Sherborne Mercury (1)

Sherborne Mercury, Monday 20 August 1838, page 3

INFIRMARY.–A public meeting is announced to take place at the County Hall, Dorchester, on Tuesday next, for the purpose of considering the best means of establishing an Infirmary at Dorchester.


Sherborne Mercury, Monday 25 March 1839, page 2



AT a PUBLIC MEETING of the SUBSCRIBERS and FRIENDS of the proposed COUNTY HOSPITAL, held at the County Hall, DORCHESTER, on TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1839 ;

JOHN FLOYER, Esq., in the Chair ;

After a report of the proceedings of the Provisional Committee, appointed at the former Meeting, August 21, 1838, had been read and adopted.

          It was Resolved,

I–That a Medical Institution be established at Dorchester, under the Title of “THE DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL.”

II–That the management of the Hospital be entrusted to a Patron, Vice-Patrons, a General Committee, Treasurer, and Sectretary.

III–That the Property of the Hospital be vested in three Trustees, for the use of the Institution.

IV–That Annual Subscribers of ONE GUINEA and upwards be GOVERNORS, during the continuance of their Subscriptions; with ONE VOTE at all General Meetings and Elections for EACH GUINEA annually subscribed–and that Donors of £25, either at one or two payments, be GOVERNORS FOR LIFE; with one Vote for every Donation of £25.

V–That Subscribers be entitled to recommend ONE IN-PATIENT or THREE OUT PATIENTS each year for every GUINEA annually subscribed.

VI–That Persons making, or having made a Donation of £25 to the Hospital, be entitled to the same privileges of recommending Patients as Annual Subscribers of Two Guineas; and so on in proportion for every Donation of £25–and that those Persons giving Donations and Subscriptions have a right to recommend in respect of both.

VII–That the Right Honourable the EARL of ILCHESTER be requested to accept the Office of PATRON of the Institution.

VIII–That H. C. STURT, Esq., M.P., ROBERT WILLIAMS, Esq., and JOHN FLOYER, Esq., be requested to undertake the Office of TRUSTEES.

IX–That HERBERT WILLIAMS, Esq., be requested to accept the Office of TREASURER.

X–That the present PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE be requested to continue their services till a General Committee of Management be appointed; and that they be empowered to call in the Money promised to the BUILDING FUND,–to open an account in the name of the Trustees,-and to invest the Money in Exchequer Bills, or other public Securities.

XI–That the Rev. J. A. TEMPLER, and Dr. JACKSON be requested to continue to act as PROVISIONAL SECRETARIES.

XII–That the following gentlemen be requested to undertake the office of a BUILDING COMMITTEE; and that five be a quorum:–

H.C. STURT, Esq., M.P.  ~  Hon. Henry ASHLEY, M.P.  ~  R. WILLIAMS, jun. Esq., M.P.  ~  Wm. J. BANKES, Esq.  ~  H. Ker SEYMER, Esq.  ~  Henry FRAMPTON, Esq.  ~  John FLOYER, Esq.  ~  Herbert WILLIAMS, Esq.  ~  Thomas BOND, Esq.  ~  Rev. Richard WALDY  ~  Rev. Reginald SMITH  ~  Rev. W. H. P. WARD  ~  Rev. J. A TEMPLER  ~  Dr. JACKSON  ~  C. ARDEN, Esq.  ~  W. D. TAPP, Esq.  ~  H. PLOWMAN, Esq.

XIII–That another General Meeting be called by the Provisional Committee when deemed expedient.

XIV–That the best thanks of this Meeting be given to ROBERT WILLIAMS, Esq., of Bridehead, for the very handsome offer of his Freehold Ground, in the Back West street, Dorchester, now occupied by Messrs. CURME and MONDEY as a Timber Yard; and that it be accepted as the Site for the proposed Hospital.

XV–That the thanks of the Meeting be also presented to the Right Honourable the EARL of SHAFTESBURY, for his kindness in consenting to convey to Trustees, for the purposes of the Hospital, a small portion of his Land, adjoining that given by ROBERT WILLIAMS, Esq.

XVI–That the cordial thanks of the Meeting be given to JOHN FLOYER, Esq., for his courteous and able conduct in the chair.


£ s. d.
Amount of Donations previously advertised 2547 0 0
Rev. R. PENNELL 5 0 0
Rev. John Maber MUNDEN 5 0 0
James HENNING, Esq. 20 0 0
William JENNINGS, Esq. 5 0 0
Mrs. GROSETT 2 2 0
John BOND, Esq. 10 0 0
Rev. Nathaniel BOND 5 0 0
G. Thomson JACOB, Esq. 10 0 0
James FRAMPTON, Esq. 20 0 0
John HUSSEY, Esq. 5 0 0
Lord De MAULEY 50 0 0
Rev. O. PIERS 2 2 0
Sir Edward BAKER, bart. 25 0 0
G. M. BURT, Esq. 10 10 0



