Patient Case Study: Humber, Charles

In-patient, 1858 (died)


Hospital Dorset County Hospital Patient type In-patient
Number 4270 Date admitted 17 Jun 1858
Name Humber, Charles Renewed
Age 24 Under whose care Mr. Curme
Occupation Labourer Disease Strangulated hernia
Parish Abbotsbury Discharged 20 Jun 1858
Recommended by Admitted as emergency case Outcome Died
Source Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Hospital in-patient admissions register 1847-59, NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1



  1. “HERNIOTOMY. … Case 21.–The Dorset : Mr. Curme.–A man aged 23 ; hernia, inguinal ; had never been down before, strangulated twenty-two hours. Sac opened. Death from acute peritonitis on the second day.” [Statistical report of the principle operations performed during 1858. Medical Times & Gazette, 1859, new series, vol. 18, p. 366]
  1. Charles Humber, aged 24, of Bradford Peverell, from ye Dorset County Hospital, buried on 21 Jun 1858 at Charminster. [Dorset History Centre, Charminster burial register, PE/CMR: RE 4/1, page 97, entry 772]