Annual report for 1848

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1848 which was published in January 1849. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



The Committee desire to express their humble gratitude to the Giver of all good for the continual blessing which He has been pleased to vouchsafe to the proceedings of the Dorset County Hospital during the 8th year of its existence.

The House Apothecary’s TABLE OF PATIENTS ADMITTED AND DISCHARGED will show a trifling decrease of the number of In-Patients, and a trifling increase of the number of Out-Patients, as compared with last year :- the daily average of In-Patients last year was 30⅝: this year it has been 29⅞.

During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books Jan. 1, 1848 24 98  –  –
     On Recommendations 139  344  1035  2663
     Household Servants  11  –  47  –
     Freely as accident cases  56 10  274  12

Renewed Tickets In-patients … 40. Out-patients … 128  230  452  1356  2675
Casual Cases (1848) 1113 (From commencement) 4536
Cured 100 185 680 1326
     Relieved 64 110 324 671
     Made Out-Patients 15 147
     Made In-Patients 17 129
     At their own request 7 1 39 12
     For misconduct 1 1 2
     Not relieved 4 15 15
     Incapable of further relief 5 3 32 16
     Improper objects 8 41
     Absconded or non-  attendance, mostly cured 2 43 12 260
     Died 7 5 59 54
     No report 13 62

    .  204  365  1330  2588
Remain on the Books  26  87  26  87


In order to put the Governors in possession of the financial circumstances of the year, it will be necessary to recal [sic] their attention to the last Report. Besides the loan on the Building Fund amounting to £900, there remained also due to the Treasurer a balance of £199 : 5s. on the expenditure of the preceding year. The suggestion of the Committee, however, that a subscription should be set on foot for discharging this latter incumbrance, was cordially responded to; and contributions to the amount of about £150 had been already received, when George Filliter, Esq. most handsomely placed at the disposal of the Committee the further sum of £200. They were thus enabled not only to pay off the unfavourable balance of the foregoing year, but they applied the surplus of £150 to the diminution of the previous Loan; conceiving that the ordinary Donations and Subscriptions of the year 1848 would probably be sufficient to cover its liabilities. It will be seen by the Treasurer’s Account, that in this they wre mistaken; and that there is a balance on the year’s expenditure against the Institution of £98 7s. 9d. They regret to say that the Parochial Collections – notwithstanding the additional privileges accorded to them at the last Annual Meeting – have fallen considerably short of their usual amount, the names of several Parishes, in which Collections have usually been made, having disappeared form that list. The Committee cannot abstain from again urging strongly upon the Clergy the importance to the Charity of this unexceptionable mode of keeping up its funds. They believe that many of the middle-classes, who may possibly not be in a position to become Annual Subscribers, gladly embrace such an opportunity of assisting in the support of an Institution, to which, even as Ratepayers, they are disposed to admit their obligations: whilst others, who themselves come within the sphere of its operations, often rejoice to present their humble thank-offering for benefits personally received.

The new subscriptions during the year amount to £40 : 12s., which, after allowing for several lamented losses, leaves a balance of increase of £10 2s. 6d.-

Legacies have been received from –

George Thomas Esq £100 0s. od.

The Lord Stavordale £100 0s. od.

John Templeman, Esq. £100 0s. od.


£300 0s. od.

which sum, together with £90 obtained by the sale of the Blandford Gas shares (presented by Dr. Heywood) has been bought into the Funds :- raising the Stock of the Hospital to £3338 7s. 10d.

It will be perceived, that there has been a striking and satisfactory decrease in the cost, and consumption of almost every article, except the Drugs, &c. To this item the Committee have directed their most earnest attention, and finding it impossible to exercise any control over it, so long as the large, and annually increasing number of casual cases was indiscriminately received, they have thought it advisable to direct, that no medicine shall in future be dispensed to any applicant unprovided with a proper Ticket.

In pursuance of the vote of the Special General Meeting of August 17th, the Committee nominated the Rev. Wm. Buller to the Bishop, by whom he was duly licenced to the Chaplaincy. His Curate, Rev. Augustus Turner, soon afterwards took up his residence in the Hospital. The services have been for some time performed in the little Chapel, kindly presented, and erected by A. H. D. Acland, Esq., which, on several accounts, is felt to be a valuable addition to the Institution.

The best thanks of the Committee are once more offered, as they are abundantly due, to the Physician, and Surgeons; nor can they peak in too high terms of the general management, and conduct of the whole Establishment. Both Mr. Shettle , and Mrs. Dancy, have afforded them unmingled satisfaction, by the very kind, able, and judicious manner, in which they have discharged their respective duties; and preserved alike the comfort, and the discipline of the Institution.

In concluding their Report, the Committee would repeat their conviction, expressed last year, of the great advantages derived to the Hospital by the appointment of such an efficient, and laborious paid-officer of the Clerk. They are fully aware, that the extent of his services has been far beyond the amount of his Salary: and they would, therefore, cordially recommend to the Governors the proposition of the Finance Sub-Committee, that a gratuity of £5 be voted to him, in testimony of his usefulness, and zeal.





JOHN WALMESLEY, ESQ., in the Chair

The above report was adopted, and ordered to be printed and circulated.

Resolved, that the Committee’s expressions of gratitude to A. H. Dyke Acland, Esq., for his services rendered to the Hospital, and of regret at his retirement from the Chairmanship, are cordially responded to by the Governors.

Resolved, that the Chairman of the Committee be requested to express the deep condolence of this Meeting with the Right Hon. The Patron on the loss of the much lamented friend to the Institution, the late Lord Stavordale.

Thanks were voted respectively to the Treasurer, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Committee, and also to the Chairman of the Meeting.