Committee meetings 1851-56

The following notes have been extracted from the Minutes of the Committee of Management 1851-56 held at the Dorset History Centre (NG/HH/DO(C)/1/2/1).



Thursday, 2 January 1851

  • Long list of cheques signed for provisions etc.
  • Monthly Meeting – Resolved that tenders be sought from nine printers.

Thursday, 9 January 1851

  • Contract for printing awarded to Messrs. Benson & Barling for printing 750 copies of the annual report.
  • The Committee adjourned for the annual meeting, and on re-assembling it re-elected Revd. C. W. Bingham to the Office of Chairman of the Committee (proposed by the Honble. & Revd. W. H. Scott & seconded by E. St. V. Digby Esqre.) and Lieut. Criswick R.N. was re-elected to the Office of Vice-Chairman of the Committee (proposed by Revd. C. W. Bingham & seconded by Revd. L. Foot).
  • Annual Meeting – Committee appointed:

Col. Swinhoe  ~  Mr. J. F. Hodges  ~  Lieut. Criswick R.N.  ~   Mr. Geo. Jesty  ~  Revd. G. Arden  ~  Mr. Levi Luckham  ~  Revd. E. Ludlow  ~  Mr. Robt. Hague  ~  H. N. Middleton Esqre.  ~  Mr. Francis Pope  ~  Mr. John Garland  ~  Mr. M. C. Weston

  • Resolved that the number of beds be increased to 40.

Thursday, 23 January 1851

  • Agreed to increase the porter’s wages to £5 per quarter.

Thursday, 6 February 1851

  • Monthly Meeting – no business.

Thursday, 6 March 1851

  • Monthly Meeting – no business.

Thursday, 13 March 1851

  • A suit of clothes was ordered for the porter.

Thursday, 20 March 1851

  • Note on the post mortem on Hesther Gover – reproduced in full in the minutes.
  • The cook applied for a £1 per annum pay rise which was agreed (she had given 10 years’ service).

Thursday, 27 March 1851

  • Contract for butter awarded to Mr. Edward Sydenham of Wrackleford.

Thursday, 3 April 1851

  • John James was ordered to be discharged (but no reason given) and his carriage to be paid by the Hospital.
  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.
  • Long list of cheques signed for provisions etc.

Thursday, 1 May 1851

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 22 May 1851

  • Criswick was requested to have a Certificate Book and some Patients’ Cards printed.

Thursday, 29 May 1851

  • “A notification was received from Mr. John Biggs announcing a Legacy of £100, free of duty, from the late Mr. Stephen Biggs, Confectioner, of this Town”.

Thursday, 5 June 1851

  • Monthly Meeting – A letter was received “from J. A. Day, Esq. of Bridport, announcing a bequest from the late Richd. Craze of Taunton, Esq., of £100, free of Legacy duty”.

Thursday, 12 June 1851

  • Resolved that the tenders for contracts be inserted in five local newspapers.

Thursday, 19 June 1851

  • Ordered that the windows be painted.

Thursday, 26 June 1851

  • Tenders opened for various provisions. Tender accepted from Ensor for rice, tea, coffee, sugar (moist and lump), soap, soda, salt, candles, etc.

Thursday, 3 July 1851

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.
  • Long list of cheques signed for provisions etc.

Thursday, 31 July 1851

  • Three prescription books were ordered – one for Dr. Cowdell and one each for the surgeons.
  • Leave of absence granted to the House Surgeon until Tuesday 12thAugust, “Mr. Firth late a pupil of the Hospital, having undertaken the duty, until Mr. Goldsmith’s return”.

Thursday, 7 August 1851

  • Handwriting different – presumably Mr. Firth’s, in Goldsmith’s absence.
  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 28 August 1851

  • Among the in-patient discharges is “Wm. Critchell – Cured” (see note of next meeting).

