HARRIS Ann 1852 B4 27-Nov
HARRIS Charles 1853 C2 05-Feb
HARRIS James 1852 B3 02-Oct
HARRIS John 1852 B4 27-Nov
HARRIS John [or Joseph] 1852 B2 04-Sep
HARRIS Joseph 1852 A7
HARRIS Joseph [or John] 1852 A5 (i)
HARRIS Susan 1852 A4
HARRIS Susannah 1853 C1 22-Jan
HARRIS Thomas 1852 A4
HARRIS Thomas 1852 Bulford B1 10-Jul
HARRIS William 1852 B4 04-Dec
HARRISON John 1852 B3 02-Oct
HART Dinah 1852 B4 27-Nov
HART Mary Ann 1852 B2 25-Sep
HART William 1853 C1 01-Jan
HARVEY Ellen 1856 A2
HARVEY Emma 1852 St. Thomas B3 23-Oct
HARVEY Joel 1857 A2
HASKETT Robert 1853 A2
HATCHER Samuel 1851 A3
HAWKINS Samuel 1853 C2 12-Feb
HAYTER Alfred 1853 C1 22-Jan
HAYTER Caroline 1853 Durnford C1 01-Jan
HAYTER Charles 1852 Fisherton B4 20-Nov
HAYTER Eliza 1852 B3 16-Oct
HAYTER Eliza 1853 C1 01-Jan
HAYTER George 1852 B1 24-Jul
HAYTER George 1852 B2 11-Sep
HAYTER George 1853 A2
HAYTER John 1852 B4 11-Dec
HAYTER John 1853 C2 12-Feb
HAYTER William 1852 B4 20-Nov
HAYTER William 1852 B4 18-Dec
HAYWARD Jane 1853 C2 19-Feb
HAYWOOD Eliza 1852 B3 09-Oct
HAZARD Thomas 1852 B1 31-Jul
HAZELL Louisa 1859 A7
HEATH John 1852 B1 14-Aug
HEAZELL William 1851 A3
HENNINGTON Thomas 1852 St. Martins B1 21-Aug
HENSTRIDGE Harriet 1853 C1 22-Jan
HENSTRIDGE Sidney 1852 A4
HEWITT Anne 1852 B4 27-Nov
HIBBERD Frances 1852 B3 09-Oct
HIBBERD James 1853 Tisbury C1 01-Jan
HIBBERD Martha 1851 A3
HIBBERD William 1852 B3 30-Oct
HIBBERD William 1853 C2 05-Feb
HICK Mark 1853 C2 05-Feb
HICKMAN Henry 1852 B1 07-Aug
HICKS Charles 1852 B4 06-Nov
HILFORD John 1852 B4 04-Dec
HILL Elizabeth 1852 B1 14-Aug
HILL Henry 1853 St. Edmunds C2 26-Feb
HILL James 1853 Farnham C1 29-Jan
HILL Robert 1852 Compton B2 25-Sep
HILLIER George 1852 B1 28-Aug
HINWOOD Sarah 1851 A3
HISCOCK James 1852 Nether Wallop B3 30-Oct
HISCOCK James 1852 B4 18-Dec
HISCOCK James 1853 C1 29-Jan
HISCOCK Robert 1853 South Newton C1 01-Jan
HOARE Harriet 1852 B1 24-Jul
HOARE Louisa 1851 A3
HOBBS Louisa 1852 A4
HOBBS Robert 1852 B2 25-Sep
HODNETT Eliza 1853 C2 19-Feb
HODNOT John 1852 East Harnham B1 31-Jul
HODNOT John 1852 B4 27-Nov
HODNOTT John 1852 East Harnham B1 21-Aug
HOEL Elizabeth 1852 B4 18-Dec
HONEYBONE Joseph 1852 B3 23-Oct
HOOPER Henry 1853 Calne C2 05-Feb
HOPKINS Sophia 1852 B2 04-Sep
