Dorset County Hospital Staff Database 1841-1948

The Dorset County Hospital Staff Database includes every honorary or paid member of staff known to date who trained or worked at Dorset County Hospital from 1841 to 1948. Entries give the person’s name, the post(s) held, their age (if known), career events, and details of the data source.


There are also detailed individual Profiles for the hospital’s medical staff, matrons, chaplains, clerks and dispensers. These are listed below (if ‘Profile’ is not showing, this is because it has not been completed yet).

In addition,  a few images of honorary and paid staff have survived – click on Staff Images to access these or click on the word ‘Image’ next to an individual’s name in the following list. This site does not own the copyright for any of the images, so please contact the copyright holder if you wish to use them.



Surname First names Lived Hospital posts
ADAMS Percy Edward 1872-1952 House Surgeon (1896-97) Profile
ALLAN Alexander William 1868-1954 House Surgeon (1892-93) Profile
ARDEN Christopher 1788-1861 Consulting Surgeon (1841-61) Profile
BARTLETT Ralph Clarke 1870-1938 House Surgeon (1894) Profile Image
BENNETT William James 1845-67 House Surgeon (1867) Profile
COLLEY Thomas 1894-1983 Honorary Ophthalmologist (c 1827- ?) Image
COOPER Christopher 1772-1842 Consulting Physician (1841-42) Profile
COWDELL Charles 1815-71 Honorary Physician (1849-71) Profile Image
CUMBERBATCH Elkin Percy 1880-1939 House Surgeon (1909-10) Profile Image
CURME George 1807-87 Honorary Surgeon (1841-68). Consulting Surgeon (1868-87) Profile
DANCY Susannah 1797 -1888 Matron (1847-69) Profile
DAY Edward Joseph 1852-1933 House surgeon (1875-76) Profile
EDWARDS Jane Elizabeth 1857-1934 Nurse (c 1892-99). Matron (1899-1912) Profile
EMSON Alfred 1817-87 House Apothecary (1843-45). Honorary Surgeon (1868-87). Consulting Surgeon (1887) Profile
ENSOR Alfred 1841-67 House Surgeon (1865-67) Profile
FEEK Thedora Sophia 1844-87 Matron (1874-82) Profile Image
GOODWIN Doris Mary 1899-1976 Matron (1939- ?) Image
HAMILTON James Oliver 1886-1938 Honorary Pathologist (1921-25) Profile Image
HAYES Jessey Mary 1848-1919 Matron (1894-99) Profile
HILL Edith Sarah 1883-1942 Matron (1917-31) Profile Image
LAWRENCE Henrietta Amelia Eliza 1853-?1926 Matron (1888-93) Profile
LUSH William George Vawdrey 1834-1904 Honorary Physician (1872-1904) Image
MESSUM Julian Alexander Broker Galsworthy 1849-1906 House Surgeon (1879-80) Profile
MORGAN Frederick Francis 1847-1906 Chaplain (1873-74) Profile
MOULE George Evans 1828-1912 Chaplain (1855-57) Image
NICOLAY Mary Ann 1850-1939 Matron (1887-88) Image
NORBURY William 1869-1956 House Surgeon (1895-96) Profile
OLD Joseph Edgar Sydney 1869-1935 House Surgeon (1899) Profile
PALGRAVE Edward Francis c1876-1925 House Surgeon (1899) Profile
PRIDEAUX Charles Sydney 1870-1934 Honorary Dental Surgeon (1896-1925). Consulting Dental Surgeon (1925-?34). Profile Image
SACKETT Grace Edith 1856-1932 Matron (1887) Profile
SHACKLETON Thomas Francis 1860-1921 House Surgeon (1888-91) Profile
TAPP William Denning 1796-1877 Honorary Surgeon (1841-61). Consulting Surgeon (1861-68) Profile
WARD Frances Elizabeth Greaves 1853-1934 Matron (1893-94) Profile
WOOD Susan 1803-99 Matron (1841-47) Profile Image
WYKESMITH Pelham 1872-1912 House Surgeon (1896) Profile
WYNN WERNINCK Pelham Vansittart 1884-1955 House Surgeon (1915-17) Profile Image