Annual report for 1842

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1842 which was published in January 1843. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



The Committee of Management of the Dorset County Hospital have much satisfaction in reporting that, during its second year, the Institution has proved itself fully deserving of the statement and anticipations of the first annual report.  It has been, by the Divine blessing, the means of giving a large amount of relief and comfort, of which the sufferers would without it, have been, for the most part, destitute.  It has gained more and more the confidence of the poor and of the public, and its benefits are sought after beyond the limits to which they can possible be extended at present.


During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books Jan. 1. 21 46  0 0
Admitted  138  314  223  469

 159  360  223  469
Cured 78 164 118 227
     Much benefitted 34 77 50 101
     Incapable of further relief 3 0 4 0
     Improper Objects or otherwise disqualified 3 14 5 20
     Made Out-Patients 12
     Made In-Patients 20 28
   Absconded or result unknown 1 0 1 2
     Discharged for non-attendance 15 21
     Died 7 8 12 8

138  298  202  407

Remain on the Books 21 62 21 62


Household Servants. Accident Cases.
Of the Admissions in the past Year there have been 4 16
From the Commencement 4 27


Of the In-patients who have died, 4 were in a hopeless state when brought to the Hospital.  Of the Out-patients, 3 died of Epidemic diseases, and 2 of Consumption.

The state of the Funds and the Expenditure of the past year are shewn in the Treasurer’s Abstract appended to this report [not included in this extract].

No change has taken place amongst the Officers of the Institution, excepting removal by death.  The Committee have to mention with sincere regret the loss of their late Consulting Physician, Dr. Cooper and that of two of the most active Members of the Committee, Henry Plowman and John Albion Cox, Esqrs.  All the officers of the Hospital have continued to discharge their duties in a manner calling for the grateful acknowledgements of the Governors.  The Committee have to announce the entrance of Mr. F. J. Wyatt, as a Pupil to the Hospital during the last year.

In acknowledging again the services of the Rev. Geo. Wood, gratuitously as Chaplain during the past year, the Committee have to report the appointment of the Rev. Geo. E. Cole, by the Bishop of the Diocese, to the Office of Chaplain.  He entered upon his duties at once to the great comfort and pleasure of the Inmates of the Hospital.  A room has been temporarily fitted up as the Chapel.

The Committee acknowledge amongst other very liberal Donations the gracious benefaction of £50 from the Queen Dowager.

They feel it also a duty to make special mention of the bequest of £500 by the late Mr. Geo. Strickland, a retired tradesman of the town of Dorchester, well known and much esteemed, and they trust that it will operate as an example which others may be led to follow.

The Committee have to return their best thanks to the Clergy who have made Parochial Collections on behalf of the Hospital.  From this source the sum of £100 0s. 8d. has been derived, and they trust that it may be relied on as a permanent and increasing source of income.

The Ground formerly occupied by Mr. Mondey, as a Timber Yard, has been given up for the use of the Hospital, and converted into a Garden, which is both a comfort and a convenience to the Patients and a great improvement to the Hospital Ground.

In adverting to the proceedings and management of the past year, the Committee are compelled to say, that they have experienced much difficulty and inconvenience from the irregularities of Subscribers in not attending to the fundamental rules of the Hospital, as to the privileges of Subscribers, and the admission of Patients.  They have relaxed the rules to the utmost, as the Committee of the former year had done, so as to avoid causing inconvenience and disappointment to Subscribers and Candidates; in consideration of the Infancy of the Institution.  The irregularities however increase rather than diminish, and no other plan remains, but that of enforcing strictly, all the regulations of the Hospital.  These are laid down in the Rules furnished to every Governor, and so arranged as to be easy of reference.  Subjoined to the present report, is a short abstract of the leading rules to which attention is necessary; and if these are not adhered to, the Committee must not be expected to bear the blame of any disappointments that result from inattention to them.

As to the General prosperity of the Hospital, the Committee would say in conclusion that although it is so fully free from debt, that the Treasurer proposes to invest a sum of £100, this is caused by providential and unforeseen donations, and not by the standing Income of the Hospital having reached its required amount.  It will be seen by the Treasurer’s abstract, that the Subscriptions of the year do not amount to four-fifths of the cost of the Patients and the Establishment, and not to three-fourths of the entire Expenditure inclusive of Repairs, Furniture, Printing &c.  On the other hand, it is gratifying to report, that although there has been a loss of Annual Subscriptions by deaths and other causes amounting to upwards of £30, there have been additional Subscriptions to upwards of £87.  Applications have already been made for admission far exceeding the number to which it could in prudence have been given, but not more than the present building could easily contain.  Fifteen beds for men, and as many for women might probably be filled, when required, at an additional cost of less than £200, i.e. far below the present average cost of each.  And since this number would not at all more than meet, the applications which are constantly made, the Committee cannot urge too strongly upon the County, and the friends of the Hospital the endeavour to raise its income to such a state, as to enable the Institution to meet the wants, which with the blessing of God upon it, its well established usefulness, and the daily increasing confidence felt in it as an excellent medium of Charity, bring before it from day to day.

(Signed)     Arthur H. Dyke Acland, Chairman.




The above Report was adopted and ordered to be printed.–The Treasurer was ordered to invest the Sum of £100.  Votes of Thanks were given to the Rev. George Wood, for his past services as Chaplain; to the Medical Officers of the institution, for their valuable and efficient assistance; to the Clergy, who had made Parochial Collections on behalf of the Hospital; to the Committee, and to the Treasurer.

The Twelve elected members of the Committee were appointed for the ensuing Year and the Committee were authorized to fill up all Vacancies in their Number produced by death resignation.

On the motion of the Rev. J. A. TEMPLAR, the Committee was instructed to take the subject of the expediency of finishing the Hospital into their consideration, and to report the result to a future general meeting.

The Thanks of the meeting were given to the Right Honourable the Chairman.