HORDER Elizabeth 1852 B3 30-Oct
HORDER Mary Ann 1852 A4
HORDER William 1852 B4 27-Nov
HORNER Mary 1851 A3
HORNER Richard 1853 Idmiston C2 12-Feb
HOUSE Emily 1852 B3 02-Oct
HUISH James 1853 Manningford C2 12-Feb
HULL Elizabeth 1851 A3
HUNT William 1852 B2 25-Sep
ISAAC Attwell 1857 A2
ISAAC Hannah 1852 B3 30-Oct
ISAAC Hannah 1855 A2
JACKSON Jane 1853 C1 08-Jan
JACKSON Thomas 1852 A7
JACOB Eliza 1852 Bulford B1 10-Jul
JACOB James 1852 B1 17-Jul
JAMES John 1852 St. Edmunds B2 25-Sep
JARRANT Henry 1852 St. Thomas B4 25-Dec
JEANS Mary 1852 B1 24-Jul
JEFFEREY James 1852 B4 11-Dec
JEFFERIES Jessy [Jesse] James 1852 B1 28-Aug
JEFFERS Thomas 1852 B4 20-Nov
JEFFERY Ann[e] 1852 Winterbourne B1 28-Aug
JEFFERY Harriet 1852 B4 20-Nov
JEFFERY Henry 1853 C1 22-Jan
JENKINS Esther 1851 A3
JENNINGS Andrew 1852 A4
JERRARD Edward 1853 C2 19-Feb
JEWELL Feargus 1852 Fisherton B1 10-Jul
JOHNSON Alfred 1852 Teffont B1 28-Aug
JOHNSON Margaret 1852 B1 24-Jul
JONES Charles 1853 C1 01-Jan
JONES Ellen 1852 Cranborne B1 07-Aug
JONES George 1853 C1 01-Jan
JONES George 1853 C2 05-Feb
JONES Mary Ann 1853 A5 (i)
JUDD David 1852 B2 04-Sep
JUDD Mary 1852 St. Edmunds B3 23-Oct
JUDD Sarah 1852 B2 04-Sep
KELFORD Mary Ann 1852 B1 07-Aug
KELLOW Robert 1852 B4 20-Nov
KERLEY John 1855 A2
KEYNES John 1852 B2 11-Sep
KEYNES Moses 1852 B1 21-Aug
KIDBY David 1858 A7
KIDDEL [KIDDLE] Sarah Jane 1852 B1 31-Jul
KING Martha 1851 A3
KING Sarah 1853 C2 05-Feb
KING Sarah 1853 A7
KING Sarah 1853 A5 (i)
KNAPTON William 1857 A2
KNAPTON William 1858 A2
KNIGHT James 1852 Bulford B2 18-Sep
KNIGHT Jas. 1852 A4
KNIGHT Mary 1853 C2 26-Feb
KNIGHT Phillip 1852 A7
KNIGHT William 1853 C2 19-Feb
LACY James 1852 Fisherton B4 13-Nov
LAMBERT Sarah 1852 B4 04-Dec
LAMPARD John 1852 Barford B2 25-Sep
LAMPARD John 1852 B4 13-Nov
LAMPARD John 1853 C2 26-Feb
LAMPART Henry 1853 C2 05-Feb
LANCE Frederick 1853 A2
LANE Robert 1852 B4 11-Dec
LANHAM James 1853 C1 22-Jan
LANHAM James 1853 C2 19-Feb
LANHAM Thomas 1852 Coombe B1 31-Jul
LARKHAM James 1851 A3
LAWES George 1852 B3 23-Oct
LAWES Henry 1853 C1 15-Jan
LAWES Henry 1853 A5 (i)
LAWN John 1852 St. Nicholas B2 25-Sep
LAWRENCE Charles 1853 C1 08-Jan
LAWRENCE Elizabeth 1852 A4
LAWRENCE Elizabeth 1852 B1 07-Aug
LAWRENCE James 1852 A4
LEACH Mary 1852 B1 24-Jul
