Annual report for 1895

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1895 which was published in January 1896. The original report is at the Dorset History Centre (reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/2/1/1). A transcript of the receipts for the year (extracted from the balance sheet, which forms part of the annual report) is available on this site (click on the red link).



The Committee have the pleasure to present to the Governors their Report for the year 1895.

The total number of In-Patients treated during the year has been 302, as against 303 in 1894 and the Weekly Average 34, being 2 less than in 1894. The Average Cost is 19s. 0½d. per week.

The Out-Patients have been 884, as against 851 in 1894 ; and the Casuals 604, as against 630.

The Income of the year arising from Subscriptions has again decreased by £22. This is chiefly caused by the deaths of three five guinea Subscribers–viz., Lady Oglander, Dr. Hawkins, and Mrs. Lock ; one Subscriber of £5 5s. 0d. withdrew his subscription, and a few guinea subscriptions were lost through deaths and withdrawals. One Subscription of £5 5s. 0d. was added, and some new Subscribers of £1 1s. 0d., but the result is a still further reduced Subscription List.

The Collections have decreased by £5.

No Donations of a large amount have been received, but the amounts paid exceed those of the previous year by £3.

The Income Receipts from all sources are £125 more than those of 1894. This includes £14 from Insurance Office for damage by fire, and £55 15s. 11d. repaid on three years’ Income-tax.

Three Legacies have been received during the year–viz., Dr. Bissell Hawkins, £308 12s. 6d. ; Mr. W. Hanne, £785 16s. 3d. ; and Mrs. S. J. Abbott, £500.

In expenditure, Food is £7 less. Wine and Spirits £10 more. Drugs and Surgery Expenses have increased by nearly £60 (principally in Lint, Tow, Bottles, &c.), and an increase in Drugs. Washing £6 more. Firing is less.

There has been a renewal of the Bedding at an extra expenditure of £24, and £10 excess in Furniture and ordinary Repairs.

The debt mentioned in last year’s Report in connection with the drains has been paid off, amounting to £114 2s. 0d.

The following Members of the Committee of Management retire by rotation : –General Denne, Mr. W. A. Bankes, Rev. H. P. Williams-Freeman, Captain Glyn, Mr. Furmedge, and Mr. H. S. Williams.

Mr. Bankes has given notice of his intention not to offer himself for re-election. Sir Henry Peto has also resigned.

Mr. G. A. George, one of the Honorary Surgeons, has resigned, and, at a special meeting of the Governors, held in October, the vacancy was filled up by the appointment of Mr. W. B. Cosens.

The Committee desire to express their gratitude to the Honorary Medical Staff for their continuous and efficient labours at the Hospital.

Mr. Howitt, who was appointed House Surgeon in the place of Mr. Wilson, mentioned in last report, retired after a few weeks’ sojourn to take up a larger sphere of work at Edinburgh. He was succeeded by Mr. Norbury in July.

The Subscriptions to the Chaplaincy Fund have decreased from £53 15s. 0d. to £48 15s. 0d. ; the total receipts being £57 12s. 0d.

The Chaplain’s stipend is £60. The balance in hand is £15 18s. 3d., as against £18 6s. 3d. at the beginning of the year.

The Committee desire to call the attention of the friends of the Hospital to the state of this fund.

In February last a Sub-Committee was appointed to enquire and report on certain additions and alterations for the improvement of the efficiency of the Hospital and of the comfort and welfare of the Patients and Staff. The Committee on presenting their report were empowered to introduce a hot water apparatus for heating the Hospital generally at an estimated cost of £325 ; to substitute wooden blocks for the stone throughout the whole of the ground floor, passages, and corridors ; to rebuild the defective chimneys, and do general repairs to the roof, and to renew the treads of the stone staircase at an estimated cost of £281 ; to refurnish the Nurses’ and Servants’ bedrooms at an estimated cost of about £126 ; to erect a new lift at £26 ; to introduce electric bells to the wards at a cost of £15 4s. 0d., and to make sundry alterations and additions to the Surgeons’ and operating rooms at a cost of about £46. All these additions and alterations will be paid for out of the Investment Fund.

During the year many useful and acceptable presents have been received from numerous kind friends, to all of whom grateful thanks are given.

In conclusion the Committee desire to express their thankfulness to Almighty God for the blessings that have attended the Institution through another year ; and they earnestly commend its merciful work to the sympathy and kind support of all who are interested in the County of Dorset.


Chairman of Committee.

During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books 1st January, 1895 40 125
On Recommendations 185 759 13303 24519
Household Servants 3 269
Freely as Accident cases 30 2048
Emergencies 44 428 74

Renewed Tickets In-patients … 62. Out-patients … 233 302 884 16048 24593
Casual Cases 604 (From commencement) 42301
Cured 119 165 7061 9014
Relieved 70 435 4430 10044
Supplied with Trusses 31 5 633
Made Out-Patients 30 2206
Made In-Patients 28 1052
At their own Request 15 800 85
For Misconduct 48 6
Incapable of further relief 7 6 721 624
Improper Objects 21 54
Non- attendance 43 2668
Died 18 1 713 238

259 709 16005 24418
Remaining on Books January 1st 1896 43 175 43 175