£ s. d.
Amount of Subscriptions previously Advertised 275 17 0
Joseph HAYWARD, Esq. 1 1 0
Rev. R. PENNELL 1 1 0
Mr. John OLIVER, R.N. 1 1 0
Rev. John Maber MUNDEN 1 0 0
James HENNING, Esq. 1 1 0
Mrs. GROSETT 1 1 0
Rev. J. E. PHILIPS 1 1 0
Rev. O. PIERS 1 1 0
John BOND, Esq. 2 0 0
Rev. N. BOND 2 0 0
Rev. Henry BOWER 1 1 0
G. Thomson JACOB, Esq. 1 1 0
James FRAMPTON, Esq. 2 2 0
Lady Harriet FRAMPTON 1 1 0
Henry FRAMPTON, Esq. 1 1 0
Rev. William Charlton FRAMPTON 1 1 0
John HUSSEY, Esq. 1 1 0
Michael MILLER, Esq. 2 2 0
Joseph HARDY, Esq. 2 2 0
Messrs. GREGORY and Son 1 1 0
J. H. HAWKINS, Esq. 1 1 0
Mr. William REASON 1 1 0
Rev. W. R. CHURCHILL 3 3 0
Rev. E. LUDLOW 1 1 0
Mr. Thomas BRIDGE, Wynford Eagle 1 1 0
Mr. SYMONDS, Gorwell 1 1 0
Captain BURNET 2 2 0
Mr. W. BARNES 1 1 0
Mr. George JESTY 1 1 0


Sherborne Mercury, Monday 19 April 1841, page 3  (Special Governors’ meeting)

DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL.–At a meeting of the Governors of this Institution holden for the purpose on Thursday, the following Medical Officers were elected. Consulting Physician, Dr. COOPER; Physician, Dr. Jackson; Consulting Surgeon, G. ARDEN, Esq.; Surgeons, W. D. TAPP, Esq., G. CURME, Esq.; House Apothecary, John GOOD, Esq.

[The name G. Arden should be C. Arden]


Sherborne Mercury, Monday 17 May 1841, page 3

DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL. –This admirable Institution was made available to the public on Thursday last, when it was opened for the reception of both in and out patients, the latter of whom have already been very numerous.  The Hospital will accommodate 20 in-patients, and the arrangements are of the first character and most complete.  We have much pleasure in knowing that the subscription list to the Institution is very satisfactorily increasing, and trust that experience of the advantages which so useful an establishment must confer on the county will stimulate such further support as may enable the committee to enlarge their operations and fulfil their purposes to the extent originally contemplated.


Sherborne Mercury, Monday 17 January 1842, page 2  (Annual Governors’ meeting)


AT the first GENERAL MEETING of the SUBSCRIBERS to the DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL, held at the Town Hall, DORCHESTER, on THURSDAY the 6th day of JANUARY, 1842, the Right Honourable the EARL of ILCHESTER in the Chair, (after the Annual Report* had been read by JOHN FLOYER, Esq.),


1st,–On the motion of JAMES CHAMNESS FYLER, Esq., seconded by the REV. LUNDY FOOT, that the Report which has been now read be received, and the recommendations therein contained be confirmed.

2nd,–On the motion of CHARLES PORCHER, Esq., seconded by JOHN FLOYER, Esq., that the following Gentlemen be requested to form the Committee for the ensuing year:

Henry FRAMPTON, Esq.     John COX, Esq.     Henry PLOWMAN, Esq.     Thomas ONSLOW, Esq.     The Rev. George WOOD.     The Rev. John Morton COLSON.     The Rev. Jas. A. TEMPLAR.     Mr. Levi GROVES.     Mr. Matthew DEVENISH.     Mr. John Down KELLAWAY.     Mr. Theophilius B. POPE.     Mr. John Francis HODGES.

3rd,–On the motion of HENRY FRAMPTON, Esq., seconded by ROBERT WILLIAMS, Jun., Esq., that this meeting acknowledge with thankfulness to Almighty God the benefits vouchsafed during the past year through the instrumentality of the Dorset County Hospital.

4th,–On the motion of ARTHUR HENRY DYKE ACLAND, Esq., seconded by HERBERT WILLIAMS, Esq., that the Rev. RICHARD CUTLER and Mr. HENRY JACOB be appointed Auditors for the year ensuing.

5th,–On the motion of WM. LEWIS HENNING, Esq., seconded by the Rev. JOHN MORTON COLSON, that the Thanks of the Meeting be given to the Committee for their judicious and economical management.

6th,–On the motion of GEORGE COLBY LOFTUS, Esq., seconded by the Rev. HENRY MOULE, that the Thanks of the Meeting be given to the Earl of ILCHESTER for his kindness in taking the Chair.

