Annual report for 1849

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1849 which was published in January 1850. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



The Committee feel more than ordinary satisfaction in reporting to the Governors the large measure of prosperity with which it has pleased Almighty God to bless the Dorset Hospital during the ninth year of its existence.

The number of Patients treated will be seen, by comparison of the following Table with that presented in the last Report, to have exceeded that of the former year by 11 In-Patients and 14 Out-Patients; the number cured it also greater, viz., 300 against 285; the daily average of Patients, however, has been somewhat less, viz., 27½ against 29⅞.

During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books Jan. 1, 1849 26 87  –  –
     On Recommendations 147  370  1182  3033
     Household Servants  6  –  53  –
     Freely as Accident cases  62 9  336  21

Renewed Tickets In-patients … 32. Out-patients … 97  241  466  1571  3054
Casual Cases (1849) 780 (From commencement) 5316
Cured 121 179 801 1505
     Relieved 46 92 370 763
     Made Out-Patients 22
     Made In-Patients 15 144
     At their own request 11 4 50 16
     For misconduct 1 2
     Not relieved 7 22 15
     Incapable of further relief 2 1 34 17
     Improper objects 8 41
     Absconded or non-  attendance, mostly cured 1 97 13 357
     Tickets unrenewed 22 22
     Died 3 5 62 59
     No report 4 13 66

    .  213  419  1543  3007
Remain on the Books  28  47 28  47


There has been a decrease in the domestic expenditure of £111 5s.; partly due to the greater cheapness of provisions; but it will be found to have been effected on almost every article of supply. The bill for Drugs, &c. has been reduced by the sum of £94 8s. 1d.; and the only items on which there has been any considerable increase are. “Wines and Spirits,” and “Printing, &c.” On the former of these, the increase is entirely accounted for by the necessary use of such stimulants in the treatment of a single accident case, of a peculiarly lingering and expensive character. The latter item has been swelled by the occurrence of two elections during the year, – Dr. Cowdell having been elected Physician, on the resignation of Dr. Jackson, and Mr. Goldsmith, House Apothecary, on the resignation of Mr. Shettle.

A legacy, from the late Mr. Thomas Curtis of Fordington, of £90, (£100, less duty) has been received and bought into the funds, increasing the stock of the institution to £3436 12s. 4d., 3¼ per cents.

The Donations amount to £141 7s. 2d., including a thank-offering from Sir J. W. Smith, Bart., of £50, which was accompanied by a request that, if possible, it should be appropriated towards the foundation of a Fever Ward. It will be for the Governors to decide whether such an application of it be possible under the existing circumstances of the charity.

The new Subscriptions amount to £40 8s., supplying all that have been lost, and leaving a balance increase on the year of £12.

The principal increase has been in Parochial Collections; many of them made on the Day of general Thanksgiving for the abatement of the Cholera, and altogether amounting to 3247 13s. 2d.

Whilst expressing their most cordial gratitude to the Clergy of the sixty-seven parishes whose contributions have been received, the Committee would again most earnestly invite them to consider the vastly improved position in which they would place this Hospital, whose claims they have thus recognised, by an annual repetition of such an appeal to their congregations. Mainly in consequence of this truly acceptable addition to our funds, the Committee have been able not only to pay off the sum of £98 7s. 9d., due to the Treasurer on last year’s account, but to present a balance in favour of the Charity, at the end of the year, of £174 2s. 11d., by the application of £150 of which to the liquidation of the previous loan, that liability will be reduced to £600.

The Committee would now recommend to the consideration of the Governors, whether, under these circumstances, it may not be advisable to make a small addition to the number of beds, by way of experiment, during the coming year; but it appears that all probable hope of maintaining at present such an extension would much depend on the income to be derived from Parochial Collections.

The Committee beg to express a renewed sense of the kindness, zeal, and efficiency of the Medical Officers, as also of the uninterrupted devotedness of the Matron to the best interests of the Institution; nor can they conclude without once more acknowledging the truly valuable services of the Clerk, and proposing that a gratuity of £5 be now presented to him, and that his salary be permanently raised to £15 per annum.