Admission Records

© Dorset History Centre (NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1)

© Dorset History Centre (NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1)

There are two main sources for records of hospital admissions – the management committee minutes and the admissions registers. Both types of record are at the Dorset History Centre.  The registers are the more useful source, although none have survived before 1847. Use the links below to access patient details extracted from the committee minutes up to 1847 and partial transcripts of the registers from 1847 onwards:

Format of in-patient and out-patient registers

The registers have the following headings – items marked with an asterisk are included in the partial transcripts on this site (but note that admission month and year only are transcribed; deaths are also noted; and occupations have not been transcribed for all years – see individual transcripts):

  • Number in order of Admission*
  • Patient’s Names*
  • Age*
  • Occupation*
  • Parish*
  • By Whom Recommended
  • Pages in Subscription Book
  • Dates of Admission*
  • Dates of Renewed Tickets
  • Under Whose Care
  • Disease
  • Dates of Discharges and Result
    • Cured
    • Relieved
    • Incurable or other cause
  • Date of Death