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Dorset Death Certificate Index now live

The new website with death certificate details has gone live and already there are 279 records. The period covered is 1837 to 1875 – slightly extended from what was originally intended. The coverage might be extended further once the supply of donated death certificates has been exhausted.

My interest is the 1850s – tying the death certificates in with hospital records and poor law records – to look at the illnesses that people lived with, not just the ones they died of. So, for instance, Jane Applin, a farmer’s wife from Fontmell, did not die until 1861 – but the death certificate tells us she was living with acute bronchitis for 15 years.

Dorset DCI is free to use and each entry contains all the information you find on a death certificate apart from the name of the registrar and the date of registration. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order and there is also a search function. This allows you to search for people (such as relatives) who registered the deaths. If you donate a scanned death certificate to the site, I will not give copies to anyone else, but the information on the certificate will be transcribed and published.

The more entries we have, the more useful this site will be to everyone, so please help by emailing scans of your death certificates to either or All donations will be acknowledged so if you haven’t heard from me, please get back in touch.

Posted 30 March 2018

Bring out your dead!

Please donate scans of your death certificates

As an extension to this website I am doing a project on illnesses and causes of death in Dorset in the 19th century. For this I need copies of death certificates of people who died in Dorset from 1837 to 1870. Details from all donated death certificates will be put on a separate website as a free resource for everyone to share. I will publicise the website address here when it is launched.

To help this project, please email scans of your death certificates to:

Posted 25 March 2018