General Register Office death certificates, 1850-59

Please send scans of any certificates for deaths registered in Dorset between 1850 and 1859 to If you would like any further information from any of the certificates listed below please use the same email address.


Surname First name Year Date Place of death Age Description

Cause of death
(* = uncertified)

ALLEN George 1855 29-Mar Motcombe 45 Sack carrier Phthisis 2 yrs
ALNER Lydia 1852 12-Oct Dorset County Hospital 33 Servant Diffused inflamation of the cellular tissue
AMANS Sarah 1859 12-Oct Sherborne 66 Wife of George Amans, plasterer Decayed lungs. Shingles. General decay
APPLIN Thomas Edward 1850 24-Feb Hinton Martell 68 Bailiff Epileptic fits
BAILEY William 1855 17-Jan Osmington 44 Ag lab Variola
BARNWELL Alfred 1859 06-May Yetminster 48 Plumber Consumption*
BATTEN Emanuel 1856 05-Jan Sherborne workhouse 46 Farm labourer Chronic gastric dyspepsia. Diarrhoea. 11 days
BOWRING Richard 1853 30-Apr Wimborne 91 Labourer Old age. Bronchitis
CAPEL Henry 1854 03-Feb Dorset County Hospital 9 Son of John Capel, a carter Exhaustion from tubercular disease
CHRISTOPHER Betsey 1850 29-Dec Lytchett Minster 24 Servant Pulmonary consumption 6 months
COFFIN Nehemiah 1854 01-Nov Fordington 1 Son of John Coffin, blacksmith Hooping cough*
COLE John 1853 02-Dec Stourpain 91 Yeoman Old age*
COX Absalom 1851 01-Jul Fordington 47 Labourer Continued fever 6 wks
COX Eliza 1857 19-Jun Sherborne 6 Dau of Charles Cox, farm labourer Febrile attack. Typhus. 2 wks
CRITCHELL Levi 1852 31-Jan Dorset County Hospital 18 Seaman Bright’s disease of kidney
CROCKER Nicodemus 1856 01-Oct Dorset County Hospital 25 Gunner & driver in the Royal Artillery Disease of the knee. Tetanus following amputation of thigh
DICKER Elina 1856 19-Apr Batcombe 78 Wid of John Dicker, ag lab Bronchitis 1 wk
DOUGLAS John 1859 24-Apr Bradford Abbas 50 Railway contractor Phthisis
DRAKE Elizabeth Ann 1854 19-Sep Hilton 3m Dau of Mary Ann Drake, button maker Erecypelas [erysipelas] 14 days
DUNSTER Matilda 1857 25-May Lyme 23 Dau of David Dunster, builder (decd) Fever 28 days. Inflamation of the brain 14 days
DUNSTER Rebecca 1856 15-Jan Lyme 36 Wife of Daniel Dunster, printer & bookseller Phthisis some yrs
EATON Joseph 1857 13-Aug Poole 67 Builder Apoplexy 10 hrs
FISHER Samuel 1858 05-Nov Compton 57 Farm labourer Phthisis
FOOT George 1855 03-Aug Hermitage 86 Farmer Natural decay
FOWLER Caroline 1851 09-Mar Bothenhampton 25 Wife of Frederick Fowler, labourer Puerperal mania
GAWLER James Charles 1855 06-Aug Fordington 1 Son of John Gawler, ag lab Acute inflamation of the larynx
GILES George 1858 16-Feb Blandford 57 Ag lab Schirrhus of the pylorus
GILLINGHAM James 1850 18-Oct Wimborne 80 Plasterer Old age. Bronchitis. Ill about 10 days
GOULDING Matilda 1850 23-Mar Tarrant Monkton 41 Wife of Richard Goulding, beer retailer Miscarriage 2 mths. Internal haemorrhage
GOVER Thomas 1851 17-Oct Lyme 84 Labourer Paralysis 14 days
HALL Jane 1857 15-Jun Gillingham 70 Wife of Samuel Hall, husbandman Hypertrophy of the heart, Dropsy. 6 mths
HAMMOND Matilda 1855 03-Apr Sherborne workhouse 24 Silk factory hand Phthisis
HANHAM Christian 1853 04-Sep Hilton 57 Wife of John Hanham, labourer Chronic bronchitis 3 yrs. Subacute bronchitis 5 days
HANSFORD Joseph James 1851 19-Oct Chesil, Isle of Portland 47 Quarryman Abscess*
HEWER Huldah 1854 04-Sep Fordington 43 Wife of David Hewer, cabinet maker Cholera 16 hours
HODGES George 1858 28-Aug Marston Magna 58 Ag lab Cancer of lip
KIDDLE Mary 1855 06-Aug Sherborne 89 Wid of Joseph Kiddle, carrier Old age
LANE Sarah 1857 09-Nov Sherborne 77 Wid of James Lane, farmer Aetas decrepita
LARCOMBE Mary 1856 01-May South Perrott 61 Wife of William Larcombe, yeoman Paralysis 3 days
LEGG James 1852 28-Jun Piddletown 58 Labourer Consumption 1 yr*
LOADER James 1850 12-Jan Woodlands 75 Labourer Asthma 20 yrs*
LOADER Martha Elizabeth 1855 19-Sep Woodlands 79 Wid of James Loader, gardener Old age*
LOVELESS Luke 1855 05-Jun Frampton 85 Shepherd Natural decay
LOWMAN Rebecca 1856 16-Jan Weston, Isle of Portland 84 Wid of Henry Lowman, yeoman Old age*
