Patient Case Study: Hayter, William

In-patient, 1856 (died)


Hospital Dorset County Hospital Patient type In-patient
Number 3513 Date admitted 28 Feb 1856
Name Hayter, William Renewed
Age 42 Under whose care Mr. Tapp
Occupation Hawker Disease Ulcer of cart[lidge] of knee
Parish Shaftesbury Discharged 17 May 1856
Recommended by H. K. Seymer Esqre. MP. Outcome Died
Source Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Hospital in-patient admissions register 1847-59, NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1



  1. “AMPUTATIONS. Of the Thigh. … Case 13.–Mr. Tapp. A man aged 42, in very feeble health, from the effects of acute disorganization of the knee-joint and a discharging abscess in the side. The thigh was in a very bad condition at the time of the operation, being greatly swollen, and a large abscess extending up it. Rather profuse haemorrhage occurred, and many vessels had to be tied; a ligature was also put upon the vein. He was so much exhausted after the operation, that it was judged best not to remove him from the operating table. By the very free administration of wine, etc., he at length rallied fairly, and was doing well up to the twelfth day, when a rigor occurred. Pleuritic pain in the right side followed, and he sank and died of pyaemia on the twenty-first day after the operation. The ligature had separated from the vein, but that on the artery still remained. At the autopsy the vein was found sealed up by firm clot, which had softened only in one spot, about the size of a pea. Both pleurae were lined with soft recent lymph. The left lung was healthy, but the right was universally in a state of grey hepatisation, and in many parts softening was commencing. There were no deposits of pus in the liver.” [Statistical report of the principle operations performed during the first half-year of 1856. Medical Times & Gazette, 1856, vol. 2, p. 344]
  1. William Hayter, aged 43, from Dorchester Infirmary, buried on 23 May 1856 at Shaftesbury St. James. [Dorset History Centre, Shaftesbury St. James burial register, PE/SY(SJ): RE 4/1, p. 89, entry 711]