Patient Case Study: Sweatman, William

In-patient, 1860


Hospital Dorset County Hospital Patient type In-patient
Number 4834 Date admitted 9 Feb 1860
Name Sweatman, William Renewed
Age 38 Under whose care Dr. Cowdell
Occupation Labourer Disease Sciatica
Parish Melbury Mellius Discharged 16 Feb 1860
Recommended by Earl of Ilchester Outcome Cured
Source Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Hospital in-patient admissions register 1859-67, NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/2



  1. “Case 4. — W. S., aged 38, labourer, admitted February 9th, 1860, with sciatica on the right side, which had existed since October, 1859. He walked, or rather limped, into the ward with both hands resting on a stick between his legs, dragging his right leg after him. Pain was increased by pressure over the nerve, from the lower leader of Glutaeus maximus muscle to the popliteal space. Ordered the atropine injection at bed-time, and a mixture of iodide of potassium. The injection last night removed the pain; only an ache is experienced to-day, instead of the shooting pain of yesterday. Repet. inject. h. s.  11th. Feels no pain or soreness whatever in the hip. Pressure even into the sciatic notch gives no pain, and he can walk with as much freedom and ease as before the attack. He was discharged well on the 16th, seven days after admission.” [Cases treated by the hypodermic injection of atropine. Under the care of Dr. Cowdell, Dorset County Hospital. Medical Times & Gazette, 17/03/1860, p. 267]