LENTON Eleanor Jane 1852 B1 07-Aug
LENTON Frederick 1852 B1 07-Aug
LENTON Henry 1853 C2 05-Feb
LESTER Thomas 1852 B1 21-Aug
LESTER Thomas 1852 B4 04-Dec
LEVER John 1852 B4 04-Dec
LEWIS Eliza 1852 B3 09-Oct
LIBBY [?] William 1853 C2 19-Feb
LIGHT Robert 1852 West Grimstead B4 04-Dec
LIGHT Thomas 1852 B1 14-Aug
LING Mary Ann 1852 A4
LINTON Susannah 1852 St. Edmunds B4 27-Nov
LITTORA John 1852 A4
LOADER Moses 1855 A2
LOCK Miriam 1852 B1 31-Jul
LOCKYEAR Mary 1852 B1 07-Aug
LODGE Fanny 1852 A4
LODGE Maria 1852 A4
LONDON Andrew 1852 Bulford B1 24-Jul
LONDON Andrew 1852 Bulford A5 (i)
LONDON James 1852 A4
LONDON James 1852 B4 18-Dec
LONDON James 1852 B4 25-Dec
LONDON Stephen James 1853 A5 (i)
LONG Ann 1852 B4 13-Nov
LONGMAN Keziah 1853 A2
LONGMAN Keziah 1853 C1 01-Jan
LONNOR Harriet 1853 C2 12-Feb
LUCAS Ann 1852 B4 06-Nov
LUCAS Maria 1853 C1 08-Jan
LYWOOD Mary J. 1851 A3
MACEY Edward 1852 B2 25-Sep
MACKLEN Stephen 1852 A4
MAGGS Elizabeth 1852 B3 30-Oct
MAIDMENT Charles 1860 A2
MAIDMENT James 1851 A7
MAIDMENT Job 1857 A2
MAIDMENT Job 1857 A2
MAJOR William 1852 B2 25-Sep
MALTON George 1855 A2
MARKS Anne 1852 B4 04-Dec
MARKS Elizabeth 1853 C2 12-Feb
MARKS Henry 1852 B4 06-Nov
MARKS John 1852 St. Edmunds B1 17-Jul
MARSH Elizabeth 1852 B1 17-Jul
MARSHALL George 1852 B4 06-Nov
MARVEL Joseph 1852 B3 16-Oct
MASLEN Harriett 1852 B4 06-Nov
MASON Edward 1852 B4 27-Nov
MASON Mary 1853 St. Edmunds C1 01-Jan
MATCHAM Charlotte 1850 A7
MATHEWS Fanny 1853 C2 26-Feb
MATON Eliza 1851 A3
MATON Elizabeth 1851 A3
McCARTHY John 1851 A3
McLEES James 1853 C1 29-Jan
MILES Charles 1852 Newton Toney B4 18-Dec
MILES Robert 1852 A4
MILES Robert 1852 B1 21-Aug
MILES Robert 1852 Pewsey B1 28-Aug
MILES Sarah 1852 B1 17-Jul
MILES William 1852 B1 21-Aug
MILES William 1852 B1 28-Aug
MILES William 1852 B2 25-Sep
MILLS Frederick 1850 A7
MILLS Jane 1852 A4
MILLS Jane 1852 B1 10-Jul
MINOR Lucy 1851 A3
MITCHELL Jane 1852 B2 11-Sep
MITCHELL William 1853 C1 29-Jan
MOODY Charles 1852 B3 23-Oct
MOODY George 1852 B1 28-Aug
MOODY Mary 1852 Corsley B2 11-Sep
MOORE Daliah 1852 A4
MOORE Delaliah 1853 C2 05-Feb
MOORE Elizabeth 1856 A2
MOORE Josiah 1851 A3
MOORE Mary Ann 1852 Milborne Port B4 04-Dec
MORETON Henry 1852 B3 16-Oct
MORGAN Elizabeth 1852 B1 24-Jul
