Annual report for 1845

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1845 which was published in January 1846. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



The Committee of Management of the Dorset County Hospital, are, by the blessing of Good on that Institution, able again to report satisfactorily of its progress since the last annual meeting.

Its operations and benefits are shewn in the following abstract furnished by the House Surgeon:–

During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books Jan. 1, 1845 28 61
     On Recommendations 126 389 594 1616
     As Household Servants 5 28
     Freely as Accident cases 41 96

Renewed Tickets } In-patients … 55. Out-patients … 89 200 450 718 1616
Casual Cases } 750
Cured 81 179 370 823
     Much benefitted 2 1 138 323
     Relieved 32 100 32 110
     Made Out-Patients 14 55
     Made In-Patients  7 58
     At their own request 17 4 20 4
     Not relieved 2 6 2 6
     Incapable of further relief 4 6 22 12
     Improper objects 2 5 7 32
     Absconded or non-    attendance, mostly cured 36 3 114
     Died 9 11 32 37
     No report 1 2 1 4

    . 164 357 682 1523
Remain on the Books 36 93 36 93


There has been a great increase in the number of accidents during the year.

The annual Subscriptions have been augmented by nearly £50, and there is already a prospective increase for the present year.

The available Income of the year has provided for its expenditure, leaving a balance of £36. 10s. 10d.  This however relates only to the current expenses, and not either to the Building or new furnishing.  The general state of the funds is shewn in the Treasurer’s Abstract, a copy of which is appended to this Report.

There has been a small increase in the Parochial Collections, for which the Committee express their gratitude, but as this source of income has only just returned to the amount so collected in 1843, the Committee renew their entreaties to the Clergy for further exertions.

The New Buildings have been completed sufficiently for occupation at a cost, inclusive of contingencies, of about £3500, the sum at which the Committee estimated them in January, 1844.  But the £700, which in their last Report the Committee stated would be required not having been provided, it becomes their duty to advise that this sum be borrowed temporarily.  This loan, together with the remainder of the Donations to the Building Fund, which the Committee propose to sell out at once, will, with the money in hand, enable them to discharge all the remaining liabilities in respect both of the building and furnishing of the new premises; and will leave stock in the hands of the Trustees to the amount of £1100, which the Committee would not feel justified in using, that being the amount of legacies left to the Hospital from the Commencement.

Since the Annual Meeting the House Apothecary, Mr. Emson, resigned his office, in which he has been succeeded by Mr. Johnstone Luce.

The Rev. G. E. Cole has also resigned the office of Chaplain.  He is succeed in that office by the Rev. J. T. Lateward.  During the interval some portion of the duties were undertaken by the Rev. Evan Davies and the Rev. M. Colson.  Others of the Clergy have also performed occasional services.  But the Committee feel that they cannot speak too strongly of the importance of the office of Chaplain to the well‑being of the Institution.

The Committee have to express their sense of the efficient conduct of the Medical Officers, as also of the continued good management of the Matron.  They are also satisfied with the general conduct of the inferior members of the establishment.

They have, however to bring to the notice of the Governors suggestions which have been made for the modification of some of the general rules.  These relate to the division of labour among the Medical Officers, some regulations with reference to future pupils, and the extension of the benefits of the Hospital to a class of persons hitherto excluded from them.

One legacy amounting to £35 has been bequeathed to the Hospital during last year by the late Miss Strong.

The Earl of Shaftesbury has kindly accommodated the Institution with a further piece of ground, which affords additional convenience at the back of the Hospital.

The expenses of conveying to the institution the land formerly given by the Earl of Shaftesbury, have been lessened in amount by the kindness of both of Messrs.  Stone and Symonds, and of Messrs. Coombs, who have declined making any charge for their own time and labour in respect of it.

A small but most gratifying Donation has been received as a thank offering from a Servant.

A Donation has been received from Messrs. Grissell and Peto, the Contractors for the works on the Southampton and Dorchester Railway, accompanied with an obliging offer of further assistance if many of their labourers should receive the benefits of the Institution.

In conclusion, the Committee remind the Governors of the critical position in which the Institution at present stands.  They do thankfully acknowledge the very evident blessing which it has pleased God to bestow upon it.  At the same time human exertions are required, and considering that all its reserved funds will have been nearly absorbed in the extension of its powers of accommodation, and such accommodation is now actually required, it will be seen that fresh exertions must forthwith be made, both to make up for the decrease of income consequent on the expenditure of the funded property, and also to replace the sum proposed to be borrowed.

The steady increase of Subscriptions from the first opening of the Hospital to the present moment, gives the Committee all the encouragement they require for their labours, and if this should still continue, and the funded property be proportionally replaced, it will give them also the fullest confidence that the institution will supply the wants of the County, and the doubt not, by the Divine blessing, that its work will be crowned with success.

(Signed)   Arthur H. Dyke Acland, Chairman.




The above Report was adopted and ordered to be printed and circulated.-Ordered also, that Copies of it be sent to the Clergy in the County, earnestly requesting them to make Parochial Collections for the Institution.

The Committee were instructed to prepare, print, and circulate with the Report, a Statement of various Sums contributed and expended from commencement in Building and Furnishing.

An Alteration was made in 52d General Rule referring to the Appropriation of the Beds among the Medical Officers.

The Committee were instructed, with the aid of the medical Officers, to draw up Rules for the Distribution of Premiums to be paid by any future Pupils of the Institution.

Resolved, that the words “Parochial Relief,” in Rule 42, be taken as meaning Parochial Relief in connection with Medical Attendance on the Applicant.

The Trustees empowered to sell Stock not exceeding £200, and to Borrow a Sum not exceeding £700, and give Security for the same.

The thanks of the Governors were voted to the several Officers of the Institution, to the late Chaplain, and to the Clergy who had undertaken the duty subsequent to his Resignation; to the Senior Pupil, for his exemplary conduct during the Illness of the House Surgeon; to the several Donors mentioned in the Report, and to the Right Hon. The Chairman.