Annual report for 1859

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1859 which was published in January 1860. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



Another year of remarkable and unexpected prosperity invites the Committee to present their 19th annual report, with heart-felt acknowledgements of gratitude to that good and gracious God, to whose honour the Hospital is dedicated, and by whose blessing it can alone be sustained.

It will be necessary to remind the Governors that, by Sir R. P. Glyn’s munificent gift of £1000, as well as other exceptional sources of income, the balance in the Treasurer’s hands, at the close of last year, amounted to no less than £1,261 8s. 6d.

After careful deliberation, the Committee determined at once to fund £600 of this sum, reserving the remainder of the discharge of liabilities still outstanding on account of the new buildings, and for the furniture and fittings, which might be required in order to pay the Convalescent Wards in the Bankes’ Wing for the occupation of patients.

The sum of £161 10s. 3d was accordingly transferred to the building fund, all other claims upon which had been satisfied by the legacy of £500 from the late Right Hon. George Bankes, M.P., and the noble addition of £700 by his widow;  whilst the latter object has also been accomplished, and has greatly contributed to the well-being of the patients.  These wards will, doubtless, still be much improved, by the application of a kind donation of £50, which an honoured member of the Bankes’ family, the Countess of Falmouth, has entrusted to Mr. Floyer, for the purchase of such additional furniture, books, &C., as may render them more cheerful and comfortable.

The legacies received during the year have been that of our late beloved Patron, the Earl of Ilchester, £450; John Garland, Esq. £10; Miss G. L. Churchill, £200;  amounting to a sum of £660, which has been invested, increasing our funded property by the sum of £1260, besides a donation of £200 stock, which does not appear in the Treasurer’s statement, but which has been bought into the names of the Trustees by Thomas Cockeram, Esq., to be called, in memory of his late sister, “Miss Mary Cockeram’s Fund”.

The subscriptions – the best test of public confidence – have been in excess of every previous year;  and the donations and congregational collections higher than on any other occasion, except when some special and urgent appeal has been put forth.

After satisfying every demand, a balance still remains on the Treasurer’s hands of £270 1s. 9d.

The number of in-patients treated during the year has been 371, a few more than in 1858, though the weekly average (48 2-13) has been slightly, and the number of out-patients (378) considerably, less.

The post of House Apothecary, vacant at the last annual meeting, was filled, early in the year, by the election of Mr. D. W. Phillips, who came with high recommendations, and has discharged his duties with vigour and ability.

The Chaplaincy, about to be vacated by the resignation of the Rev. Edward Williams, has been filled up this day, by the election, subject to the approval of the Bishop, of the Rev. John Gerrard Davis.

It is a cause of much thankfulness that the Honorary Medical Officers have constantly rendered their invaluable services to the Institution in perfect cordiality, and harmony with the Committee.

Each new set of circumstances seems more thoroughly to call into action that rare combination of firmness, tact, and tenderness, with which the Matron has ever executed her most important duties.

Amongst the losses of the year, the Committee have unaffectedly to lament the death of one of their Honorary Secretaries, Mr. John Garland, who had long afforded them his very effective and willing help.  It will devolve upon the Governors to appoint his successor today.

The Committee have not been able to exercise to its full extent the power, accorded to them at the last annual meeting, of electing eight corresponding members, “to further the interests of the Hospital in their respective neighbourhoods,” only two, Mr. Robert Fowler, of Winterborne Whitechurch, and Mr. Francis Pope, of Kingston Lacy, having hitherto accepted the offer.



January 12, 1860.



During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books 1st January, 1860 [should be 1859] 40 85
ADMITTED since:–
On Recommendations 290 293 3884 6731
Household Servants 11 118
Freely as Accident cases 27 751 50
Emergencies 3 44
331 293

 371  378  4797 6781
RENEWED TICKETS–In-Patients 83. Out-Patients 82. Casual Cases (1859) 580. From commencement 11733
Cured 143 136 2198 3130
Relieved 129 119 1295 1757
Supplied with Trusses 11 28
Made Out-Patients 13 533
Made In-Patients 15 378
At their own request 15 2 229 65
For misconduct 1 11 5
Not relieved 1 1 100 42
Incapable of further relief 21 7 113 54
Improper objects 3 19 54
Non-attendance 37 941
Tickets unrenewed 19 22
Died 9 2 205 111
No Report 3 5 41 151

337 335 4763 6738
Remaining on the Books 34 43 34 43

Weekly average of In-Patients, 48 2-13.