MORGAN Elizabeth 1852 A2
MORGAN Frederick 1859 A2
MORGAN James 1853 C2 05-Feb
MORGAN Samuel 1852 B2 11-Sep
MORGAN Sarah 1851 A3
MORRIS Richard 1859 A7
MORRIS Thomas William 1852 B3 16-Oct
MORTIMER James 1852 Amesbury B4 13-Nov
MORTIMER Sarah 1852 Amesbury B4 13-Nov
MOULD Edward 1852 B4 20-Nov
MOXHAM Edward 1853 St. Thomas C1 01-Jan
MOXHAM Emma 1853 C2 19-Feb
MULLINS Frances 1852 B4 20-Nov
MULLINS Henry 1852 A4
MUSPRATT Eliza Ann 1853 C1 08-Jan
MUSPRATT John 1852 B1 17-Jul
MUSPRATT John 1852 B3 30-Oct
MUSSELL Harriet 1853 C1 29-Jan
MUSSELL Henry 1851 A3
MUSSELL John 1852 B1 21-Aug
MUSSELL Robert 1852 B1 21-Aug
MUSSELWHITE Sarah 1852 B3 30-Oct
NAISH Elizabeth Mary 1852 B1 31-Jul
NAISH William 1853 C2 05-Feb
NEWBERRY Job 1852 B4 13-Nov
NEWHAM Philip 1852 A4
NEWMAN Thomas 1853 Newton Toney A5 (i)
NEWMAN William 1853 C2 26-Feb
NEWTON George 1852 B4 20-Nov
NEWTON George 1853 C1 15-Jan
NEWTON Thomas 1852 A4
NICHOLAS Ellen 1852 B4 20-Nov
NICHOLS Sarah 1852 B4 13-Nov
NIGHTINGALE Edward 1853 C1 08-Jan
NOAKE Anne 1852 A4
NOAKE Anne 1852 A5 (i)
NOAKES George 1853 C1 01-Jan
NOBLE Ann 1852 B4 04-Dec
NOBLE Ann 1852 B4 11-Dec
NOBLE Mary 1852 A2
NOBLE Mary 1852 B2 25-Sep
NORRIS James 1852 A4
NORRIS James 1853 C2 12-Feb
NOTLEY George 1853 C1 01-Jan
NOWLSON [NOLSON] Joseph 1853 A5 (i)
NOYES George 1853 Bodenham C1 22-Jan
OFFER Emmanuel 1852 B4 13-Nov
OSBALDSTONE Catherine 1852 B1 17-Jul
OWEN Eugene 1852 B3 16-Oct
PAICE Charles 1852 B3 30-Oct
PAICE Charles 1853 C2 05-Feb
PAIN Jeremiah 1852 Honnington B4 13-Nov
PAIN Jeremiah 1852 Honnington A5 (i)
PALMER Mary 1853 C1 29-Jan
PALMER Robert 1851 A3
PALMER Sophia 1852 B1 21-Aug
PARHAM Jane 1853 C2 26-Feb
PARHAM Jane 1857 A7
PARKER John 1852 South Newton B4 04-Dec
PARRETT [PERRETT] Samuel 1853 C1 15-Jan
PARSONS Elizabeth 1853 C2 26-Feb
PARSONS John 1853 A5 (i)
PARSONS Mary 1852 B4 06-Nov
PARSONS Nicholas 1852 B4 11-Dec
PAUL Charles 1852 B1 14-Aug
PAYNE James 1852 B1 14-Aug
PAYNE John 1853 C1 08-Jan
PAYNE John 1853 A7
PAYNE John 1853 A5 (i)
PAYNE Mary 1851 A3
PEARCE John 1852 Amesbury B4 06-Nov
PEARCE Sarah 1851 A3
PEARCEY Elizabeth 1851 A3
PEARCEY John 1851 A3
PEARCEY Mary 1853 C1 01-Jan
PEARCY Mary 1852 B4 11-Dec
PENNEY Charles 1853 C2 05-Feb
PENNEY Reynold 1852 Bishopstone B2 04-Sep