*A Copy of the Report, with an Abstract of the State of the Funds, and the Expenditure of the past year appended, will be forwarded to each Subscriber.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 13 May 1843, page 3  (Special Governors’ meeting)


DORCHESTER, MAY 11.–Pursuant to public advertisement, a meeting of the Governors of this Institution was held this day at the Guildhall, at two o’clock, for the purpose of electing a House Surgeon, to supply the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. GOOD.  A considerable number of the Governors were present, including A. H. D. ACLAND, Esq., R. WILLIAMS, Jun., Esq., R. PATTISON, Esq., the Hon. and Rev. W. SCOTT, H. WILLIAMS. Esq., Thos. COOMBS, Esq., Capt. BURNET, the Rev. L. FOOT, the Rev. G. WOOD, the Rev. W. C. BINGHAM, the Rev. M. COLSON, the Rev. H. CUTLER, &c. &c. &c.

Upon the motion of R. WILLIAMS, Esq., seconded by A. H. D. ACLAND, Esq., the Hon. and Rev. W. SCOTT took the chair. Some preliminary business having been discussed the Committee were deputed by the meeting to sit in an adjoining room, to scrutinize the voting papers, and to report upon which of the candidates the choice of the Governors had fallen.

The delivery of the polling papers then commenced but occupied but little time, being principally delivered in large numbers, by comparatively a few of the Governors, to whom they had been entrusted for that purpose.  At about 5 o’clock the labours of the committee were concluded, and having made their report, the chairman announced the following result:-

For Mr. Alfred EMSON ….. 328

For Mr. Charles INGRAM …..  251

Majority for Mr. EMSON ….. 77

Mr. EMSON was consequently declared duly elected to the office of House Surgeon.

A vote of thanks was then proposed by the Rev. M. COLSON, and seconded by R. WILLIAMS, Jun., Esq., to Mr. John GOOD, in acknowledgement of the highly satisfactory manner in which he had discharged the duties of House Surgeon from the opening of the Institution.

J. F. HODGES, Esq., then proposed the cordial thanks of the meeting be presented to the hon. Mr. SCOTT, for his kindness in taking the chair, and his able discharge of the duties of it, which being seconded by the Rev. W. C. BINGHAM, and acknowledged by the Chairman, the proceedings terminated.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 20 January 1844, page 1  (Annual Governors’ meeting)


AT a MEETING of the GOVERNORS of this Institution, held the 13th JANUARY 1844,

The EARL of ILCHESTER in the Chair,

The following RESOLUTION was unanimously adopted:-

That this Meeting, fully concurring in the recommendation of the Committee, as expressed in their Report, “That it is highly necessaryto finish the Hospital according to Mr. FERRY’s [sic] present Plan,” is of opinion, that instead of £1000 voted in October last, the sum of £1500 be taken from the Funded Property, and that an Appeal be made to the County to raise the additional amount required to complete the whole Building, the estimate of which is £3500.

DONATIONS already received:-

£. s. d.
Wardens and Fellows of Winchester College 5 5 0
E. H. FITZHERBERT, Esq. 5 5 5
Rev. Henry BOUCHER 20 0 0
The Earl of ILCHESTER 105 0 0
Thos. ONSLOW, Esq. 5 0 0
Mrs. W. WILLIAMS 5 0 0
A. H. D. ACLAND, Esq. 25 0 0
Herbert WILLIAMS 25 0 0
Rev. C. W. BINGHAM 20 0 0
Lord STAVORDALE 25 0 0
Rev. Jas. VENABLES 3 0 0
Earl of ELDON 52 10 0
Robert PATTISON, Esq. 25 0 0
J. GRAY, Esq. 2 2 0
Rev. H. MOULE 15 0 0
Mrs. MELLIER 5 0 0
The Lord Bishop of SALISBURY 20 0 0
John DU BOULAY, Esq. 10 0 0
Rev. E. BRYER 1 1 0
Miss BRYER 1 1 0
Wm. H. HEATH, Esq., Andover 1 0 0
Rev. J. L. JACKSON 5 0 0
Dr. B. HAWKINS 5 0 0
Miss STICKLAND 0 10 0
Miss COCKERAM 5 0 0
Messrs. BEACH and BARRICOTT, Bridport 5 0 0
Miss BANISTER 1 1 0
Henry D. DAMER, Esq. 100 0 0
Mrs. Sophia SHEPPARD 10 0 0
Mrs. ARNOLD 5 0 0
Mrs. KER SEYMER 5 0 0
Rev. G. ARDEN 1 0 0
Rev. C. LUDLOW 2 0 0
Mrs. Henry COCKERAM 5 0 0
Messrs. MELMOTH and Son 1 0 0
Mr. Robt. ROGERS 1 0 0
Jos. HAYWARD, Esq. 1 0 0
Miss Augusta HARDY 5 0 0
Mr. John HAM 1 1 0
John FLOYER, Esq. 10 0 0
Hon. and Rev. W. H. SCOTT 10 0 0
Mrs. PENNELL 5 0 0
Robert WILLIAMS, Esq. 100 0 0
Robt. WILLIAMS, Jun., Esq. 50 0 0
Wm. BOND, Esq. 10 0 0
Thos. BOND, Esq. 5 0 0
Collected at Church Knowle 2 6 10
Ditto at Melbury Sampford Church 7 7 0
Ditto at Melbury Osmond Church 2 19 0
Mrs. Agnes TAUNTON 1 0 0
Miss Ann ARDEN 1 0 0
Mr. John WHITTLE 1 0 0
Mr. J. F. HODGES 2 2 0
Mr. SAMSON 5 0 0