Thursday, 4 September 1851

  • “It being stated that Mr. Critchell discharged last week “cured” is not so, he is to be re-admitted on his old ticket, if Mr. Curme approves”.
  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 2 October 1851

  • Out-patients admitted included Wm. White, recommended by Thos. Coombs, Esq. (see next meeting).
  • Tender for butter from John Wells accepted.
  • Long list of cheques signed for provisions etc.
  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 9 October 1851

  • “Mrs. Coombs on the part of her husband Thos. Coombs Esq. having complained of the admission of Wm. White last week as an out-patient instead of an In-patient as wished by her; the matter was now enquired into, & the man having appeared again before the Committee & the urgent symptoms which had subsided last week, having this day returned, his admission, as an In-patient for the treatment of these symptoms, was now decided on as recommended by the Physician and a copy of this minute was ordered to be sent to Mrs. Coombs”.

Thursday, 16 October 1851

  • The in-patients discharged include Jane Paine “refuses to submit to treatment”.

Thursday, 23 October 1851

  • “A Hip bath was ordered for the use of the Officers of the Household”.

Thursday, 30 October 1851

  • “A letter was received from Geo. Harris Esqre., Henbury, enclosed a Donation of £98, the Chairman was requested to thank him for the same”.

Thursday, 6 November 1851

  • Monthly Meeting – “A proposition, for taking the urine from the Hospital, from Mr. Hanton was made & Mr. Weston was requested to confer with him on the subject”.

Thursday, 20 November 1851

  • Report of a post mortem examination of John Isaacs [?] was received – no details given in the minutes.

Thursday, 27 November 1851

  • “A present of some Potatoes was forwarded from certain allotment tenants of Piddletrenthide, thro’ the Revd. James Hicks, to whom the thanks of the Committee to the donors were desired to be offered”.

Thursday, 4 December 1851

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 11 December 1851

  • It was ordered that the tenders be advertised in four local newspapers (listed).
  • “Thursday next being Christmas day, the Committee will next meet at 1½ P.M.”
  • “It was resolved that the General Anniversary Meeting of the Governors be holden, God willing, on Thursday January 8that 1 o’clock P.M. & that an advertisement to that effect be inserted in the 4 County papers once”.

Thursday, 25 December 1851

  • List of tenders for provisions etc. opened.
  • “A Gift of Potatoes was sent from Piddletrenthide by the following persons:   James Tizard   Thomas Gibbs   Francis Davis   Wm. Frears”.



Thursday, 8 January 1852

  • Annual meeting – Committee elected for the ensuing year:

Col. Swinhoe  ~  Lieut. Criswick R.N.  ~   H. N. Middleton Esqre.  ~  Revd. E. Ludlow  ~  Revd. H. B. Williams  ~  John E. Bridge Esqre.  ~  Mr. M. C. Weston  ~  Mr. John Garland  ~  Mr. J. F. Hodges  ~  Mr. John Philps  ~  Mr. Thomas Sansom

Thursday, 2 February 1852

  • Sum (no more than £20) allocated to buying a microscope.
  • Hodges and Weston to get costs of putting names of donors on the panelling in gilt letters and black background.

Thursday, 12 February 1852

  • Present: Revd. C. W. Bingham; Lieut. Criswick, R.N.; J. E. Bridge, Esq.; Mr. Weston; Col. Swinhoe; Mr. Hodges; Revd. H. Moule; Revd. J. M. Colson; Revd. W. Buller; Revd. E. Ludlow.
  • The in-patients considered were John Coffin (recommended by Revd. H. F. Yeatman); Ann Wilcox (Earl of Shaftesbury); Emma Harwood (M. Milton, Esq.); Gabriel Adams (Dorchester Union); John Hart (Earl of Shaftesbury).
  • Two in-patients were discharged; five out-patients and five in-patients were admitted.

Thursday, 19 February 1852

  • Goldsmith, house surgeon, asks to be released from his engagement.

