Some patients in North Devon Infirmary, 1820s-1860s

The following patients’ details have been extracted from the North Devon Journal.


Surname Firstname Year Age Place Details Journal date & page no.
ABBOTT William 1850 18 Pilton Labourer. Accident: sprained ankle while wrestling 25/07/1850 p4
ALLEN Thomas 1854 Accident: kick from a horse. Severe fracture of the arm 01/06/1854 p5
ASHTON George 1850 18 Bishops Tawton Mason. Accident: fall while slating. Extensive bruising; injury to left side of chest 14/02/1850 p5
BADCOCK Ann 1827 Georgeham Cured 04/05/1827 p1
BAKER Thomas 1854 19 Marwood Accident: thrown from a horse. Various severe contusions 15/06/1854 p5
BALE John 1855 18 Barnstaple Worked in Mr Westacott’s shipyard. Timber fell on right knee. Severe contusions 05/07/1855 p5
BARNHOUSE William 1831 13 Westaway near Barnstaple Arm caught in cogs of Mr Western’s 4-horse threshing machine. Amputated just below shoulder joint 22/12/1831 p4
BARTLETT William 1852 33 Fracture of leg 25/11/1852 p5
BATER William 1854 22 Barnstaple Accident: fall from ladder. Severe injury of left knee joint 09/11/1854 p5
BAULDON George 1831 13 Swimbridge Kicked by horse. Fractured right leg just above the ankle 22/12/1831 p4
BAWDEN Robert 1828 Bydown Servant to John Nott Esq. Riding cart, leg entangled in wheel. Fractured 01/05/1828 p4
BEER John 1852 Formerly of the Farmer’s Exhange Inn, Bideford. Died 23/12/1852 p5
BENNETT John 1852 59 Great Torrington Amputation of the leg under chloroform 01/04/1852 p3
BLACKMORE [male] 1854 80 Braunton Attempted suicide: cut throat 01/06/1854 p5
BOWEN John 1854 31 Braunton Accident: fell from cart shafts & wheels passed over him. Fracture of bones of both legs 09/11/1854 p5
BRAGG Henry 1850 19 High Bickington Farm labourer employed by Mr Mortimer of Warkleigh Barton. Threshing machine accident. Fractured arm & hand, extensive lacerations 14/03/1850 p5
BRAUNTON William 1854 20 Newport Accident: severe blow. Contusion of the right eye 18/01/1855 p5
BRITTON Elizabeth 1827 Taunton Cured 04/05/1827 p1
BROWN John 1827 Barnstaple 04/05/1827 p1
BROWN Nicholas 1827 Ilfracombe 04/05/1827 p1
CANN Agness 1834 “Girl” Servant. Thrown from horse between Ilfracombe & Barnstaple. Dislocated wrist. Many severe bruises 24/07/1834 p4
CANN William 1854 13 Fremington Accident: horse trod on his hand. Severe laceration of the thumb & first finger of the left hand. Portion of thumb amputated 09/11/1854 p5
CARTER Isabella 1854 50 Barnstaple Strangulated hernia. Operation 01/06/1854 p5
CARTER William 1855 59 Yarnscombe Accident: struck by a falling tree. Fracture of both bones of the left leg 24/05/1855 p5
CHANTER Eliza 1827 Buckland 04/05/1827 p1
CHAPPLE Charles 1854 12 Chittlehampton Accident: hand caught in a turnip cutting machine. Severely lacerated hand 21/12/1854 p5
CHAPPLE Philip 1854 27 Eastdown Accident: fall from a cart. Fracture of left leg 07/09/1854 p5
COCKINGS William 1852 15 High Bray Fracture of leg 10/06/1852 p5
COCKRAN William 1827 Stoke Rivers 04/05/1827 p1
COLLINGS John 1852 Quarryman. Accident: thrown in the air by an explosion while blasting rock. Severe fracture of one hand, slight facial bruising 14/01/1852 p8
COLLINS John 1852 51 Fracture of shoulder 25/11/1852 p5
COOKE Richard 1827 Burrington 04/05/1827 p1
CORTING John 1834 Goodleigh Fell from ladder while working on a hay rick. Severe fracture of left arm & ribs 24/07/1834 p4
COURTENAY David 1827 Fractured arm. Cured 04/05/1827 p1
COVIER Mary 1827 Burrington Relieved 04/05/1827 p1
CUTCLIFFE John 1855 30 Barnstaple Major operation under chloroform 18/01/1855 p5
DADDS Isaac 1827 Swimbridge Cured 04/05/1827 p1
DARCH Anthony 1854 26 East Down Accident: struck by a falling piece of timber. Fracture of the left thigh bone 15/06/1854 p5
