Annual report for 1850

The following is an extract from the annual report for the year 1850 which was published in January 1851. The report is amongst uncatalogued material at the Dorset History Centre (temporary reference number NG/HH/DO(C)/Accession 4898).



The Committee of the Dorset County Hospital present the report of the proceedings of another year with renewed feelings of gratitude to the Author and Giver of all good things, for the continuance of this favour and blessing on the Institution.

The addition to the number of beds sanctioned by the last Annual Meeting has been made, raising them from 33 to 37:  and in consequence, the In-patients have been much more numerous than in any preceding year.  It will be seen, however, by reference to the Treasurer’s statement, that, not withstanding this increase, and although the weekly average of In-Patients has been about 32 instead of 27: to which it amounted last year, the total domestic, and ordinary expenditure has been nearly stationary;  and the balance in hand at the beginning of the year (£24 : 2 : 11) has been increased to upwards of £100.

The following table offers little else for remark, except the decrease of Out-Patients, attributable to the general healthiness of the year, uniformly observed to follow upon a year of prevailing Epidemic, such as Cholera:-


During the past Year. From the com-mencement.
In Patients. Out Patients. In Patients. Out Patients.
On the Books Jan. 1, 1850 28 47  –  –
     On Recommendations 191 321 1373 3354
     Household Servants 9  – 62  –
     Freely as Accident cases 68 6 404 27
268 327

Renewed Tickets In-patients … 31. Out-patients … 72 296 374 1839 3381
Casual Cases (1850) 741 (From commencement) 6057
Cured 130 163 931 1668
     Relieved 52 69 422 832
     Made Out-Patients 43 212
     Made In-Patients 22 166
     At their own request 18 1 68 17
     For misconduct 1 1 3
     Not relieved 6 2 28 17
     Incapable of further relief 4 1 38 18
     Improper objects 3 2 11 43
     Absconded or non-  attendance, mostly cured 42 13 399
     Tickets unrenewed 22
     Died 7 6 69 65
     No report 13 66

263 309 1806 3316
Remaining on the Books 33 65 33 65

Weekly average of In-Patients … …. …. 32

The effect of the increased number of beds has been to obviate, during a great part of the year, the disagreeable necessity of reusing immediate admission to applicants, from the insufficiency of accommodation.  Latterly this inconvenience has to some extent returned, thus manifesting that the Hospital is not yet fully adequate to the wants of the County.

The Committee have had no serious difficulty of any kind to contend with in the past year.  The Funds at their disposal, though falling considerably below those of former years (as will be seen at a glance by the annexed analysis) have still been sufficient to meet the existing demands upon the Charity.  The Patients have been without exception, conformable to the Rules:  and the domestic arrangements have been carried on quietly and efficiently, under the very satisfactory superintendence of the House Apothecary and the Matron, in their respective departments.

Whilst mentioning with much thankfulness the able and unwearied exertions of the Medical Officers, the Committee cannot be record their high sense of the services rendered by the Late Dr. Jackson, (The Consulting Physician), both in the original establishment of the Institution, and, as long as his health permitted, in the execution of the office of Physician.

The Legacy of the late Miss Mary Strong (£31: 10 : 0)has been received and funded.  The bequest of the late Mr. Benjamin Jacob (£100) has become due in consequence of his Brother’s death, but has not yet been received.

The Committee feel that after ten years of successful and progressive operation, they may confidently claim the support of all persons connected with the County:  and earnestly request those who may, from any cause, have hitherto withheld from it their countenance and assistance, to re-consider their objections, and, if possible, unite in this good work.  A very little additional effort would enable it to supply all the calls that are likely to be made upon it.  Especially would the Committee beg the Clergy to pardon their importunity in urging once more upon them the great importance of increasing, instead of diminishing, as been the case in the past year, the number of Congregational Collections.

The Rules of the Institution, being out of print, have been revised, and reprinted:  and copies will be furnished to all Subscribers, who apply for them at the Hospital.