Thursday, 26 February 1852

  • Present: Revd. C. W. Bingham; R. H. Bingham, Esq.; Lieut. Criswick; H. N. Middleton; Mr. Garland; Mr. Weston; Revd. H. Moule; Revd. J. M. Colson; Revd. W. Buller; Revd. E. Ludlow; Revd. L. Foot; Revd. O. Fisher.
  • Two in-patients were discharged: John Coffin and Joseph Hulston.
  • A cheque for £21 was paid to Mr. Curme for a microscope.

Thursday, 3 March 1852

  • “John Phelps, the Porter, having taken a Public House and intending to be married, it was resolved that another In-door Porter be hired, but that John be retained as Out-Porter to perform the duties of pumping & Gardening, as well as shaving the Patients, & attending on the Dispensary, or elsewhere when required.  The wages of the In-door Porter to be £14 per ann. & his Livery & Board; those of the Out-porter to be 10s/- a week”.

Thursday, 1 April 1852

  • Goldsmith succeeded in obtaining an appointment at Blandford.  Election for a replacement house surgeon to be 13 May.

Thursday, 22 April 1852

  • “John Phelps, the Out-door Porter to be immediately discharged for improper conduct.  Charles Pitfield will be employed to pump the water from below & Wm. Gibbs as the Hairdresser”.

Thursday, 29 April 1852

  • Candidates considered eligible for the post of House Apothecary:

Mr. S. J. E. Brown

Dr. W. H. Pearse

Mr. W. G. Bacot

  • Brown was objected to because of “an affection of the hand” and was referred to the surgeons of the hospital for an opinion.

Thursday, 13 May 1852

  • Bacot elected by 408 votes. No votes for Pearse. (Appears Brown was no longer a candidate.)

Thursday, 8 July 1852

  • “Charles Pitfield to be taken as Out Porter at a salary of 10/- per week”.

Thursday, 22 July 1852

  • “The Chaplain having represented the difficulty of finding a Resident Curate, it was resolved, a General meeting of the Governors be called to consider the propriety of alterating Rule 28”.

Thursday, 12 August 1852

  • Extraordinary General Meeting of the Governors (held same day as the weekly meeting): “It was proposed by the Revd. C. W. Bingham and seconded by the Revd. H. Moule, that rule 28 do stand as follows:

‘The Chaplain or his licensed Curate may reside within the walls of the Hospital, but he shall not be restricted from the performance of such occasional services as do not interfere with his  duties in the Hospital. &c.’

    The resolution was carried.”

  • Three patients discharged for having beer and being intoxicated: Alfred Pearce, Robert Stickland and Charles Parker.

Thursday, 30 September 1852

  • In-patients discharged include Elizabeth Lainer “at own request, against Dr. Cowdell’s wish”.



Thursday, 6 January 1853

  • “A Tender for printing the Report for 1852 was received from Mr. Foster, Mr. Patch’s tender will not be sent until tomorrow morning. The Committee have authorised Revd. Morton Colson & Mr. Criswick to decide, which shall be received”.

Thursday, 13 January 1853

  • “The Sub-Committee announced that Mr. Patch’s tender to print the Report was accepted. Viz. 800 copies for £5: 10: 0”.
  • Annual meeting – “Proposed by the Hon. & Revd. W. H. Scott, seconded by the Revd. J. A. Templer and resolved, that the Committee be again authorised to occupy the whole accommodation which the present Wards admit of”.
  • Committee elected for the ensuing year:

Col. Swinhoe  ~  H. N. Middleton Esqre.   ~  Revd. E. Ludlow  ~  Revd. H. B. Williams  ~  Mr. John Garland  ~  Lieut. Criswick R.N.  ~  Mr. J. F. Hodges  ~  Mr. M. C. Weston  ~  Mr. George Warry  ~  Mr. James Tizard  ~  Wm. Eliot Esqre.  ~  Mr. John Luckham

 Thursday, 20 January 1853

  • W. Bingham and Lieut. Criswick re-elected chairman and vice-chairman respectively.

