Annual report for 1896

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1896 which was published in 1897. The original report is at the Dorset History Centre (reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/2/1/1).



During the year 1896 the total number of Patients have been –

   For 1895.


Out. In.


On the books Jan. 1, 1896    …


175 40


Admitted   – Medical   …


} 818

} 262

} 759

       “ Surgical   …






Operations, 1895 ….. 43. [The year may be wrong: it seems odd to give the number of operations for 1895 but not for 1896]

The Weekly Average of In-patients was 36, as compared with 34 the previous year.

Statistical Tables, prepared by the House Surgeon, giving full details, and also a list of Surgical Operations, are given at the end of the Report.

The Expenditure of the year has been unusually heavy owing to the important works which have been completed, including repairs to the fabric, renewal of furniture, and the introduction of hot-water pipes throughout the building ; a considerable portion of which will have to be paid for as stated last year out of the Investment Fund.

All the details of Income and Expense will be seen in the Treasurer’s Statement, and it will suffice to mention here the totals–viz. :–

Income from all sources £2263 13s. 2d.

Expenditure from all sources £2920 6s. 9d.

The following Legacies have been received: –

The Lady Emily Williams £50.

Miss Foster £100.

Miss Ann Lucas  £100.

Mr. W. Clements  £10.

Mrs. Jane Fisher  £100.

Mr. Israel Noake  £450.

As in previous years many kind friends have contributed in various ways by generous gifts, to the comfort and benefit of the Hospital.

The following members of the Committee of Management retire by rotation, and are eligible for re-election : Capt. Mansel, Mr. J. S. Hull, Mr. A. H. Lock, Major Clapcott, Mr. Manfield, and Mr. Baunton.

To refer briefly to the matters dealt with at the last Annual Meeting. The addition of a Surgeon Dentist to the Hon. Medical Staff took place in May by the election of Mr. Prideaux, whose services have proved most valuable ; he having already attended to 157 cases, five being dental operations under anaesthetics ; the fact of his living so close to the Hospital has proved a convenience to those requiring his attention.

On the addition of Saturday as admission day for Country Patients, many have availed themselves of the privilege.

The relaxation of the rule relating to the age of children eligible for admission, has resulted in 10 under six years old becoming in-patients who would not otherwise have been admissible.

It is difficult as yet to gauge the result of the increased privileges granted to Collectors.

A detailed account of the various alterations and improvements to the Building was sent out to the Governors in September last.  The total cost has be £950 7s. 11d.

Two portable hand Fire Engines have been obtained, and the nurses and servants instructed in their use.

In referring to the personnel of the Hospital we wish first to express our great regret at the resignation of our late highly valued and courteous chairman, Mr. Kindersley, who for eight years had devoted himself to the interests of the Hospital. We have also to deplore the loss through death, of two valued members of the Committee-Mr. Gregory and Mr. Legg ; the vacancies thus caused were filled in May be the election of Rev. J. McClune Uffen and Mr. J. S. Hull.

The warmest thanks are due to the Honorary Medical Staff, for their constant and skilful treatment of the cases under their care.

Mr. Northbury retired from the post of House Surgeon early in the year, and was succeeded by Mr. Wyke-Smith, who resigned in October, when Mr. Adams was elected to fill the vacancy.

We believe that endeavours are made to carry on this charitable work in a thoroughly efficient manner, and trust that Divine blessing and guidance may rest on it, and on all connected with it during the course of  another year.

JOHN E. ACLAND, Chairman of Committee.

[Manuscript note added: “Elected 1st time March 5th 1896”]


During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books 1st January, 1896 43 175
On Recommendations  217 813  13520  25337
Household Servants  4  273
Freely as Accident cases  36  2084
Emergencies  26  454  74

Renewed Tickets In-patients … 55. Out-patients … 215 326 993 16331 25411
Casual Cases 441 (From commencement 42742)
Dental Cases 157
Cured  130  210  7191  9224
Relieved  72  517  4502  10561
Supplied with Trusses  18  5  651
Made Out-Patients  55  2261
Made In-Patients  36  1088
At their own Request  9  809  85
For Misconduct  48  6
Incapable of Further Relief  8  7  729  631
Improper Objects  21  54
Non- attendance  45  2713
Died  17  3  730  241

291 836 16296 25254
Remaining on Books January 1st 1897 35 157 35 157

Average Number of Patients … … … 36. Average Cost Per Head Per Week … … … 18/6.