DARCY [?] William 1827 Landkey Cured 04/05/1827 p1
DART Ann 1850 40 Swymbridge Married with 6 children. Accident: jumped from falling ladder. Severely strained right knee & bruised side 25/07/1850 p4
DAVEY John 1827 Barnstaple Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
DOBBS Elizabeth 1827 Fremington Cured 04/05/1827 p1
DYER Richard 1854 18 Ilfracombe Gunshot wound to arm. Amputation under chloroform 01/06/1854 p5
EASTAWAY Henry 1827 Fractured leg 04/05/1827 p1
EDWARDS Richard 1827 Barnstaple Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
EDWARDS Richard 1827 Barnstaple Cured 04/05/1827 p1
EDWARDS Robert 1854 17 Fremington Accident: injured by a falling mattock (pickaxe) while working in a clay pit. Contused wound of head 07/09/1854 p5
ESSERY Richard 1827 Out-patient. Lacerated nose 04/05/1827 p1
FOLLAND John 1850 5 Bishops Tawton Accident: cart wheel passed over his arm. Compound fracture to right hand & arm 25/04/1850 p8
FRENCH Walter 1854 11 Pilton Accident: kick from a donkey. Severe contused wound of the right eyelid 10/08/1854 p5
GAMMON Ann 1827 West Down Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
GARNSEY [male] 1851 Chittlehampton Arm broken in fight 14/08/1851 p5
GLOVER William 1854 Accident: kick from a horse. Extensive laceration around the eye. 01/06/1854 p5
GOMAN Henry 1854 Instow Long-standing disease of the knee joint. Amputation of the thigh 25/05/1854 p5
GOULD John 1851 12 Barnstaple Employed by Messrs Pridham & Lake. Accident: fell from a hay-loft. Arm fractured in 2 places 11/12/1851 p5
GREENSLADE Ellen 1827 Barnstaple Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
GRIFFITHS Sally 1827 Cured 04/05/1827 p1
GUARD James 1827 Tauton 04/05/1827 p1
HAMMETT [female] 1854 Operation for strangulated hernia under chloroform 21/12/1854 p5
HANDFORD Elizabeth 1827 Monkleigh 04/05/1827 p1
HARVEY Ann 1827 Out-patient. Tossed by a bullock 04/05/1827 p1
HARVEY Mary 1827 Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
HEADON William 1851 40 Labouring man. Accident: received burns to lower extremities at Pottington lime-kilns. Tetanus. Died 16/01/1851 p4
HEARN John 1850 Mason. Accident: fell from ladder. Compound fracture of ankle. Amputation contemplated 23/05/1850 p4
HEDDON Grace 1827 Marwood Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
HILL Anthony 1831 19 Roborough Thrown from coal cart belonging to Mr Blackmore near Bishop’s Tawton. Both arms fractured, severe cuts to right eye & leg, many bruises 22/12/1831 p4
HILL Hannah 1855 56 Barnstaple Amputation of the right thigh under chloroform 08/02/1855 p5
HILL James 1831 Marwood Attempted to commit suicide 22/12/1831 p4
HILL James 1852 “Boy” Barnstaple Employed by Capt Hughes of Castle House. Accident: fall from ladder onto a spike. Pierced eye & perforating wound to the brain. Died 24/06/1852 p5
HILL William 1862 Westleigh Farm servant. Thrown from a horse. Severe contusion to left arm and shoulder 10/07/1862 p5
HUXTABLE Elizabeth 1855 22 Bratton Accident: fell from a cart & the wheel passed over her. Fracture of the left collar-bone 24/05/1855 p5
HUXTABLE John 1827 Barnstaple Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
JENKINS George 1854 Accident. Incised wound of the foot 01/06/1854 p5
JEWELL William 1827 Clovelly 04/05/1827 p1
LAKE Thomas 1851 22 Tilton Farm servant to Mr William B Fisher of Pottington. Accident: thrown from horse. Dislocated hip & severe bruise. Inflammation of lungs. Died 02/10/1851 p8
LANE Thomas 1855 36 Braunton Amputation of the thigh under chloroform 18/01/1855 p5
LEWIS William 1862 Barnstaple Railway porter. Unloading truck, was struck by a large cask. Loss of left ear 10/07/1862 p5
LEY Thomas 1855 10 Braunton Thrown from cart, wheel passed over right leg. Compound fracture 05/07/1855 p5
