Annual report for 1860

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1860 which was published in January 1861. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



A completed period of 20 years, during which the Hospital has been in operation, not unnaturally invites the Committee to look back upon its course, and to compare its present condition with the past.

Not a few of the kind friends, whose faith, and zeal, and liberality originated it and fostered it at first, have been taken from amongst us;  but many still remain, who remember the anxious fears and prognostications of failure, which beset it’s commencement, and who best can declare how deep a debt of gratitude we owe to our Heavenly Father, for the unlooked-for position of completeness and efficiency, to which, through His blessing and providential care, it has now been brought.

Within that comparatively short time a building has been erected, sufficient for any demands which the County may provably make upon it:  more than 5,000 In-Patients, and more than 7,000 Out-Patients have been treated:  accommodation, during the last few years, has been afforded, almost without stint or delay, to every admissible case:  a sum total of upwards of £32,000 has been expended, inclusive of the cost of building:  and upwards of £8,200 Stock is invested in the names of the Trustees, as a safeguard against contingencies.

The past year has been marked by no very prominent or exceptional circumstances.  The ordinary receipts have been pretty equally balanced with the expenditure.  The Subscription List has been well maintained, and the Donations and Congregational Collections have reached about their average amount;  so that, after providing for the heavy expenditure of the year, the small balance of £26 4s. 2d. remains due to the Treasurer.

It must, however, be borne in mind, that the balance of £270 in the Treasurer’s hands, at the beginning of the year, and also the legacy of £250 Consols. from the Widow of the late  highly respected Rev. Henry Walter, of Haselbury Bryan, have been invested in the Funds.

The actual number of In-Patients has been rather more than last year;  but the weekly average less – (43 11/13 against 48 2/13).

The increased cost of maintenance per head, as well as the larger general expenditure, is by no means attributable to any relaxation of vigilance on the part of the excellent and long-tried Matron;  but may be distinctly traced to the high price of provisions which has prevailed during the year.

The number of Out-Patients has been unusually small.

The new Convalescent Wards, in the Bankes’ Wing – the comfort and cheerfulness of which have been much increased by the kind gift of the Countess of Falmouth, announced in last year’s Report, and also by contributions of furniture made by Mrs Bankes herself  – have been constantly occupied, greatly to the advantage and well-being of the Patients.

A contract has been concluded with Wm. Eliot, Esq. for the purchase of a small piece of ground lying to the southward of the Hospital.  The Committee deemed it to be of extreme importance to secure a larger outlet, where their boundaries have been hitherto sadly circumscribed.  This house abutting on the Hospital, and now occupied by Mrs Bishop, is to be removed, and the wall carried out something more than 50 feet in that direction.

Amongst other advantages, an opening will thus be afforded for the new and commodious Chapel, the foundations of which are already laid, and for which the Hospital is to be altogether indebted to the generosity – hereditary in his name, and so often before displayed by himself – of Robert Williams, Esq. of Bridehead.

The cordial thanks of the Governors, it need hardly be said, are constantly due to the Medical Officers for the kind, able, and gratuitous services to the Institution.


January 10, 1861.


During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books 1st January, 1860 34 43
ADMITTED since:–
On Recommendations 313 263 4,197 6,994
Household Servants 3 121
Freely as Accident cases 37 788 50
Emergencies 9 53

 396  306 5,159 7,044
RENEWED TICKETS–In-Patients 55. Out-Patients 104. Casual Cases (1860) 998. From commencement 12,731
Cured 186 101 2,384 3,231
Relieved 121 104 1,861
Supplied with Trusts 16 44
Made Out-Patients 22 555
Made In-Patients 15 393
At their own request 3 232 65
For misconduct 11 5
Not relieved 100 42
Incapable of further relief 13 2 126 56
Improper objects 3 19 54
Non-attendance 13 954
Tickets unrenewed 19 22
Died 14 2 219 113
No report 2 41 153

359 255 5,122 6,993
Remaining on the Books 37 51 37 51

Weekly average of In-Patients, ….. 43 11-13