Annual report for 1841

The following abstract of the hospital’s first annual report, for the year 1841, was published in the Dorset County Chronicle, 10 February 1842, page 2.



Of the COMMITTEE of MANAGEMENT for the YEAR 1841, adopted at the General Meeting held at DORCHESTER,

January 6th, 1842.

THE COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT of the DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL met on the day fixed for the Opening (viz., the 6th May) ; on that day no application was made for the admission of In-Patients, but several Out-Patients received advice and medicine.  On the 13th, 3 In-Patients were admitted, and on the 20th, 6 more.  From that time the numbers increased steadily, and for the first four months maintained an average of 14 In-Patients; and during the last four the full average of 20, some having been in the Hospital during six months and upwards.

There have been in all 85 In-Patients ; of these

40 have been discharged, cured ;

16 have been discharged, having received much benefit ;

2 proved to be improper cases ;

1 was pronounced incurable ;

5 have died ; out of which 3 were brought into the House, after serious accidents, with no hope of recovery ;

21 remain in the House.

Of this whole number,

11 were admitted without Tickets immediately after meeting with accidents.

There have been in all 155 Out-Patients admitted; of these

63 have been discharged, cured ;

24 have been discharged, having received much benefit ;

8 have become In-Patients ;

6 discharged for non-attendance ;

6 were found or became unqualified ;

2 results unknown ;

46 still on the Books.

Amongst these cases have been several of very great importance, some from serious external injuries and disorders, others from internal and organic diseases, which have been discharged cured, doubtless under the Divine blessing ; but, as the Committee are bound also to say, that blessing has (as they believe) attended most skilful [sic] treatment of every one of the Medical Officers of the Hospital, whose unremitting attention deserves the best acknowledgement of the Subscribers.

The Funds of the Hospital have been administered with as much care as was compatible with a free and liberal supply of whatever was deemed necessary for the Patients, and the occasional influx of accident cases, over which the Committed could have no control, and which at one time increase the number of In-Patients to 24.

The Committee have insured the Hospital itself and its Furniture in due proportions, amounting in all to the sum of £1500.

The state of the funds and the expenditure of the past year are shewn in the Treasurer’s Abstract appended to this Report.

The Committee have to acknowledge the very munificent gift of £200 from the Hon. Mrs. George Dawson Damer, of Came, together with very liberal donations from other persons, as well as the numberless contributions which flowed in from all parts of the County in the form of works of art and of taste, and which produced at the County Bazaar, in September, the sum of £1105 12s.

A provision has been offered to the Hospital of fifty pounds a year for the salary of a Chaplain, provided he be resident within the walls of the Hospital, and have the attendance of the Servants of the Hospital, with liberty to have his food from the Hospital kitchen, paying to the Hospital its actual cost : provided also that he have no other cure nor take occasional services, except within the town, and that his appointment be left entirely to the Bishop of the Diocese for the time being.  This offer has been accompanied with another to collect £25 a year as an addition to the salary of £50, and to secure the Hospital against all trouble or expense incident on the fitting up rooms which now form part of the premises of the Hospital.  These offers have been accepted, and rules and regulations referring to the religious attendance on the patients proposed and adopted.

In closing their Report of the transactions for the first year, the Committee cannot fail to express their hopes that the interests of the Hospital will be anxiously and actively borne in mind by its friends and supporters.  Up to the present time it is in a prosperous and flourishing state, but remembering the many applications that have been, of necessity, refused during the past year, and the impossibility of keeping the Hospital full without a somewhat larger income than the present, the Committee beg of its friends increased efforts on its behalf.  It is an Institution of interest and importance to the whole County, and the funds likely to be derived from the County cannot be larger than may be beneficially employed in this charitable work.  Those only who have attended to its management and effects can rightly estimate the comforts and blessings it diffuses amongst the poor, not only in the immediate neighbourhood, but in the distant parts of the County.  The warm expressions of gratitude have been in, in many instances, most satisfactory : and the Committee can assure the Governors that their contributions cannot be directed into a better or more efficacious channel ; that an amount of relief has, under the Diving blessing, been given to a large class of indigent sufferers, which it wold have been almost impossible to obtain through the medium of private charity, and to which in many cases even the opulent have not at all times access, and they look with confidence to this County putting them year by year in a position in which they may be able to increase and extend its manifold benefits.


This Report was received and adopted, and several provisional Rules made for the conduct and government of the House were confirmed.  Some recommendations of the Committee which require the attention of the Subscribers were also received and adopted.

The House of Apothecary was appointed to the office of Secretary, at an additional salary of £10, during the next year ; Messrs. Stone and Bridge continuing their services as Honorary Secretaries.

An increase of salary was voted to the Matron, making it £25.

All Donors of £50 and all Subscribers of £5 5s. are made Vice-Patrons and ex-officio Members of all Committees.

The Rule which precludes a Governor from voting, until one month from his first payment, is extended to preclude him from recommending a Patient until that period has elapsed.

Any person may be entitled at once to recommend an Out-Patient for one annual subscription or immediate payment of 10s.; not, however, becoming a Governor in right thereof.

A deposit of 1s. is required of all Out-Patients, the same to be returned to them on their discharge.

The Rules of the Hospital, together with some of the Bye Laws, have been rearranged and put into such form that they may easily be referred to.  A Copy of them will be forwarded to every Subscriber, and may be had for the sum of 1s. by all other persons.  The Committee earnestly request the attention of Subscribers to all Rules under the head of “Admission and Discharge of Patients”, as no Patients will be henceforth admitted into or received in the Hospital not bringing proper recommendations and guarantees, and otherwise qualified according to the Rules laid down.  Proper Forms of recommendations are given at the end of the Rules, but printed Forms are kept at the Hospital, and may be had on request by any Subscriber.

Old Linen of any kind will at all times be a must acceptable present, and may be left at the Hospital.