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 20 January 1844, page 4  (Annual Governors’ meeting)


The Annual General Meeting of the Subscribers to this Institution was held on Saturday last, at the Town Hall, Dorchester.  There was a numerous and most respectable attendance, notice having been given that the Committee intended to lay before the Subscribers some definite plan for the further extension of the Building.  Among those present were -the Right Hon. the Earl of ILCHESTER, Lord STAVORDALE, the Mayor of Dorchester, the Hon. and Rev. W. H. SCOTT, A. H. D. ACLAND, Esq., R. WILLIAMS, Jun., Esq., Herbert WILLIAMS, Esq., Dr. JACKSON, John WALLIS, Esq., W. BRIDGE, Esq., J. F. HODGES, Esq., W. D. TAPP, Esq., G. CURME, Esq., H. ARDEN, Esq., W. MANSFIELD, Esq., the Rev. WOOD, the Rev. R. CUTLER, the Rev. J. A. TEMPLAR, the Rev. Morgan DEVENISH, the Rev. Charles BINGHAM, the Rev. L. FOOT, the Rev. H. MOULE, the Rev. M. VICARS, the Rev. E. LUDLOW, Messrs SAMSON, GROVES, &c. &c.

The Earl of ILCHESTER was called to the Chair by acclamation, and his Lordship briefly opened the business of the meeting.

R. WILLIAMS, jun., then read a very able and satisfactory


The Committee of Management of the Dorset County Hospital, in their Third Annual Report, were again enabled to speak satisfactorily of the progress of the Institution, and to express their thankfulness for the blessings which, by Divine Providence, have attended its charitable provision for the relief of the sufferings and ailments of the sick poor. The abstract of the number of patients admitted and discharged during the past year, and from the commencement of the Institution, is as follows:-On the books on the 1st of January, and admitted during the present year, in-patients 190, of whom 87 cured and 42 received much benefit, making, with 7 deaths and those discharged for causes specified 163, remaining on the books 27; out patients on books, Jan. 1, and admitted during the year, 421, of whom 190 were cured, and 92 received much benefit, making 10 deaths and those discharged for causes specified, 342.  From the commencement of the Institution  there have been admitted 392 in-patients, of whom 205 were cured, and 92 received much benefit; out-patients, 828 admitted, of whom 417 were cured, and 193 received much benefit.  Remaining on the books when the report was made up, 27 in-patients, 79 out-patients. Of the admissions during the past year, there have been 7 household servants, and 16 cases of accident; from the commencement, 11 household servants, and 43 cases of accident.  The report then states that the only change in the officers of the Hospital has been caused by the resignation of the late House Surgeon and Apothecary, Mr. GOOD, whose zeal and attention during the whole of his residence in the Hospital were of the greatest value to the Institution in its early years.  The Committee also speak highly of the conduct of the medical and other officers of the Institution, and of the nurses and domestic servants.  The exertions of the clergy who have preached sermons and made collections in the several Churches are duly acknowledged; and the Committee earnestly hope that the friends of the Institution, and especially the parochial Clergy, whose parishes and poor are so essentially benefitted, will not abate their efforts in behalf of the Hospital. The Committee then enter at large into the necessity that exists, in order to carry out the benevolent intentions of the Hospital as a County Institution, for an enlargement of the establishment; recommend the application of the funded property in aid of that object, according to the plan of Mr. Ferrey, their architect, prepared under the advice and recommendation of the medical officers, -and in their appeal to the public for further support, relying with confidence, on the character which, by the Divine blessing, this Institution has already attained, look to an early extension of its comforts and advantages as commending itself to the charitable feelings and friendly assistance both of those who have, and those who have not, hitherto supported it.

The Earl of ILCHESTER read that part of the report which related to the proposed enlargement of the Hospital, which his lordship said was the most important question they would have to consider. Plans of the proposed enlargement, by Mr. Ferrey, architect, of London, were laid on the table. It provides for 24 extra beds, and every other requisite accommodation for the Medical officers, Chaplain, &c. The estimate cost of the enlargement is £3,500, inclusive of several contingencies not immediately the subject of tender, to meet which it is proposed to apply £1,500 of the funded capital, which, with £700 subscribed to the building fund since the last general meeting, leaves a balance of £1,300, which it is hoped will soon be raised by another appeal to the public.

The Report was received and adopted, and ordered to be printed and circulated.

The Rev. BINGHAM proposed the committee for the ensuing year; which was seconded by the Hon. and Rev. W. H. SCOTT, and carried unanimously.

Lord STAVORDALE moved the thanks of the meeting to the Committee for their services during the past year.