 Thursday, 2 February 1853

  • Monthly Meeting – Messrs. Tapp & Curme in attendance. “It was agreed that a general understanding should be entered into that the beds should be appropriated as follows: viz.

16 to the Physician

12 to each of the Surgeons

and others left open for Accidents and Emergencies”

 Thursday, 3 March 1853

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 7 April 1853

  • Monthly Meeting – “Agreed that the arrangement with Mrs. Dancy respecting the nurses be referred to the Visitors and House Surgeon”.

Thursday, 14 April 1853

  • “Dr. Cowdell and Mr. Tapp have represented to the Committee that they believe the Wards to be infected with Erysipelas, it is requisite to vacate the Wards alternatively, and to have each well washed, fumigated and whitewashed, as soon as it can be conveniently done”
  • “It was resolved that Thomas Voss be employed to Whitewash the Wards &c., and that the arrangements with him be settled by the Visitors”.

Thursday, 21 April 1853

  • “The contract offered by Mr. Voss for Whitewashing the Whole of the Hospital, two coats, one of Lime & one of Whitewash for £16 or any portion at 1d. per yard, was considered, and the one at £16 was accepted”.

Thursday, 5 May 1853

  • Monthly Meeting – Mrs. Dancy suggested that linen counterpanes would be cheaper and better than the current ones. Linen to be ordered and counterpanes to be replaced as new ones were needed.

Thursday, 19 May 1853

  • “A statement having been made to the Committee that David Phelps, the Porter had promised marriage to a girl in the Town, which promise he has failed to fulfil, he was questioned respecting the matter, & declining to answer any Enquiries, received a month’s warning”.

Thursday, 2 June 1853

  • “It was resolved that a Donation given by J. C. Jennings Esqre. of Evershot in lieu of further Subscriptions, be invested, as well as the Legacy of £100 from J. R. Jennings Esqre. J. M. Colson kindly undertook to make Enquiry as to the return of the Income Tax and the Funded Property of the Hospital”.
  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 9 June 1853

  • Thomas Riglar was taken on as In-Porter from Thursday next on a month’s trial.

Thursday, 16 June 1853

  • Hawkins of Winterbourne St. Martins was elected to the Committee in place of Mr. J. H. Tizard deceased.

Thursday, 23 June 1853

  • Permission was given to Mr. Bacot to entertain his sister in the Hospital for 10 days.

Thursday, 7 July 1853

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 14 July 1853

  • Trust deed was received from Robt. Williams Esqre. & ordered to be deposited with the Treasurer.

Thursday, 4 August 1853

  • Donation (£13) received from Mr. Henry Little (Kingston).
  • Monthly Meeting – A flannel gown was ordered for each of the large wards for the use of patients during operations and convalescence.

Thursday, 11 August 1853

  • Donation (£1: 5) received from Revd. Henry John Buller of West Pailly.

Thursday, 25 August 1853

  • Clothes ordered for porter Thomas Riglar – he had been in post 10 weeks and “his conduct having given satisfaction to the House Surgeon & Matron”.

Thursday, 1 September 1853

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 22 September 1853

  • “An application having been made by Mrs. Philip Trieves to be allowed to have baths in the Hospital, at some less cost than ordinary, it was resolved that in consideration of her circumstances, she be permitted to do so upon payment of 6d. per Bath in the Hospital”.

Thursday, 6 October 1853

  • Monthly Meeting – “Observations were made as to the very large amount of the Drug Bill, ie for the present year, & the Chairman was desired to mention the subject to the Medical men, requesting them to give their attention to it”.

Thursday, 28 October 1853

  • Permission granted from Mr. Bacot to be absent for 2 days from Saturday next.

Thursday, 3 November 1853

  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.

