Patient Case Study: Selway, Mary Ann

In-patient, 1857


Hospital Dorset County Hospital Patient type In-patient
Number 4073 Date admitted 22 Oct 1857
Name Selway, Mary Ann Renewed
Age 6 Under whose care Mr. Tapp
Occupation Lab[ourer]’s ch[il]d Disease Calculus vesicae
Parish Portland Discharged 26 Nov 1857
Recommended by Revd. R. S. Eaton Outcome Cured
Source Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Hospital in-patient admissions register 1847-59, NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1



  1. “LITHECTASY. Mary Ann Selway, aged 6 years, admitted October 1857. Eighteen months ago began to suffer pain in passing water, and at other times as well ; viz. when she ran about. About three months before admission, she passed blood with her urine ; and for five or six months before admission, the urine passed involuntarily. A sound was introduced, and stone detected, which was removed on the 10th of November, 1858, by dilatation. The patient was able to hold her water during the day, thirty-six hours after the operation, and for three nights before her discharge, November 30, there was no incontinence of urine. Size of stone,–large circumference, 3 inches ; small circumference, 2½ inches.” [Statistical report of the principle operations performed during the year 1857. Medical Times & Gazette, 1858, new series, vol. 16, p. 577]