PENNY Georgiana 1852 B3 02-Oct
PENNY Samuel 1852 B4 20-Nov
PENNY Samuel 1852 B4 04-Dec
PENNY William 1851 A3
PEPPERALL Philip 1852 B1 31-Jul
PERRETT [PARRETT] Samuel 1853 C1 15-Jan
PERROTT Henry 1853 C1 01-Jan
PERROTT Joseph 1852 A4
PERROTT Mary 1852 B1 21-Aug
PERRY Mark 1852 Woodford B2 25-Sep
PHILLIPS Joseph 1852 Winterbourne B2 04-Sep
PHILLIPS William 1853 C1 01-Jan
PHILLIPS William 1853 C2 05-Feb
PHILPOTT James 1853 Bungate C2 19-Feb
PHILPOTT Jane 1852 B2 11-Sep
PHILPOTT Mary Ann 1853 C2 19-Feb
PICKFORD Henry 1852 B3 09-Oct
PIKE Hannah 1852 B1 31-Jul
PIKE Hannah 1852 Bulford B2 25-Sep
PINCHIN Isaac 1852 B1 14-Aug
PINE John 1852 B4 20-Nov
PLANK Mary Ann 1852 A4
PLINT Mark 1852 B3 09-Oct
PLOWMAN Ann 1852 A4
PLOWMAN Thomas 1855 A2
POMROY Mary 1852 B4 11-Dec
POOLE Mary Ann 1852 B2 25-Sep
POPE Mary 1852 B3 23-Oct
PORTER Jane 1852 B1 28-Aug
PORTER Robert 1851 A3
POTICARY John 1852 B4 20-Nov
POWLE Phoebe 1852 B4 27-Nov
PRESSLY Emma 1852 B4 11-Dec
PRETTY George [Charles] 1852 Baverstock B1 14-Aug
PRINCE George 1851 A3
PRITCHELL Charles 1851 A3
PURDURE James 1852 B1 21-Aug
PURTON Louisa 1852 A4
QUINTON Caroline 1852 B4 27-Nov
RABBETS Mary 1852 B2 25-Sep
RABBETS William 1851 A3
RABBITS Elizabeth 1852 B3 23-Oct
RABBITS Mary 1852 B2 25-Sep
RABBITS Mary 1852 B4 27-Nov
RABBITS William 1852 B4 04-Dec
RALPH Jane 1851 A3
RATTY Isabella 1852 B4 20-Nov
READ Alice 1851 A3
READ George 1852 B3 23-Oct
READ Harriet 1852 B4 27-Nov
READ John 1852 B1 31-Jul
READ John 1852 A2
REBBECK Esther 1851 A3
RETFORD Ann 1852 B4 11-Dec
RHOADES Charles James 1852 St. Edmunds B3 23-Oct
RHOADES Charles James 1852 St Edmunds A5 (i)
RHOADES Louisa 1852 B4 11-Dec
RICKMAN George 1852 B1 24-Jul
RIDGELY Harriet 1852 St. Thomas B2 18-Sep
RIDGLEY Harriet 1852 B3 09-Oct
RIDOUT Mary 1853 C1 22-Jan
RILEY Charles 1852 B4 18-Dec
RIXSON William 1852 B4 18-Dec
ROBBETS [?] Charlotte 1853 C2 05-Feb
ROBERTS Elizabeth 1854 A2
ROBERTS George 1851 A3
ROBERTS Richard 1852 A4
ROBERTS (& child) Mary 1854 A2
ROLFE Richard 1852 B1 24-Jul
ROOKE George 1853 Milford, Hants. C1 01-Jan
ROOMES Ellen 1852 B1 31-Jul
ROWDEN Nicholas 1851 A3
ROWNIAN Rachael 1851 A3
ROZIER Ann 1850 A7
RUDDELL William 1852 B2 18-Sep
RUDGE Elizabeth 1852 B1 14-Aug
