Patient Case Study: Harvey, George

In-patient, 1855


Hospital Dorset County Hospital Patient type In-patient
Number 3237 Date admitted 10 May 1855
Name Harvey, George Renewed
Age 21 Under whose care Mr. Tapp
Occupation Keeper Disease Exostosis of knee
Parish Shroton Discharged 14 Jun 1855
Recommended by Sir E. Baker Outcome Cured
Source Dorset History Centre, Dorset County Hospital in-patient admissions register 1847-59, NG/HH/DO(C)/5/2/1



  1. “REMOVAL OF EXOSTOSIS. A man, aged 25, under the care of Mr. Tapp, in the Dorset County Hospital, had noticed, for about [a] year, a small swelling, near the inner side of one knee. It was not tender, but, in walking, gave him great pain, in consequence of which he now sought advice. It was found to be a small exostosis, growing from the line leading from the linea aspera, to the inner condyle. It was easily removed, and the wound healed well.” [Statistical report of the principle operations performed during the quarter ending June, 1855. Medical Times & Gazette, 1855, new series, vol. 11, p. 368]