Accidents 1854

ACCIDENT.—One day last week, a man named GILLMAN met with a very serious accident. Whilst employed in unloading coals from the trucks at the railway station, he got aqueezed between the buffers, and was much hurt. He was immediately conveyed to the Dorset County Hospital, when, on examination, three of his ribs were found to be broken ; he still lies in a very precarious state. The unfortunate man had been repeatedly told of the danger of going amongst the trucks when they were in motion, but being of a careless disposition, he disregarded the warning. We trust his case will act as a caution to those employed about the station. We have often seen some of the men placing themselves in what has appeared to us dangerous situations, and the wonder is, not that we have to record broken bones now and then, but that they are not more numerous. [Southern Times & Dorset County Herald 23/01/1854 p12].


On Tuesday afternoon a serious accident happened at the railway works near the spot where the bridge lately fell in, about half-a-mile from this town, on the Wilts, Somerset, and Weymouth line. A lad named KERLEY, in the employ of Jocelin, a chimney-sweep, was on Tuesday sent with the dinner of his master’s son, a navvy employed at the works, and afterwards amused himself by taking a pick and loosening the chalk in the cutting. He had proceeded in this occupation some time, when a quantity of chalk fell upon him, which completely covered him. Assistance was immediately at hand, and the poor lad was soon dragged out, when it was found that one of his legs was broken, his back injured, and his head severely cut and bruised. He was immediately conveyed to the Dorset County Hospital, where every attention was promptly paid to the sufferer. [Extract: Southern Times & Dorset County Herald 06/05/1854 p14].


ACCIDENTS. … On Tuesday, as one of the labourers named COLLINS employed at Galpin’s iron foundry, was engaged in removing some heavy iron castings, one of them fell on his hand, and entirely smashed one of his fingers, the bone being broken in fragments. [Extract: Southern Times & Dorset County Herald 06/05/1854 p14].


MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT.–On Tuesday an accident, which terminted fatally, occurred to one of the workmen employed on the works of the Great Western Railway, near this town. It appears that the unfortunate man was riding on the buffer of a waggon, and jumping off whilst the train was in motion, stumbled and fell under the wheels. One of his arms and thigh were broken, besides several other dreadful injuries. The poor fellow was at once conveyed to the County Hospital, where everything that medical skill coud suggest was applied, but death terminated his sufferings on the following day. On Thursday he was buried in the Holy Trinity Churchyard, his remains being borne and followed by his fellow workmen. [Southern Times & Dorset County Herald 29/07/1854 p12].


PENTRIDGE. On Wednesday last a youth named George COOKE, 14, sustained a severe fracture of the lower jaw, resulting from the kick of a horse. He was taken to the Salisbury Infirmary, where his wounds were dressed, and he is now doing well. [Southern Times & Dorset County Herald 09/12/1854 p6].