RUMBLE Jane 1852 St. Thomas B1 17-Jul
SAINSBURY George 1853 C2 26-Feb
SANDELL Richard 1851 A3
SANDER George 1852 B4 11-Dec
SANGER Elizabeth 1852 B3 02-Oct
SANGER Mary 1852 St. Thomas B1 24-Jul
SANGER Thomas 1852 Hindon B2 04-Sep
SANGER Thomas 1852 Hindon B4 18-Dec
SAUNDERS Mary 1852 B3 30-Oct
SAWYER Hannah 1858 A7
SAYWELL James 1852 B1 10-Jul
SCAMMELL George 1851 A3
SCAMMELL Mary Ann 1852 B1 10-Jul
SCANLON John 1852 B1 21-Aug
SCOTT Stephen 1853 C1 15-Jan
SEARCHFIELD Ann 1852 B1 28-Aug
SELF Edward 1851 A3
SHADDOCK William 1852 B1 17-Jul
SHAFFLIN James 1853 A5 (i)
SHAFFLIN William 1852 B1 17-Jul
SHAFFLIN William 1852 B3 30-Oct
SHAVE Charles 1852 B2 11-Sep
SHEARING Elizabeth 1852 Winterbourne B4 18-Dec
SHEARS Jonah 1852 B1 21-Aug
SHEEPSAY John 1853 C1 08-Jan
SHEPHERD Alfred 1852 Winterbourne B1 21-Aug
SHEPHERD Emma 1852 B2 11-Sep
SHEPPARD Ann 1853 C1 29-Jan
SHEPPARD Fanny 1853 C2 19-Feb
SHEPPARD Henry 1852 B1 21-Aug
SHEPPARD Sarah 1852 B2 04-Sep
SHEPPARD William 1853 C2 05-Feb
SHEPPERD Lydia 1853 A2
SHEPPERD Margaret 1852 B2 18-Sep
SHERGOLD Ann 1852 B3 23-Oct
SHERGOLD Daniel 1853 C1 08-Jan
SHERGOLD Ephraim 1852 The Close [Salisbury] B1 31-Jul
SHERGOLD Esther 1851 A3
SHERGOLD Fanny 1852 B4 06-Nov
SHERGOLD James 1852 B1 10-Jul
SHERGOLD Thomas 1852 Stoford B1 17-Jul
SHERRINGTON Charlotte 1853 C1 08-Jan
SHRIMPTON Albert 1853 C1 29-Jan
SHUTLER Stephen 1852 B4 25-Dec
SILK Ann 1857 A7
SILLENCE James 1851 A3
SILVERTHORN Charles 1852 B1 28-Aug
SILVERY Joseph 1852 St. Martins B1 24-Jul
SIM Arthur 1852 B4 13-Nov
SIMMONDS Ann 1850 A7
SIMMONDS Benjamin 1852 Wilton B1 31-Jul
SIMMONDS [SYMONDS] Benjamin 1852 Wilton A5 (i)
SIMS Daniel 1852 B4 11-Dec
SIMS James 1853 C2 19-Feb
SINGLETON Josiah 1854 A2
SLY Noah 1852 Wiley B1 17-Jul
SLYOD [?] William 1852 B2 04-Sep
SMALL Mary Ann 1852 B3 30-Oct
SMEETH George 1852 B4 13-Nov
SMEETH William 1852 B3 16-Oct
SMITH Ann 1851 A3
SMITH Ann 1853 C1 01-Jan
SMITH Anne 1852 A4
SMITH Charles 1852 B2 18-Sep
SMITH Enos 1852 B4 20-Nov
SMITH Harriet 1851 A3
SMITH Harriet 1853 C1 22-Jan
SMITH James 1852 Bulford B1 07-Aug
SMITH Jane 1852 B4 06-Nov
SMITH John 1852 B4 13-Nov
SMITH Joseph 1852 A5 (i)
SMITH William 1852 B1 07-Aug
SMITH William 1853 C2 26-Feb
SNELLING Charles 1857 A7
SNOOK George 1851 A3