Mr. R. WILLIAMS seconded the motion, and upon his alluding to the exertions of the Chairman,

Mr. ACLAND, as Chairman of the Committee, on thanking the meeting, said, he had not been able to attend so frequently as he could have wished during the last six months, and he begged to assure them that, so far as the work was concerned his colleague, Mr. HODGES, had done twice as much as he had.

Mr. HODGES said he did not expect to have been ushered before the meeting in the so flattering a way ; but he could assure them that the labours of the committee had been of the most gratifying nature.  They had been able for the last three quarters of the year to extend the beds from 20 to 30, and he was happy to say that the increased expense had, to a great extent, been met by the liberality of the public, subscriptions, collections at Churches, &c., having, exclusive of donations, amounted to £113 more than those of last year.  He entered into explanations as to the increase of expense by the ten additional beds, and spoke warmly in praise of the Matron, to whom he considered they were much indebted for the judicious manner which the domestic concerns of the Hospital were managed, a wise economy being observed which was consistent with everything liberal and comfortable for the patients.  It was gratifying to him to be able to stated that they had arrived at that point which was desirable in all public institutions, so as to keep the expenditure within the income.  In returning thanks for the committee,  he would say that it was most satisfactory to them that they had been able to provide accommodation for an increased number of patients, for which  much gratitude had been evinced by those who had received benefit.  The committee felt that the knowledge of their having been enabled to do good was their best reward, and he assured them they would continue to use their exortions to promote the interests of the hospital.  He thought it right to say that they were munch indebted to the medical gentlemen, who had, during the year, effected cures in some very difficult cases, and had performed operations which could not fail to add to the character of the institution.

Lord STAVORDALE moved a resolution, that instead of the £1,000 as voted at a former meeting, £1,500 be taken from the funded property, and applied to the enlargement of the hospital; and that, to meet the estimated cost, an appeal be made to the public for an additional £1,300.

Mr. ACLAND, in seconding the resolution, said he thought it right to give some reasons for the recommendation of the committee that £1,500 should be taken from the funded property.  On the original founding of this hospital certain sums were subscribed specifically for the building; but it was not thought fit at the commencement of the institution that the whole hospital should be built, nor were the funds sufficient to carry out the plan of a county establishment of the kind.  It was therefore determined to begin upon a small scale, and a portion of the money was laid by for a future occasion when it might be required.  The committee, therefore having been told by the medical officers that there was not sufficient accommodation for the present number of patients, and knowing that applications for admission were refused on account of the limited scale of the hospital, considered that the time was arrived when the whole of the property originally given for building ought to be applied to that purpose, and that no part of it should be used for the ordinary expenses of the institution.  At the This was the reason for the recommendation now made the committee being of opinion the funded property could not be permitted to remain longer in its present state, consistently with the intention of those who had contributed, it.  He wished to make a remark as to what had fallen from Mr. Hodges relative to their income meeting the expenditure.  He was happy to say that this was correct, but he thought it required explanation, lest it should be supposed that further annual subscriptions were nots necessary.  The income from the annual subscription did not by any means meet the necessary expenditure, and he might observe that subscribers of one guinea received, through those they recommended led to the benefit of the institution, what cost £1 16., and moreover if the subscribers were to use all their powers of recommendation, the subscriptions alone would not defray half  the expense, so that it was not possible that the hospital could be kept up with the annual subscriptions alone.  This income, however, had been augmented by the collections made at Churches, and by other charitable contributions; but it should be considered that these sources of income would vary, and that the support of the institution ought not to depend upon casualties.  It would be seen, therefore, that it was most desirable to increase their annual subscription list, as well as such casual aids, which were a most valuable source of income.

The Rev. Charles BINGHAM said there was another circumstance that should be mentioned.  The repairs of the old building swallowed up much more than the interest of £1,500; and it was not prudent plan to continue adding small patches to the building, which, if done, would ultimately cause them to fall back upon the capital without having provided any additional accommodation for patients or for the necessary proceeding of the medical men.

The Rev. Lundy FOOT, in moving thanks to the medical officers, spoke highly of their attention and skill, and particularly noticed the physician having, to his own inconvenience, changed the out-patients’ day for their benefit.

The Hon. and Rev. W. SCOTT, the Rev. H. MOULE, and others, bore testimony to the kindness and attention of the medical officers, and to the gratitude expressed by patients in their respective parishes.

The Mayor moved the thanks of the meeting to the Clergy, who had preached sermons and made collections to aid of the hospital; which was seconded by Mr. R. WILLIAMS, jun.

The Rev. J. A. TEMPLAR moved the thanks of the meeting to the Treasurer and Auditors, with a request they they [sic] would continue their valuable services.

Mr. H. WILLIAMS, the Treasurer, in returning thanks, said he was most happy to discharge the duties, and only wished there were more accounts to be kept.  He was glad to be enabled to state that they had commenced the new year auspiciously, there having been an increase of subscriptions.

Mr. ACLAND, in moving thanks to the resident officers of the institution, spoke in high terms of the assiduous attention of the house surgeon and chaplain, as well as the matron.

Dr. JACKSON said he was most happy to second the resolution.

Mr. WILLIAMS moved the thanks of the meeting to the noble Chairman, observing that it must not be considered as a mere formal resolution, because they were deeply indebted to his Lordship for the kind interest he took in the details of the institution, as well as for his attendance at general meetings.

The resolution was carried by acclamation; and the noble Chairman having briefly returned thanks, the meeting was dissolved.–Dorset Chronicle.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 11 January 1845, page 4 (Annual Governors’ meeting)


The annual general meeting of the Governors of the Dorset County Hospital was held at the Town Hall, Dorchester, on Tuesday. There was a highly respectable attendance, and the Right Hon. the Earl of ILCHESTER was called to the chair by acclamation. Among those present were Lord STAVORDALE, the High Sheriff of Dorset (John FLOYER, Esq.), the Venerable Archdeacon of Dorset, Edward St. Vincent DIGBY, Esq., Arthur Dyke ACLAND, Esq., the Hon. and Rev. W. SCOTT, H. FRAMPTON, Esq., H. WILLIAMS, Esq., C. CRISWICK, Esq., Dr. JACKSON, G. CURME Esq., W. D. TAPP, Esq., J. GARLAND, Esq. Rev. George WOOD, Rev. R. CUTLER, Rev. J. M. COLSON, Rev.C. BINGHAM, T. ONSLOW, Esq., R. BINGHAM, Esq., A. EMSON, Esq., Mr. H. JACOB, M. GROVES, Mr. T. CLARK, &c. &c.

Mr. ACLAND, as Chairman of the Committe of Management, presented a most gratifying Report for the past year, which, in addition to the details, stated that “the Committee met the friends of the institution with feelings of mixed gratitude and satisfactionat the close of the fourth year, having to report that, by the blessing and favour of Almighty God upon its work of charity, its usefulness and prosperity have alike increased since the last annual meeting.”

On the motion of Lord Stavordale, the Committee for the ensuing year, were appointed as follows:- The Ven. the Archdeacon of Dorset, H. FRAMPTON, T. ONSLOW, C. CRISWICK, J. F. HODGES, Levi LUCKHAM, T. SANSOM, G. ANDREWS, Esqrs.; Revds. W. C. FRAMPTON, E. LUDLOW, J. A. TEMPLER, and B. SMITH.

The Rev. C. BINGHAM called their attention to the valuable assistance rendered the institution by the clergy of Dorchester, and expressed his opinion that their permanent services would be most important. He, therefore, moved that the Incumbents of the four parishes of the borough be ex-offico members of the committee. The motion was seconded, and carried unanimously.

Mr. ACLAND desired to notice the valuable gift of land in front of the Hospital, by the Earl of SHAFTESBURY, a gift most essential for the new buildings which would otherwise have remained in an unpleasant and unfavourable situation; where they would now be thrown open, and rendered light and airy. He moved the thanks of the meeting to the noble Earl, for this liberal gift. –Carried by acclamation.

Mr. J. F. HODGES, in moving the thanks of the meeting to the Medical Officers of the Hospital, said, he would state, as one of the committee, that they had great reason to thank these gentlemen for the very important services they had rendered. In the course of the year there had been many difficult and most complicated cases, but which had been successfully treated, and many had left the hospital with thankful hearts that they had obtained the advantage of such skill and care. To all of the gentlemen, their thanks were due, for their services, and for their ready attention, whether by night or by day. He would also take the opportunity of congratulating the meeting on the onward progress of the Institution, the difficulties connected with which might now be said to be overcome. The buildings in progress when completed, would present them with a noble hospital of which the county of Dorset might well be proud; and it was most gratifying to the committee that they had been able to carry on the work with so much ease, through the public liberality. He would remind them, however, that the operations of the Hospital would be considerably increased, on its completion, so that a much larger number of patients would be accommodated; they must not, therefore, relax in their exertions, and he hoped the liberality of the public would be so extended as to enable the committee fully to carry out the benevolent objects in view. (Applause.)

The motion was unanimously carried.

Dr. JACKSON briefly returned thanks of behalf of the medical officers; and expressed his concurrence in what had fallen from Mr. HODGES, as to the satisfactory state of the instituton. If they looked back five years ago, and considered the cold way in which the establishment of the Hospital was supported, and contrasted this with what had since been done, and with its present state, they could not but be gratified with its progress and prospects. (Hear, hear.) He believed there were few county hospitals in the kingdom, which, with such limited means, had effected so much good, and which, after so comparatively short a period, stood in so satisfactory a state. It was through the blessing of Almighty God that so much had been effected, and he doubted not that the public support would be adequate to the increased requirements of the institution.

The Hon. and Rev. W. SCOTT moved a vote of thanks to the House Surgeon and Matron. He would venture to say on the part of the Committee, that Mr. EMSON, the House Surgeon, had given the greatest satisfaction – in the discharge of his important and responsible duties in the establishment he had been most attentive, and had evinced considerable ability, so that he believed they could not have selected a more able and efficient officer. With respect to Miss WOOD, the Matron, in her department, he might say the same; and he would take the opportunity of suggesting that, as there would be a considerable increase in her duties, they should make a small to her salary, as a mark of esteem and gratitude for her conduct hitherto.

Dr. JACKSON seconded the motion, and, for himself, as well as his colleagues, bore high testimony to the satisfactory way in which the House Surgeon had, on all occasions, seconded the efforts of the medical gentlemen.

The motion was carried unanimously; and briefly acknowledged by Mr. EMSON.

The Hon. and Rev. W. SCOTT then moved that in consideration of her past services, and in anticipation of an increase to the duties of her office, an addition of £5 a year be made to the salary of the matron.

The High Sheriff seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.

The Rev. J. M. COLSON said there was another officer to whom their thanks were due, the Chaplain (hear) whose services had been most exemplary. The beneficial effects of the Chaplain to the patients were felt far and near; and he could assure them that clergymen from different parts of the county had remarked to him that the spiritual advantage derived bu the patients from the labours of Mr. COLE, could hardly be estimated, many having returned from the hospital very different as to their attention to their religious duties, from what they were on going there, having thus derived a double advantage from the institution. – Hear.)

Mr. ACLAND, in seconding the motion, said he had heard, with the greatest satisfaction, what had fallen from the Rev. Mr. COLSON, because it had been thought that a Chaplain was unnecessary, and therefore that the expense might not fall upon the institution, the resolution had been taken chiefly by one or two friends, in order that spiritual instruction might not be withheld from the patients. It was, considering the circumstances, arranged that Mr. COLE should have the privilege of taking two pupils, and he had taken one; but, finding that his duties from the constant interchange of patients required his whole attention, that his mind might not be directed from his duties to them, he had determined upon giving up the instruction of any pupils (hear), that his whole time and attention might be devoted to the hospital. – The motion was carried unanimously.

Mr. FRAMPTON moved the thanks of the meeting to the Treasurer and Auditors of the Institution; which was carried unanimously; and

Mr. H. JACOB, for himself and his brother auditor, returned thanks, and said they would be happy, at all times, to render their services for the benefit of the Dorset County Hospital.

The noble Earl having left the chair, and Mr. ACLAND having taken the same.

The High Sheriff moved the thanks of the meeting to the Earl of ILCHESTER, for the interest his lordship had always taken in, and the support he had given to the Hospital, and for his kindness in taking the chair on the present occasion. – The motion was carried by acclamation.

The Earl of ILCHESTER briefly acknowledged briefly acknowledged the vote, and the meeting was dissolved. – Dorst Chronicle.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 30 August 1845, page 3  (Special Governors’ meeting)

DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL.–The election of a House Surgeon to this establishment took place yesterday, and terminated in favour of Mr. Johnston LUCE.  The following are the numbers polled by each candidate:-

For Mr. Johnston LUCE …… 367

Mr. James CLIFTON …… …… 88

Mr. J. H. TAYLOR …… …… 7

Majority for Mr. LUCE …… 284

At the same time a vote of thanks was proposed, and unanimously carried to this effect:–

“That the thanks of this meeting be conveyed by the chairman to Mr. Alfred EMSON, for the able and efficient manner, in which he has performed the duties of House Apothecary, and Secretary to the Dorset County Hospital, during the period he has held those offices.”

[The voting figures do not add up correctly]


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 16 January 1847, page 4  (Annual Governors’ meeting)

COUNTY HOSPITAL.–The annual general meeting of the Governors of, and subscribers to, the Dorset County Hospital, was held in the Board Room of the Institution, on Monday last, when the Right Hon. the Earl of ILCHESTER took the Chair.  The Annual report, which was very satisfactory as to the number of patients cured and relieved during the year, was presented, read, and ordered to be printed and circulated.  The greatest satisfaction was expressed at the present efficient state of the Hospital, under the management of the Resident Surgeon, Mr. EASTCOTT, and the Matron, Miss WOOD.  The Medical and other Officers were re-appointed; other resolutions, of a customary nature, were passed; thanks were voted to the Chairman; and the meeting broke up.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 20 February 1847, page 4

DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL. –The report of this Institution for the last year has just been printed; from it we learn that the number of patients admitted since the opening of the hospital has been – in-patients, 932; out-patients, 1954; of these there have been discharged, cured – in-patients, 485; out-patients, 1049; relieved, in-patients, 210; out-patients, 504; at their own request, in-patients, 28; out-patients, 6; for misconduct, in-patients, 1; out-patients, 1; not relieved, in-patients, 8; out-patients, 14; incapable of further relief, in-patients, 24; out-patients, 12; improper objects, in-patients, 8; out-patients, 39; absconded or non-attendance, mostly cured, in-patients, 8; out patients, 153; died, in-patients, 40; out-patients, 45; no report, in-patients, 2; out-patients, 14; total, in-patients, 899; out-patients, 1883. There has been a considerable increase in the number of in-patients admitted. This increase has been almost entirely caused by the large number of accident cases, of which between one-third and one-fourth have happened on the railroad works. Notwithstanding the hopeless nature of some of these accidents and the very serious character of a large proportion of the cases of this year, the public will be thankful to learn that the proportion of cases discharged cured is above the average of any former year. The annual subscriptions have increased by £45, after allowing for lost subscribers. This, though not equal to the increase of some former years, is a larger increase than that of last year. The parochial collections are considerably larger than in any former year. The following legacies have been received :- Miss Genge, £19. 18s. 6d. ; Mrs. Tregonwell, £100 ; Miss Barns, £45 : R. Pattison, Esq., £100. The building and furnishing of the Hospital is now complete as far as the whole design has yet been entered upon, and the bills are all paid; but to balance the building account a further loan of £300 will be necessary, in addition to the £600 borrowed last year, making the entire amount of loan £900, upon the security of nearly £500, at the end of the 6th year of its existence, and after the erecting and furnishing such a building as the Institution at present possesses. As respects, however, the income and expendediture of the hospital, that expenditure during the last year has reached the sum of £1361. 15s. 2d., exceeding by nearly £90 the available income of the year. Since the annual meeting, a bequest of £300, by the Rev. W. R. Churchill, has been announced.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 20 January 1849, page 4  (Annual Governors’ meeting)

DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL.–The General Annual Meeting of the Governors of this truly excellent and philanthropic Institution was held, pursuant to advertisement, on Thursday last, at the Hospital, John WALMESLY, Esq., in the chair.  The business of the meeting commenced by the Chairman of the Committee, the Rev. C. W. BINGHAM, reading the report, which stated that the affairs of the institution were in a flourishing condition, and that the general management of the establishment had been most excellent.  The Treasurer’s account showed a great decrease in almost every item of expenditure  as compared with the report of the year 1847.  The amount of subscriptions during the past year amounted to £836 2s. 6d. and the donations to £387 5s. 6d.  The collections from the churches amounted to £106 16s. 2d.  The report stated that a number of churches had disappeared from the list during the past-year; and strongly urged on the clergy of the county to make an effort to assist the Institution, by promoting subscriptions in their churches during the coming year.  Legacies had been received from the late George THOMAS, Esq., £100; the late Lord STAVORDALE, £100; and the late John TEMPLEMAN, Esq., £100.  The Report then went on to state, that in the year 1847 there was a sum of £119 5s. due to the Treasurer of the institution on the year’s account; and it was suggested at the commencement of the year that a subscription should be set on foot for the purpose of discharging that sum.  This appeal to the public was very liberally responded to, and the sum of £150 was received; when George FILLITER, Esq., of Trigon Hill, Wareham, most handsomely placed at the disposal of the Committee the munificent donation of £200, thus enabling the Committee to pay off the balance due to the Treasurer, and also to pay the sum of £150 into the bank, in part liquidation of the debt due on the building account.  The sum of £390 had been invested in the funds, which had increased the present amount of stock to £3,338 7s. 10d.  There was at the close of the year up to the time of making the report a balance due to the Treasurer of £98 7s. 9d.  On the whole, the accounts for the past year show the institution to be in a flourishing condition.  The House Surgeon’s statement shows a small diminution in the number of in-patients.  The daily average of in-patients in 1847 was 35⅜ and in 1848, 29⅞.  There were admitted during the year 206 in-patients, and 354 out-patients.  Discharged cured during the year, 100 in-patients; 185 out-patients.  Remaining on the books at the time of making the Report, 26 in-patients, and 87 out-patients.  The number admitted from the commencement of the institution was–in-patients, 1356; out-patients, 2675.  The Committee were unanimous in expressing the great satisfaction which they felt at the general management of the institution, and expressed their approbation of the manner in which the matron, house surgeon, and clerk, had discharged their respective duties.  The Report having been read, was unanimously adopted.  A vote of thanks to the physician, surgeon, and to the treasurer, was then passed; and after a vote of thanks to the Chairman on that occasion, the meeting separated.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 12 May 1849, page 3

DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL.-The general meeting for the appointment of a Physician to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Dr. JACKSON, took place, pursuant to advertisement, at the Hospital on Thursday May 10, and was attended by a large body of the Governors of the Institution. At the close of the poll, it was found that the numbers of votes recorded for the several candidates, were as follows:-Dr. Chas. COWDELL, 503; Dr. A. D. Mierri, 43; Dr. James CLARK, 38.  Dr. COWDELL was, therefore, declared to be duly elected.  Dr. JACKSON was afterwards unanimously elected to the office of Consulting Physician of the Institution.


Sherborne Mercury, Saturday 13 October 1849, page 4

Dorchester.–We have much pleasure in being able to state that cholera has disappeared in this locality; scarletina and small pox are, however, very prevalent here and several cases of the latter disease have proved fatal.