LOCK Mary 1856 72 Operation for femoral hernia under chloroform 24/01/1856 p4
LOCK Thomas 1862 “Boy” Atherington Worked for farmer. Thrown from cart. Dislocation of right shoulder 10/07/1862 p5
LOOSEMORE Eliz. 1827 Bishopsnympton 04/05/1827 p1
LORD Samuel 1852 “A youth” Barnstaple Apprentice to Mr Davies, painter. Accident: fall from scaffolding. Severe injuries 21/10/1852 p5
LOVELL Louis 1854 11 Barnstaple Accident: machinery. Severe wound of foot 01/06/1854 p5
LYNCH Thomas 1827 Marwood 04/05/1827 p1
MARTIN [male] 1852 c. 9 Employed at Derby lace factory. Accident: toe cut off by the machinery. 2 brothers killed in previous accidents 04/11/1852 p4
MATTHEWS Ann 1854 45 Chumleigh Operation to remove cancer of the breast under chloroform. Cancer weighed 3lbs 09/11/1854 p5
McEVOY [male] 1854 Travelling pedler. Found unconscious. Brought round & discharged next day 25/05/1854 p5
McKIVETT John 1851 Barnstaple An Irishman. Accident: fell from quayside. Severe fracture of the right thigh bone & extensive bruising 02/01/1851 p4
MOORE Frederick 1855 17 Pilton Accident: fall from a vessel in Mr Westacott’s shipyard. Concussion of the brain & 4 severe contusions 24/05/1855 p5
MORRISH Philip 1852 Barnstaple Employed by Messrs Pridham & Lake, coach & van proprietors. Married with 6 children. Accident: crushed by a piano. Injuries to chest. Died 08/04/1852 p4
MOUNTJOY Joseph 1827 Tauton 04/05/1827 p1
MOXHAY John 1828 Pill in Tavistock Servant to Mr Petherbridge. Fell from oak tree. Compound fracture of thigh 25/09/1828 p4
NICHOLLS Elizabeth 1828 Falcon Inn [where?] Violent kick from a man during a quarrel. Fractured leg 25/09/1828 p4
NUTT Elizabeth 1855 Accident: a fall. Severe fracture of the right leg 24/05/1855 p5
NUTT John 1855 60 Barnstaple Accident: fall from a height in Mr Westacott’s ship yard 18/01/1855 p5
PALFREMAN Robert 1852 45 Chittlehampton Labouring man. Accident. Severe wound in the hand 10/06/1852 p5
PALMER John 1852 36 Barnstaple Amputation of the thigh under chloroform 01/04/1852 p3
PARAMORE George 1827 Georgenympton Died 04/05/1827 p1
PARKIN George 1850 Ilfracombe Footman to Miss Bowen of Borough House. Attempted suicide: throat cut 23/05/1850 p5
PARKIN John 1827 Loxhore 04/05/1827 p1
PARTRIDGE Elizabeth 1856 73 Amputation of a leg under chloroform 24/01/1856 p4
PEDLAR Ann 1827 Tavistock Out-patient. Tossed by a bullock 04/05/1827 p1
POLLARD [male] 1828 “Child” Fractured arm. Son of Ezekiel Pollard who was admonished for not provider his child with clothes 14/02/1828 p4
POPHAM John 1827 Berrynarbor 04/05/1827 p1
PRIDEAUX Mary 1827 Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
PRIEST Richard 1827 Newton St Patrick’s Relieved 04/05/1827 p1
PUGLSLEY [Mrs.] 1852 Strangulation of very large long-standing hernia. Urgent operation 28/01/1852 p5
PUGSLEY John 1828 Servant to Sir A. Chichester, Bart. Contusion on shoulder caused by a fall 25/09/1828 p4
PUGSLEY John 1854 13 Shirwell Accident: threshing machine. Severe general contusions of the body 09/11/1854 p5
RENDLE Mary 1827 Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
RICHARDS George 1827 Highbicklington Relieved 04/05/1827 p1
RICHARDS Richard 1855 70 Ilfracombe Severe fracture of left thigh, caused by a fall 05/07/1855 p5
ROWDEN Robert 1852 43 or 45 Landkey Mason. Accident: fall from ladder. Severe injuries to spine 13/05/1852 p4
SANDERS John 1828 22 Bishop’s Tawton Labourer at Barton Quarry in Landkey. Buried under earth & stones. Fatal injuries. Married with 2 children 30/10/1828 p4
SANDERS John 1854 42 Combmartin Accident: buried under rubbish falling on him in a mine. Severe fracture of the left leg 09/11/1854 p5
SHAPCOTT Catherine 1827 Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