SOPER Louisa 1852 B3 30-Oct
SPEARY Richard 1853 A5 (i)
SPRAGG Thomas 1852 Taunton B3 23-Oct
SPRATT George 1852 B1 28-Aug
SPREADBURY Elizabeth 1853 C2 26-Feb
STABBINGS Robert 1851 A3
STAINER George 1853 C2 05-Feb
STAINER Georgina 1853 C2 05-Feb
STAINER Sarah 1855 A2
STANLEY Henry 1852 A4
STANLEY Thomas 1852 A4
STAPLES Elizabeth 1852 B1 24-Jul
STARES Robert 1853 C1 15-Jan
STOKES Elizabeth 1852 Woodford B1 07-Aug
STOKES Elizabeth 1852 St. Edmunds B2 11-Sep
STOKES Elizabeth 1853 St. Edmunds C2 05-Feb
STOKES George 1852 Woodford B1 28-Aug
STONE John 1852 A4
STONE John 1852 Gillingham B1 10-Jul
STRANGIMORE Georgiana 1857 A7
STRATTON Henry 1852 B4 11-Dec
STRATTON Martha 1852 B4 13-Nov
STRATTON Mary 1852 B1 21-Aug
STURGESS Alfred 1852 A4
STURGESS Matilda 1852 B4 20-Nov
STYLE Dinah 1852 A4
STYLES Robert 1852 B2 11-Sep
SWAYNE Cornelius 1852 B4 11-Dec
SWAYNE Cornelius 1852 B4 18-Dec
SWAYNE Cornelius 1852 A5 (i)
SWEET James 1852 B2 18-Sep
SWIFT Herbert 1852 St. Edmunds B3 23-Oct
SWORN Thomas 1853 C2 26-Feb
SWORN Thomas 1853 A5 (i)
SWYER Charles 1852 A2
SWYERS Charles 1852 B2 18-Sep
SYMONDS William 1854 A2
SYWOOD Mary 1852 B1 21-Aug
TACKLE Thomas 1853 Fittleton C1 01-Jan
TANNER Jane 1852 B4 18-Dec
TAPPER Elizabeth 1852 B4 11-Dec
TAPPER Sarah 1853 C2 19-Feb
TAYLOR Charles 1852 B1 17-Jul
TAYLOR Elizabeth 1852 B1 28-Aug
TAYLOR George 1857 A7
THOMAS Charles 1852 B3 09-Oct
THOMAS Henry 1853 C1 29-Jan
THORN George 1852 B1 28-Aug
THORN Louisa 1852 B1 10-Jul
THORNHILL Charles 1856 A2
THORNTON Jane 1853 Landford C2 26-Feb
TILLER Charlotte 1852 A4
TINHAM Elizabeth 1853 A5 (i)
TROWBRIDGE James 1852 B1 14-Aug
TRUCKLE Maria 1853 C1 29-Jan
TRUMAN Harriet 1852 A4
TUBBS Mary 1853 C2 05-Feb
TUFFIN Thomas 1852 Berwick St. James B1 14-Aug
TURNER Caroline 1852 B4 18-Dec
TURNER James 1853 C1 22-Jan
TURNER Mary 1852 B3 30-Oct
TUTT Charles 1852 B1 28-Aug
TUTT George 1852 Fisherton B4 11-Dec
TUTT George 1853 Fisherton C2 12-Feb
TUTT William 1852 B1 07-Aug
TUTT William 1852 B4 06-Nov
UNDERWOOD Caroline 1852 A4
UPHILL George 1852 B2 18-Sep
UPHILL John 1853 C1 01-Jan
UPWARD Susan 1852 B1 21-Aug
VACHER Henry 1852 B1 24-Jul
VANNER James 1852 A4
VINCENT Jane 1852 B1 17-Jul
VINCENT Jeremiah 1853 C2 26-Feb
VINEY Charles 1851 A7
WAITE Mary 1851 A3
