Applicants refused admission 1851-54

At its weekly meetings, the Management Committee would examine applicants for treatment.  A small number were rejected because their case did not comply with the criteria for admission, set out in the hospital’s rules.

The following list of rejected applicants has been compiled from the Minutes of the Committee of Management 1851-56 held at the Dorset History Centre (NG/HH/DO(C)/1/2/1).  Some – like the first case listed – applied for in-patient treatment but were instead made out-patients.

Meeting date In-/Out-patient Surname Firstnames Recommended by Reason for refusal
2 Jan. 1851 In-patient DUNSFORD George Revd. L. Foot “To come Saturday & be admitted if considered a proper case”.  The abbreviation “OP” (out-patient) added later. [See out-patient admission register, 1847-57, entry 3386]
2 Jan. 1851 Out-patient RANDALL Rebecca Revd. R. S. Smith Household servant
16 Jan. 1851 In-patient LAMBORNE Robert Dorchester Union Syphilitic ulcers
16 Jan. 1851 Out-patient COX Absalom Revd. A. Handley Receiving parochial relief
13 Mar. 1851 In-patient JACOBS Rachael Lord Portarlington Incurable
17 April 1851 Out-patient WATTS Emma Capn. Burnet Household servant
24 April 1851 In-patient LEGG Frances Dorchester Union “Not considered a case for the Hosptl.”
24 April 1851 In-patient SHORT Elizabeth Dorchester Union Receiving parochial relief
5 June 1851 Out-patient HARDY John Revd. W. Buller Venereal disease
5 June 1851 Out-patient CURTIS George Revd. A. Handley Venereal disease
5 June 1851 In-patient LISTER Jane Josh. Stone Esq. Old ulcer & no ticket
26 June 1851 Out-patient HARRISON George Messrs. Style & James Not in indigent circumstances
3 July 1851 Out-patient READ John Lady C. B. Hamilton Receiving parochial relief
31 July 1851 Out-patient PEATY Ann Not stated Having parochial medical attendance
25 Sept. 1851 In-patient RUNYARD Edwin Combe Keynes Collection Not likely to receive benefit
13 Nov. 1851 Out-patient TOMS Priscilla Revd. A. G. S. Shirley Receiving parochial relief
26 Feb. 1852 In-patient TIZZARD Ann J. Wallis Esq. Rules 43 & 42 [? receiving parochial relief]
18 Mar. 1852 In-patient RIGGS William Rules 43 & 42 [? receiving parochial relief]
8 April 1852 Out-patient GILL Jane Mr. Futter Rule 45 [household servants can only be admitted as in-patients]
15 April 1852 In-patient DISK James “Not considd. a proper case”
27 May 1852 Out-patient MUNDEN Thomas Caius College Receiving parochial relief
22 July 1852 In-patient VINE Ann Not likely to be relieved
29 July 1852 Out-patient MILLER William Mr. Isaac Symes To be made IP [in-patient]
30 Sept. 1852 Out-patient TIZARD James H. C. Sturt Esq. Receiving poor relief
4 Nov. 1852 In-patient WHITE Martha Ld. Portarlington “Inadm. Conf. Phs.”
2 Dec. 1852 Out-patient PRIDE Charles To be admitted on producing a proper ticket
30 Dec. 1852 Out-patient POPE Joseph To be admitted on producing a proper ticket
24 Mar. 1853 Out-patient BARNES Elizabeth Revd. C. Fox H. S. [Household servant]
24 Mar. 1853 In-patient LANE Robert Sir John Smith “Not likely to receive benefit”
26 May 1853 In-patient WATTS Jane Revd. G. Abbott Consumption
26 May 1853 Out-patient LOVELACE Maria Mr. Jno. Wood Receiving parochial relief
9 June 1853 In-patient TOMS William Revd. R. Waldy Receiving parochial relief
28 July 1853 Out-patient WEBBER Sarah John Hyde Esq. To be admitted as an in-patient on “producing a proper card” [see in-patient admission register, 1847-59, entry 2685]
1 Sept. 1853 In-patient WATTS Ephraim Blandford Union No tickets
22 Sept. 1853 Out-patient PALMER Martha Caius College Receiving parochial relief
28 Oct. 1853 In-patient CHERRETT Jane J. C. Mansel Esq. “Has no ticket to give”
12 Jan. 1854 Out-patient ALLEN Mary Mrs. Curme Receiving parochial relief
26 Jan. 1854 In-patient RIGGS Charles Dorchester Union “Only weakness”
9 Feb. 1854 In-patient CUTLER James Messrs. Hall & Woodhouse “Not admitted for the present”
9 Mar. 1854 In-patient KEATS Jane Dorchester Union Unsound mind
23 Mar. 1854 Out-patient SINTOTT [?] Elizabeth Mr. Curme Not in indigent circumstances
10 Oct. 1854 Out-patient TREVITT Amelia Winchester College Receiving parochial relief
10 Oct. 1854 Out-patient BRIDLE Elizabeth James Henning Esq. Receiving parochial relief
2 Nov. 1854 In-patient KING John R. Williams Esq. Venereal [?]