SHAPLAND Samuel 1854 Twitchen Accident: run over by cart. Severe contusions of the body 01/06/1854 p5
SHORT Samuel 1852 53 Fremington Accident: run over by cart wheel. Fractured leg 01/04/1852 p3
SLOCOMBE George 1851 26 Swymbridge Servant employed by Mr Thomas Green, yeoman. Accident: foot caught in harrowing implement. Fracture of both bones of the left leg 10/04/1851 p5
SLOCOMBE William 1852 “Boy” Employed by Mr Robert Arnoll, baker & confectioner. Accident: fall from horse. Dislocated shoulder. Reset 06/05/1852 p5
SMALLDON John 1851 10 Tawstock Employed by Mr Pearce. Accident: threshing machine. Fracture of both bones of the left arm & severe lacerations 10/04/1851 p5
SOMERVILLE Leo 1834 “Little boy” Newport Fractured arm 05/06/1834 p4
SQUIRE John 1854 24 Shirwell Accident: Quantity of earth fell on him while working at a quarry. Oblique fracture of the left thing bone & various contusions 10/08/1854 p5
SQUIRE William 1854 16 Eastdown Accident: threshing machine. Severely contused leg 21/12/1854 p5
STANBURY Eliza 1836 “Elderly” Tavistock Fell over a stile while fetching water. Fractured leg 18/08/1836 p4
STEWARD Elizabeth 1827 Pilton Out-patient 04/05/1827 p1
STONEMAN Louisa 1852 15 Barnstaple Servant to Mr Doble of Boutport St, excise office clerk. Accident: burns – dress caught fure 15/04/1852 p5
SYMONS James 1855 29 Tawstock Accident: while cutting wood. Extensive wound of the left hand & a compound fracture of the hand 08/02/1855 p5
SYMONS William 1850 27 Fremlington Unmarried. Coachman to Dr William Arundell Yeo. Gunshot wound to head (shot by John Lillycrap) 21/02/1850 p5; 28/02/1850 p5
THOMAS George 1852 15 Landkey Accident. Fracture of leg 10/06/1852 p5
THOMAS George 1854 48 Ilfracombe Accident: buried under half a ton of rubbish. Fracture of right thigh 09/11/1854 p5
THORN John 1827 Swimbridge 04/05/1827 p1
THORNE Robert 1855 23 Chumleigh Accident: fell from a tree. Dislocation of the knee joint 24/05/1855 p5
TODD 1850 “Young woman” Barnstaple Omnibus accident. Dislocated arm at the wrist joint & severe bruising 20/06/1850 p5
TRICK Elizabeth 1852 10 Marwood Accident. Fracture of thigh 10/06/1852 p5
TRIGGS Agnes 1854 15 Long-standing disease of the foot, which was amputated 25/05/1854 p5
TUCKER John 1852 Sawyer employed by Mr Westacott, shipbuilder. Accident: fell into sawpit. Dislocated collar bone & fore finger 17/06/1852 p5
TUCKER Thomas 1855 21 Bishop’s Tawton Accident. Compound  fracture of the finger 08/02/1855 p5
TURNER William 1850 50 Shirwell Labourer employed by Sir Arthur Chichester Bt. Accident: hit by a tree he was felling. Fractured thigh, leg & several ribs; injury to chest  14/02/1850 p5
WEBBER Samuel 1850 49 Barnstaple Married. Woolcomber employed by Mr Flood of Holland St. Attempted suicide: cut throat 25/07/1850 p4
WESTACOTT William 1851 41 Coombe, Swymbridge Farmer. Unmarried. Accident: thrown from horse. Fracture of base of skull, compression of the brain. Comatose. Died 21/08/1851 p4
WESTLAKE William 1862 Barnstaple Asst oastler at Golden Lion Hotel. Knocked down by kick from a horse. Severe injuries to chest 10/07/1862 p5
WIDDEN Thomas 1851 20 Trentishoe Gun shot wound to the arm. 2 operations – amputation & tying the subclavian artery. Gangrene & haemorrhaging. Died 25/12/1851 p5
WILKEY John 1827 04/05/1827 p1
WINSON William 1854 54 Pilton Accident: fall. Fracture of clavicle 09/11/1854 p5
YEO James 1836 “Boy” Butland, Marwood Servant to Farmer Heddon. Cart overturned by another passing cart. Broken leg 18/08/1836 p4
YEO John 1854 19 Ashford Accident. Fracture of the leg 21/12/1854 p5
YEO Samuel 1827 Landkey Cured 04/05/1827 p1
YEO William 1850 17 Bishops Tawton Servant of Mr Joseph Saunders. Accident: while harvesting. Fracture of the ribs, severe bruises on the chest & possibly injury to the lung 15/08/1850 p5