Annual report for 1858

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1858 which was published in January 1859. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



With ascriptions of devout thankfulness to Him, who bath all hearts in His hand, the Committee desire to acknowledge the large and unprecedented amount of support which the Dorset County Hospital has received during the 18th year of it’s existence.

Singularly enough, the number of In-patients has been precisely coincidental with the number of the days of the year;  and although it is rather less than usual, the daily average (50½) has been higher than ever heretofore.  The pressure of applicants during a considerable part of the year was peculiarly heavy;  and, notwithstanding some misgivings as to the probability of the funds holding out, the Committee, after due deliberation, decided upon continuing the rate of admissions upon an extreme scale.  They felt that the generous aid accorded to the Hospital in every previous difficulty, demanded the most liberal extension possible of its benefits;  and that no coarse would more surely tend to check the liberality of it’s friends, than to refuse their recommendations, and thus oblige them to see relief elsewhere for their poor and suffering neighbours.  The result of this year’s proceedings undoubtedly appears to justify this confidence.  For the result the Institution is largely indebted to the kind influence of the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, and to the Clergy, who, in compliance with is Lordship’s request, that they should plead with their Parishioners for thank-offerings in acknowledgment of the abundant Harvest, have paid over to the Treasurer a sum, amounting altogether to £546 0s 5.  The Committee have also to record with Glyn Bart, recently received;  so that instead of having to lament the deficiency which at one time they could not but apprehend, they have funded, according to custom, the Legacies paid during the year, viz. £100 from the late James Sherren, Esq., and £50 from their late invaluable friend and colleague, Arthur Henry Dyke Troyte, Esq.;  they have paid off the balance of £69 5s. 6d. due to the Treasurer at the beginning of the year, and, after providing for a very heavy annual expenditure, have still a balance in the Treasurer’s hands of £1261 8s. 6d.

Most gladly would they have added the whole of this surplus to the Funded Stock, but no inconsiderable part of it will be required to balance the Building account, and also to provide the Furniture and Fixtures of the “Bankes’ Wing”, which is now, after inevitable delays, pronounced by the Architect to be ready for occupation.

A statement of the Building Account will be appended to the Report, by which it will be seen that Mrs. Bankes has most munificently supplemented Mr. Bankes’s Legacy of £500 by the sum of £700.

The Committee were much encouraged by the readiness and cordiality with which the Earl of Ilchester accepted the office of Patron, vacant by the decease of his honoured and beloved brother.

They have to express once more their hearty appreciation of the kind and effective services of the Honorary Medical Officers.  The Committee feel that they have no right to complain of the loss which the Hospital has sustained by the retirement of Mr. W. G. Bacot from the office of House-Apothecary.  For nearly seven years the skill and energy of this excellent young man have been thoroughly devoted to the best interests of the Charity, and they fervently wish him the success he deserves in the new and wider sphere of practice upon which he has now entered.

A satisfactory arrangement has been made for the temporary performance of his duties, by the engagement of Mr. Eustace Smith:  but hitherto the advertisements for a permanent successor have obtained no reply.  To renew the advertisements with the offer of a higher salary appears to be the only expedient to which they can now resort.

It is impossible to mention in to high terms the gentle, but vigilant and judicious manner in which the Matron continues to discharge her duties.

Though the total expenditure has been necessarily greater, the average cost of each Patient’s maintenance has been necessarily greater, the average cost of each Patient’s maintenance per week has been somewhat less than last year, and the Committee believe that a careful inspection of the Books would not fail to prove that the strictest economy is exercised, consistent with the existing Dietary Tables, and with a proper regard to the comfort of the Patients and the Household.

The Committee cannot forbear from making, in conclusion, one or two suggestions:  first, that if the present rate of admission is to be maintained – and to draw back from it, would be to leave a certain amount of the sick poor of the County unrelieved – special exertions, in the form of Donations, or Congregational Collections, MUST be continued for the present, since the fixed Income (as it may be called) arising from Subscriptions and Interest, falls short by some £300 or £400 of the probable expenditure – increased, as it must needs be, to some extent by the opening of the “Bankes’ Wing”;  secondly, the Committee would respectfully, but earnestly, reiterate their request to the Governors, ( contained in the last Report), that they should continue their recommendations, as far as can possibly be ascertained, to such cases as really require Hospital treatment, and which cannot be as effectually dealt with by the appliances of public or private Charity at home.





During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books 1st January, 1858. 47 88
ADMITTED since, viz.–
On Recommendations 272 405 3594 6438
Household Servants 7 107
Freely as Accident cases 35 5 724 50
Emergencies 4 41
318 410

 365  498  4466 6488
RENEWED TICKETS–In-Patients 95. Out-Patients 133. Casual Cases (1858) 571. From commencement 11153
Cured 92 130 2056 2994
Relieved 140 128 1166 1638
Supplied with Trusses 17 17
Made Out-Patients 39 520
Made In-Patients 17 363
At their own request 16 8 214 63
For Misconduct 1 10 5
Not Relieved 7 7 99 41
Incapable of further Relief 9 7 92 47
Improper Objects 1 16 54
Non-attendance 82 904
Tickets unrenewed 19 22
Died 22 7 196 109
No Report 8 38 146

325 413 4426 6403
Remaining on the Books 40 85 40 85

Weekly average of In-patients – 50⅓.






That J. E. Tooze, Esq., be appointed Honorary Secretary in the place of WILLIAM BRIDGE, Esq., deceased.

That the Committee be empowered to elect eight Corresponding Members, to further the interests of the Hospital in their respective neighbourhoods.

That a vote of thanks be given to Sir R. P. GLYN, Bart, for his princely Donation of £1000.

That a vote of thanks be given to the Medical Officers.

That the thanks of the meeting be given to the Right Honourable the CHAIRMAN.