MAIN Charles 1851 12-Sep Hilton 10 Son of Thomas Main, labourer Decline*
MARTIN Kezia 1857 03-May Blandford St Mary 43 Wife of James Martin, ag lab Abdominal tumour
MARTIN Stephen 1859 05-Dec East Stower 57 Thatcher Diabetes 18 mths
MERIFIELD Nehemiah 1857 22-Aug Shaftesbury workhouse 70 Farm labourer Diarrhoea. Fever
MIDDLETON George 1857 20-May Wakeham 50 Railway labourer Accidental death. Inquest
MILES Mary 1858 20-Jun Shaftesbury 74 Wife of James Miles, millwright Bronchitis many yrs. Pneumonia 4 days
MILLER Henry 1855 06-Oct Dorchester workhouse 65 Ag lab Scirrhus
MILLER Isaac 1858 26-Oct Dorchester workhouse 73 Ag lab Bronchitis
MITCHELL Alfred Edwin 1858 28-Feb Symondsbury 8w Son of John Mitchell, lathmaker Pneumonia
MITCHELL Isabella 1857 28-Feb Symondsbury 10m Dau of John Mitchell, lathmaker Measels [measles]
MORGAN Charles 1850 09-May Gillingham 56 Yeoman Hanging whilst in a state of temporary insanity. Inquest
PADDY Richard 1858 07-Jul Wyke Regis 42 Coast guardman Typhus fever 13 days
PARFIT Sarah 1859 23-Aug Sanatorium, Melcombe Regis 34 Wife of Samuel Parfit, coast guardman Ascites 1 yr
PARKMAN Philip 1850 07-Feb Melcombe Regis 59 Master mariner Disease of heart. General dropsy some yrs
PARSONS Sarah 1855 31-Jul Bradford Abbas 9 Dau of Joseph Parsons, ag lab Angina maligna 3 days
PERRY John 1850 31-Jan Broadwinsor 52 Cooper Dropsy months
PHILLIPS Sarah 1850 17-Jul Broadwinsor 41 Wife of George Phillips, labourer Asthma 5 yrs. Scarlatina 6 days
PORTER Josiah 1850 04-Nov Chesleborne 54 Labourer Dropsy
PUCKETT Francis 1850 24-Mar Preston 1 Son of Henry Puckett, labourer Small pox*
PUCKETT Louisa 1850 24-Mar Preston 4 Dau of Henry Puckett, labourer Small pox*
RING Maria 1855 05-Sep Sherborne workhouse 29 Leather glove maker Chest disease 2 or 3 yrs
ROBERTS Richard 1854 30-May Evershot 79 Blacksmith Natural decay
SAMWAYS Phillis 1856 07-Apr Portesham 60 Wife of Henry Samways, thatcher Fever
SHARP Sarah 1859 22-Nov Sherborne 77 Formerly a charwoman Jaundice. General debilirt 2 yrs
SLADE John 1859 11-Dec Lyme 33 Painter (journeyman) Colica pictorum 8 days. Gastro-enteritis 4 days
SOPER Amy 1854 19-Sep Maiden Newton 76 Wife of Matthew Soper, ag lab Natural decay
SPRANKLIN John Hansford 1856 19-Dec Dorchester 35 Bricklayers labourer Phthisis
STONE Isaac 1853 05-Oct Wakeham 67 Quarryman Fever
STONE Susan 1855 19-Apr Wakeham 73 Wid of Isaac Stone, stone quarrier Abdominal dropsy & diseased liver
SYMES Henry 1851 18-Dec Burton Bradstock 1 Son of Samuel Symes, labourer Hooping cough
SYMS Jane 1852 01-Sep Hermitage 11w Dau of Frederick Syms, labourer Premature birth*
SYMS Mary 1851 31-May Hermitage 2d Dau of Frederick Syms, labourer Premature birth*
TRAVILLION Job 1853 07-Jun Weymouth workhouse 62 Journeyman tallow chandler Paralysis 3 yrs
TREVETT Sarah 1850 03-Feb Litton Cheney 59 Wife of William Trevett, labourer Phthisis pulmonalis
TUCKER Mary 1854 06-May Winterborne Came 61 Wid of Thomas Tucker, labourer Paralysis
WADMAN Elizabeth 1855 20-Aug Shaftesbury workhouse 84 Wid of Jeremiah Wadman, farm labourer Old age
WADMAN Mary 1857 28-Dec Gillingham 60 Wife of William Wadman, husbandman Pneumonitis. 7 days
WARD Ann 1857 27-Jun Hilfield 80 Wid of Charles Ward, ag lab Chronic bronchitis. Old age
WAREHAM John 1859 02-Jan Sherborne 36 Farm labourer Dropsy*
WARR Charles 1853 29-Mar Hilfield 80 Labourer Old age. Fits 1 day*
WATTS Love 1852 19-Jan Hazelbury Bryan 34 Wife of Reuben Watts, labourer Chronic inflamation of the liver some mths. Ascites 1 mth
WATTS Lucy 1856 24-Sep Blandford 46 Wife of John Watts, shoemaker Phthisis – months*
WAY Robert 1853 08-Nov Portland 50 Labourer Accidental death. Inquest
WELLS Joseph 1850 03-Apr Beaminster workhouse 79 Carpenter Natural decay, years
WHITE Charles 1858 04-Sep Lady St Mary Wareham 63 Chimney sweep Chimney sweeps cancer of scrotum. Haemorrhage
WHITE Elizabeth 1851 30-Nov Hilton 22 Wife of John White, labourer Continued fever 21 days. Typhus fever 7 days
YEATMAN Celia 1857 11-Apr Sherborne 34 Wife of Adam Yeatman, jobbing labourer Dropsy. 2 yrs. General debility