WALKER James 1851 A3
WALKER Seth 1852 Hurdcott B2 25-Sep
WALKER William 1853 C1 29-Jan
WARD James 1852 Barford B4 27-Nov
WARE Elizabeth 1852 B4 06-Nov
WARE Sarah 1852 B3 30-Oct
WARE William 1852 Fisherton B1 31-Jul
WAREHAM Elizabeth 1856 A2
WAREHAM George 1853 A2
WARREN Robert 1852 B3 23-Oct
WATERS Anne 1852 A4
WATERS Thomas 1852 B1 17-Jul
WATTS Charles 1859 A7
WATTS Edward 1853 C1 29-Jan
WATTS Stephen 1856 A2
WAY James 1859 A7
WEAVING Caroline 1852 B3 16-Oct
WEBB Eliza 1852 B2 18-Sep
WEBB Elizabeth 1852 B4 13-Nov
WEBB John 1852 B3 30-Oct
WEBB Susan 1852 B3 02-Oct
WEEKS Henry 1852 B4 25-Dec
WEIGHT Robert 1852 A4
WELLS Mary 1852 A4
WELLS Robert 1857 A7
WELLS Sarah 1851 A3
WELLS Sarah 1852 B4 20-Nov
WENTWORTH Sarah 1852 B2 04-Sep
WEST Elizabeth 1853 C2 26-Feb
WEST Mary Ann 1853 C2 05-Feb
WEST Sarah 1853 C1 08-Jan
WHATLEY Ann 1852 B1 24-Jul
WHATLEY George 1853 Maddington C2 05-Feb
WHEELER Jane 1852 B3 16-Oct
WHEELER Sarah 1852 B4 25-Dec
WHITE Edward 1853 C1 22-Jan
WHITE Enoch 1853 Coombe C1 08-Jan
WHITE Frank 1852 B1 17-Jul
WHITE Frederick 1852 B2 25-Sep
WHITE James 1852 St. Thomas B4 04-Dec
WHITE James 1852 A7
WHITE [WRIGHT] Thomas 1853 C1 29-Jan
WHITLOCK Ann 1852 B4 13-Nov
WHITLOCK John Thomas 1852 South Newton B4 04-Dec
WILKINS John 1850 A7
WILLIAMS Ann 1852 B4 06-Nov
WILLIAMS Emily 1852 B4 04-Dec
WILLIAMS Henry 1852 B2 18-Sep
WILLIAMS Henry 1853 C2 19-Feb
WILLIAMS Job 1853 C2 19-Feb
WILLIAMS Mary 1852 B2 25-Sep
WILLIAMS William 1853 C1 01-Jan
WINGROVE John 1852 Durnford B1 28-Aug
WISEMAN Henry 1852 B1 24-Jul
WITHERINGTON John 1853 C1 01-Jan
WITT Elizabeth 1853 Netherampton C2 05-Feb
WITT Stephen 1852 B1 24-Jul
WOOD Daniel 1852 St. Thomas B4 06-Nov
WOODFORD John 1853 C1 01-Jan
WOODS Harriet 1853 C1 22-Jan
WOODS Sarah 1851 A3
WOOTTON Dinah 1852 A4
WORT Joseph 1853 Redlynch C2 05-Feb
WORTLEY Joseph 1853 C2 26-Feb
WRIGHT [WHITE] Thomas 1853 C1 29-Jan
WYATT Elizabeth 1852 B4 13-Nov
WYATT Mary Ann 1852 A4
YATES Elizabeth 1851 A3
YEATS George 1853 Winterslow C2 19-Feb
YEATS Harriet 1853 C1 01-Jan
YOUNG Charles 1852 St. Martins B2 18-Sep
YOUNG Elizabeth 1852 B1 24-Jul
YOUNG Hannah 1852 A4
YOUNG Sarah 1852 St. Edmunds B1 24-Jul
YOUNG Sydney 1853 Wishford C2 19-Feb
ZEAD [?] Sarah 1851 A3
ZEBEDEE Ann 1855 A2