Bath General Hospital

FOUNDED  1738. Also known as the Bath Mineral Water Hospital. From c. 1940, known as the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases

LOCATION  Corner of Union Street and Borough Walls, St. Peters and St. Pauls, Bath

BIBLIOGRAPHY   Borsay, Anne (1991): Cash and conscience: financing the General Hospital at Bath 1738-1750, Social History of Medicine, 4(2): 207-29. || Borsay, Anne (1999): Patrons and governors: aspects of the social history of the Bath Infirmary, c. 1739-1830 (PhD. thesis, Lampeter University). || Borsay, Anne (1999): A middle class in the making: the negotiation of power and status at Bath’s early Georgian general infirmary, c. 1739-65, Social History, 24(3): 269-86. || Borsay, Anne (2000): An example of political arithmetic: the evaluation of spa therapy at the Georgian Bath Infirmary, 1742-1830, Medical History, 45: 149-172. Online. || Falconer, Randle Wilbraham & Brabazon, Anthony Beaufort (1888): History of the Royal Mineral Water Hospital, Bath (Bath: Charles Hallett). Online. || Rolls, Roger (1988): Hospital of the nation: story of spa medicine and the Mineral Hospital at Bath (Bath: Bird Publications)


  • 1851: HO 107/1941, folios 204b-208a, pages 53-60

ORIGINAL RECORDS  Bath Record Office, Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW. Telephone 01962 846154 Website.  Full catalogue listing (part of the records of the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases)