Accident victims 1843-45

From June 1843 to September 1846, the Sherborne Mercury published monthly reports supplied by the house surgeon at Dorset County Hospital.  The reports gave a summary of the number of in-patients and out-patients in the preceding month and occasionally supplied the names and injuries of patients who received treatment because of an accident. Unfortunately none of the reports for 1846 included any patient details.  Below is a list of the fifty patients named:

Monthly Report for July 1843 (Sherborne Mercury, 5 August 1843, page 4)

  • Thomas DAWE, fractured radius
  • William ARDEN, severely bruised
  • William WHITE, fractured tibia
  • John SPRACKLING, wound of the knee joint

Monthly Report for August 1843 (Sherborne Mercury, 2 September 1843, page 4)

  • Arthur HOUNSELL, wound of the foot
  • William ROLLS, severe injury of the ankle
  • Charles GILLARD, dislocation of the radius and ulna

Monthly Report for September 1843 (Sherborne Mercury, 7 October 1843, page 4)

  • Caroline SMITH, fractured thigh
  • Mary Ann BART, injury of the head

Monthly Report for November 1843 (Sherborne Mercury, 2 December 1843, page 4)

  • Samuel WINZAR, fractured clavicle
  • Thomas WINZAR, fractured radius
  • George LEGG, wound of the eye

Monthly Report for January 1844 (Sherborne Mercury, 3 February 1844, page 4)

  • J. CAKE, dislocation of the lower jaw
  • Joseph DAVIS, fracture of the ulna, and dislocation of the head of the radius
  • Wm. HOUNSELL, dislocation of the humerus

Monthly Report for April 1844 (Sherborne Mercury, 4 May 1844, page 4)

  • Thomas LOCK, fractured tibia and fibula
  • George LOCK, fractured tibia

Monthly Report for July 1844 (Sherborne Mercury, 3 August 1844, page 4)

  • Henry KELLAWAY, compound dislocation of the metacarpal bones
  • Sydney DOWDING, dislocation of the radius and ulna
  • Daniel BROWN, lacerated wound of the hand

Monthly Report for November 1844 (Sherborne Mercury, 7 December 1844, page 4)

  • William ROLLS, laceration of the foot
  • Martha RUSSELL, fractured thigh

Monthly Report for January 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 8 February 1845, page 4)

  • Henry DAVIS, punctured wound of the eye
  • John RANDALL, fracture of the tibia and fibula
  • James SMITH, wound of the knee joint
  • Frank WEST, compound fracture of the tibia and fibula

Monthly Report for February 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 8 March 1845, page 4)

  • John ROSE, fractured tibia and fibula
  • Alfred POPLE, severe burn
  • Daniel READ, fractured tibia
  • Mary BOWERING, severe burn
  • George BOON, injury of the shoulder

Monthly Report for March 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 5 April 1845, page 4)

  • Hannah WHITE, severe burn
  • Thomas CAKE, lacerated wound of the leg
  • John PUGSLY, concussion of the brain
  • William LOCH, wound of the knee

Monthly Report for May 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 7 June 1845, page 4)

  • George SIMMONDS, injury of the leg
  • Richard MOORE, fractured tibia and fibula

Monthly Report for July 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 9 August 1845, page 4)

  • Samuel BAKER, injury of the ankle
  • William GUY, dislocation of the clavicle
  • J. H. W. DYER, injury of the back
  • John BISHOP, compound fracture of the tibia and fibula
  • John BISHOP, injury of the back
  • Thomas SHUTTER, dislocation of the radius

Monthly Report for August 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 6 September 1845, page 4)

  • Timothy NELSON, compound dislocation of the wrist
  • Robert POPE, fractured humerus
  • Louisa LAWRENCE, compound dislocation of the ankle joint

Monthly Report for December 1845 (Sherborne Mercury, 3 January 1846, page 4)

  • Wm. STAPLES, fracture of left thigh
  • Geo. SPRIGGS, fracture of right thigh
  • Wm. COLE, fracture of both thighs, and severe internal injuries, died 3 hours after admission (railroad accident)
  • Robt. LANDOWN, severe contusions of body and both legs (railroad accident)