Annual report for 1884

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1884 which was published in January 1885. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/10M/36).


The Committee of Management of the Dorset County Hospital have much pleasure in presenting to the Governors this, their 44th Annual Report, with heartfelt thanks to Almighty God for His special blessing to the Institution during the last year.

They are enabled to happily to report that the receipts for 1884 have been largely in excess of those for 1883.

In 1883 the total receipts were £2,679 11s. 7d., whereas, in 1884, they amounted to £4,313 1s. 9d. This increase, as will be seen by thoughtfully bestowed by Lord Sandwich, Archdeacon Huxtable and others, and these Legacies by the Rules of the Hospital must be funded. At the same time, it is very satisfactory to note that the Annual Subscriptions show a decided gain ; and the Congregational Collections have been higher than in any previous year.

The expenses of the past year unfortunately have been unusually heavy, £173 12s. 6d. in excess of ordinary income, and the already large debt of £347 11s. 5d. due to the Treasurer on the current account has been increased by that amount, and now stands at £521 3s. 11d. This excessive expenditure is explained by the large number of In-patients under treatment during the year. The wards have always been full, and, at times, as many as six and eight patients have been waiting their turn for admission. During 1883 the daily average number of In-patients was 34½, but in 1884 it increased to 46½. Thus in the past year there has been a daily average of 12 In-patients over that of the year previous.

The working in every department of the Hospital has been most satisfactory, and the committee take this opportunity of expressing their gratitude to all the officers connected with the Institution for their kind help and valuable assistance.

The resignation of their excellent Matron gives cause for much regret and some anxiety. For the last three years she has materially contributed to the comfort of the inmates, and the committee feel that it will be no easy matter to replace one who has been so unsparing of her time and attention to all those entrusted to her care.

With this exception there has been no change in the staff during the past year.

In-patients, 1884, 327 ; 1883, 259.

Out-patients, 1884, 709 ; 1883, 625