Annual report for 1851

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1851 which was published in January 1852. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



The Report, which the Committee are now, through God’s blessing, enabled to present, they feel to be such as may well awaken thanksgiving to Him, who is the source of all mercies, and who has been graciously pleased to bestow a still increasing measure of success upon the operations of the Institution during its 11th year.

The vote of the last Annual Meeting, by which they were authorised to raise the number of beds from 37 to 40 – making an increase of 7 in two years – was immediately acted upon:  and the consequence has been that 51 more In-Patients have been received than in the previous year, and that the weekly average has been 35 instead of about 32.

The annexed table is presented in the usual form;  by which it will be perceived that there has also been a great increase in the number of the Out-Patients;  viz: from 374 to 459.


During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books Jan. 1, 1851 33 65
On Recommendations 258 386 1631 3740
Household Servants 3 65
Freely as Accident cases 53 8 457 35
314 394

Renewed Tickets In-patients … 34. Out-patients … 83 347 459 2153 3775
Casual Cases (1851) 548 (From commencement) 6605
Cured 153 202 1084 1870
Relieved 64 102 486 934
Made Out-Patients 51 263
Made In-Patients 30 196
At their own request 19 4 87 21
For Misconduct 1 3
Not Relieved 7 3 35 20
Incapable of further Relief 2 2 40 20
Improper Objects 1 11 44
Absconded or non- attendance, mostly cured 3 56 16 455
Tickets unrenewed 22
Died 11 4 80 69
No report 13 66

310 404 2116 3720
Remaining on the Books 37 55 37 55

Weekly average of In-Patients … … … 35

Notwithstanding the greater accommodation afforded, there has been no inconsiderable pressure for admission at two or three periods of the year, and the anxious efforts of the Committee have not always been successful in securing the immediate reception of applicants.  Whilst there is much encouragement to hope that the Hospital will be ultimately made adequate to answer every ordinary call upon it’s charity, it cannot at present be pronounced to have fully reached that desirable condition.  A very trifling addition to the existing number of beds could be made without opening another Ward, and employing another nurse;  but to do more than this would, in the opinion of the Committee, entail a permanent expense scarcely warranted by the Income now at their disposal.

The sum of £100, constituting, within a few shillings, the balance in the Treasurer’s hands at the beginning of the year, has been funded by direction of the last Annual Meeting.  The Legacy of £200 – respecting which, to the great regret of the Committee, a mis-statement was inadvertently made in the last Report – has been duly received from the Executors of the late Mr. Henry Jacob of Dorchester, and has also been funded;  together with £50 bequeathed by the late Mr. Henry Sherren of Broad Mayne, and £50 apportioned from the residuary estate of the late Lieut-Genl. Sir John Elley, K.C.B. for which the Hospital is indebted to the kind nomination of Miss Jane Carter of Andover, his executrix.  Two Legacies of £100 each have also been announced from the Late Mr. Stephen Biggs, of Dorchester, and the late Richard Craze, Esq. of Taunton:  all these bequests having been left free of Legacy duty.

The Donations, it will be seen, amount to £155 : 7 : 4 inclusive of the munificent gift of £100 Stock recently transferred by George Harris, Esq. of Henbury to the Capital Fund of the Institution, by which means, in addition to the above-mentioned investments, it is raised, to the sum of £3363: 9: 2.

The Committee regret to state that the Congregational Collections – a source of income to which they attach special importance, and for which they would once more most earnestly plead – have been somewhat fewer in number, and less in amount than in foregoing years.  The new Subscriptions too have hardly supplied the losses of the year:  but these deficiencies have been more than compensated by the diminution of expenditure, which, in spite of the increase of Patients, has been considerably reduced in several important particulars, especially in the Article of Drugs, &c, and the Treasurer’s account presents another favourable balance of £113: 4: 6.

The Committee gratefully renew their sincere acknowledgements to the Medical Officers for the continued skill and attention, which they have devoted to their voluntary, and increased labours;  nor must this Report be closed without a cordial expression of the obligation due to the House-Apothecary, and the Matron, for the highly satisfactory manner in which they have carried on the duties of their respective departments, and to whom, as well as their efficient Clerk, the Committee, and Governors in general are largely indebted for the economical, and otherwise gratifying results of the proceedings of the year.




The Report was adopted, and ordered to be printed and circulated.

RESOLVED, That the balance of £113 : 4 : 6 be Funded.

RESOLVED, That a further increase of beds in the present Wards be carried out at the discretion of the Committee.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of the meeting be given to the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Committee.

RESOLVED, That a vote of condolence on his late melancholy bereavement be offered to the Chairman of the Committee.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of the meeting be given to the noble Patron in the Chair.