Thursday, 1 December 1853

  • “It was resolved that under the special circumstances of her case, Charlotte Sherring of Bradford Abbas should be permitted to become a Patient of the Hospital, on the condition that her husband, a small Farmer should pay all the Expenses occurred”.
  • No business for the Monthly Meeting.



Thursday, 19 January 1854

  • The house apothecary had increased the bread allowance for male patients from 12oz to 14oz per diem. The Committee discussed the increase and asked the medical officers to consider the matter (see also the meeting on January 26, 1854).

Thursday, 26 January 1854

  • On the medical officers’ advice, the hospital reverted to 12oz of bread for the male patients, but an additional 2oz was permitted (upon application) if the house surgeon saw fit.

Thursday, 2 February 1854

  • George Stainer was hired as Porter in place of Thomas Riglar, who left during the week before last.
  • Donation of £100 received from J. Chas. Bristed.

Thursday, 16 March 1854

  • Brown (the clerk) applied for a salary increase – the issue was referred to the next Monthly Meeting on April 6.  The request was refused by that meeting.

Thursday, 6 April 1854

  • The Committee discussed whether Anne Barnard’s admission was within the rules.

Thursday, 4 May 1854

  • The Committee agreed that the county militia men in Dorchester (who had obtained in-patient tickets) were not admissable.

Thursday, 24 August 1854

  • Death of Charles Criswick, the vice-chairman of the Committee.

Thursday, 7 September 1854

  • John Randolph Tooze was elected to the Committee.  H. N. Middleton, Esq., was selected as vice-chairman.

Thursday, 21 September 1854

  • “It was ordered that the Porter should have some clothes made, as usual, at Mr. Bonifas’”

Thursday, 19 October 1854

  • Bacot (the house surgeon) applied for leave of absence for one month “in consequence of requiring rest & change of air”.  He had made arrangement for Mr. Curme’s assistant Mr. Hoare to perform his duties.  The Committee paid Mr. Bacot £20 to cover his expenses while absent.

Thursday, 2 November 1854

  • Purchase of six hair mattresses and 12 pairs of blankets authorised.

Thursday, 21 December 1854

  • Bacot requested leave of absence from tomorrow “till Tuesday” because of a “domestic calamity”.  The Committee agreed.

Thursday, 28 December 1854

  • Brown (the clerk) made an application for a gratuity which was refused.
  • Middleton was requested to superintend the erection of a stove in the Long Upper Ward, for which Mr. Galpin had sent a tender.



Thursday, 4 January 1855

  • Elizabeth Slade (kitchen maid) engaged as cook in place of the late Jemima Payne, at £10 per annum.
  • Permission was given to George Stainer (porter) to take his old suit of livery with him when he leaves the Hospital’s service.

Thursday, 8 March 1855

  • The salary of Bacot (the house surgeon) increased to 80 guineas on the first quarter day after he enters on the fourth year of holding office, provided he consents to remain for that year.

Thursday, 22 March 1855

  • Gratuity of £5 awarded to Mr. Brown, the clerk. A pay rise to £40 per annum agreed for Mrs. Dancy (matron) with effect from 1 January 1855.

Thursday, 1 November 1855

  • Agreed the following times for church services:

Sundays   : Mornings changed to 11 a.m. instead of 10 a.m.

Sundays   : Afternoons at 3 instead of 2 p.m.

Weekdays : Mornings ½ past 8 a.m.

Weekdays : Evenings 6 p.m.

Thursday, 8 November 1855

  • A Roman Catholic priest was waiting to see a patient named Bartlett. She had not hitherto requested to see him. Two Committee members were sent to ascertain her wishes. The priest was admitted.



Thursday, 1 May 1856

  • Monthly meeting – chairman to write to the chairman of the management committee of the Salisbury Infirmary remonstrating with him about an appeal for funds sent to the clergy of Dorset.

Thursday, 29 May 1856

  • Complaints received from patients about the hardness of the wooden beds. Some iron beds ordered.


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